• Caleb Finn is an Australian TikToker, born on 9 December 1994 in Frankston, Victoria Australia, into an upper-middle-class family.
• He earned his degree in Psychology before pursuing a teaching diploma and gained fame from his TikTok videos and over 13 million followers.
• He is currently dating fellow TikToker, Xlilsoup (commonly referred to as 'Soup' or 'Lil Soup'), and in mid-2020, the couple purchased a home together.
• On 11 August 2021, the happy pair uploaded a pregnancy announcement, and on 25 September 2021, they announced the baby’s gender.
• Caleb’s net worth is estimated at $US 360,000 US ($500,000 Australian dollars).

Early life, family, educational background

Australian TikToker Caleb Finn, was born on 9 December 1994, in Frankston, Victoria Australia, into an upper-middle-class family, and grew up in the Christian religion. Caleb’s younger sister, Lillie, occasionally appears on his social media, but not much is known about her. Their father is a businessman and their mother is a housewife. He matriculated from a Frankston high school before attending Deakin University, where Caleb earned his degree in Psychology before pursuing a teaching diploma.

Caleb has revealed that he uses a fake name on TikTok, but has worked hard to keep his birth name a secret from the internet. In 2019, he released a YouTube video within which he answered fans’ questions. He explained why he prefers having an online alias, ‘I don’t want to put out my real name because, like I said before, I have got enough stalkers I don’t want more.’

He elaborated further, sharing that people are finding his personal information without having the knowledge of what his real name is, so it’s best to keep that private to avoid any more exploitation of his details.

Caleb unveiled that ‘Caleb Finn’ was not his first username on TikTok. In a Snapchat Q&A with his fans, he said, ‘I made it [his current username] when I started taking TikTok seriously. It was originally epicgamerboy or something when I was just posting memes. So I changed it to Caleb Finn, and it just kinda stuck. I like it.’

Caleb gained his fame from his TikTok videos and over 13 million followers. He mostly posts lip-synching videos and often films them in close-up shots of his face.

Who is Xlilsoup (Soup/Lil Soup)?

Caleb’s TikToker girlfriend, Lil Soup was born as Jennifer Moraitis on 22 May 1996, in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Like Caleb, she grew up in the Christian faith with her upper-middle-class family.

She attended a local private school and began her online career after leaving school. She has a sister, Britta and brother Dimitris Moraitis. Although she’s also a content creator with millions of TikTok followers, she is not as famous as Caleb. She has a large following on Instagram, and many fan interactions on the platform.

Soup has many tattoos, most of which are on her arms, with a few are on her face.


After graduating with a teaching diploma, Caleb went on to teach nursery schoolchildren and then primary schoolchildren. He was teaching 50-60 students from nine to five every day when he downloaded TikTok. He started off as just a viewer watching cringe complications shared between himself and his friends. They eventually made a bet as to who could make the cringiest video and attract the highest number of views. The friends made videos for a week before most of them gave up, however, Caleb realized that he really enjoyed making TikTok videos and continued on making them.

As he was amassing more followers, Caleb shared that he was getting scared from all his newfound fame, as it came with a lot of pressure. Nevertheless, he continued making content that he found fun, and which was also enjoyable for his followers, which was evident by the rising number of views and followers.

A big moment in Caleb’s life was when he realized that his TikTok career was going to cost him his teaching job in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. ‘All these children at the school started to notice me,’ they would get excited that a TikTok star was teaching them. The children would then go home to tell their parents who would tell the principal that their children were more fixated on who their teacher is than on class. ‘It became sort of like a safety issue for the kids, because there were kids coming in from out of the school to try and find me. In the end, it was just basically like, “all right, you need to leave.”‘

Caleb said that before he was let go, his students would call him by his TikTok name instead of traditionally respectful names for one’s teacher.

This obviously changed the dynamic in the classroom. He was unhappy with the fact that his students were taking him less seriously and treating him more as a friend than a teacher. The Principal was not happy hearing about his online presence from students’ parents, so she felt compelled to ‘phone Caleb and fire him. He’s very sad over the way he was fired, as he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his students whom he had taught for three years and grown very close to. He realized that he couldn’t continue being a teacher, as this problem would just keep occurring.

Caleb’s TikTok career officially began in 2018, garnering over a million followers in only six months. He opened a few other social media accounts as well, and also attracted a lot of followers on there in a short time, uploading short music, challenges, pranks and vlog-style videos.

He is now one of Melbourne’s most famous TikTokers, with more than 10 million followers currently.

He’s reportedly in the top five list of most followed TikTok accounts in all of Australia, ‘It’s like every kid in Australia now knows who I am,’ he said in response.

Caleb’s appeal is rather different from what most TikTok stars are doing. He has a mini horror series, gender-bending, avant-garde dress-ups, and cosplays, as well as a unique editing style. ‘It wasn’t intentional,’ he said, ‘I myself feel very young. Like I’ve always been like a child at heart.’ He said that he believes his success came about due to him experimenting with camera tricks, cool editing, and transitions – ‘They were something pretty new for the time. I did something really different, that no one else was really doing.’ Caleb explained further, saying that he enjoys expressing himself through his videos, ‘I’m very real with my audience.’ He feels that by showing personal moments in his life, and relating true events from his past, he can make people feel less alone, that everybody has ups and downs in life.

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The video that really shot Caleb’s career up was a collaboration with @kaxco – the pair were re-enacting a scene from “The Shining” film to the music and lyrics of Bebe Rexha’s 2015 song, “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy.” Within a week, Caleb went from having 350,000 followers to over a million. ‘It was a crazy experience that went down in the history of TikTok. [It’s] still celebrated over two years later.’

Caleb’s family were at first confused as to why he didn’t want to pursue a regular job, and was going to survive from posting videos on the internet, but they eventually understood what he is doing and began to support him, especially after he was signed to a talent agency and they witnessed him spending 14 hours a day filming and editing videos. Caleb said his grandpa is his biggest fan – ‘[He’s] completely obsessed with everything… he wears my merch, he has a mug, he thinks it’s just the funniest thing in the world.’

He has even opened up about his financial situation, stating that he is making ‘substantially more’ money doing TikTok than when he was a teacher. His dream job is creating full-length television series, specifically for streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. ‘I work very well, both in front of and behind the camera. Like, my videos that I put up they are entirely a one-person kind of thing – I write, I direct, I shoot, I star in them, I edit, everything is me.’

Caleb also has an eponymous YouTube channel where his fans can find chatty, vlog style and gaming videos. On his Instagram, he shows behind-the-scenes footage and the process of filming and editing his TikToks.

He’s in collaboration with vapor95.com, a popular clothing company that which sells handmade clothing.

Personal life

In June 2019, Caleb was meant to take part in the Lights Out Tour, a two-phase social media tour showcasing some of the most famous TikTokers at the time. The tour was held in the US, so Caleb had to apply for a Visa to travel there.

However, the American consulate in Australia issued the incorrect Visa, resulting in him being detained for 14 hours before being deported back to Australia. Caleb took to TikTok to explain the situation to his fans, and apologize for not being able to attend the tour as promised.

As of November 2019, Caleb has been dating fellow TikToker, Xlilsoup (commonly referred to as ‘Soup’ or ‘Lil Soup’). In his Snapchat Q&A where he addressed his reasoning for having an online alias, he spoke about his girlfriend’s online alias after a fan asked if Soup is her real name. ‘Soup is an online alias. We both value our privacy, so we both use fake names.’ Since then, Soup’s real name has found its way online, seemingly without their consent. Soup and Caleb often feature on each other’s TikTok pages and other social media platforms.

In mid-2020, the couple purchased a home together, and moved in after living with Soup’s parents for a few months while house-hunting.

Their decision to temporarily live with Soup’s parents came about because Caleb’s lease expired before they could find a home.

On 11 August 2021, the happy pair uploaded a pregnancy announcement to Caleb’s TikTok, and posted a reveal video on their Instagram accounts. The announcement was a compilation and skit video of Soup saying she doesn’t feel well, causing them to visit the doctor, to be told she’s pregnant. They then show a series of videos and photos of them together throughout their relationship, as well as them embracing and celebrating the news of their upcoming new addition. Caleb posted a photo of the sonogram to his Instagram account, which can be seen in the background of some of his TikTok videos. On 13 August 2021, Soup announced her pregnancy to her followers by posting about her favorite baby clothes that she’d already purchased. The baby is due in February 2022.

On 25 September 2021, they announced the baby’s gender. In the TikTok video, it first showed ‘girl’ typed above their heads. Caleb said, ‘I don’t think that’s the right one,’ Soup agreed, ‘No, it’s not.’ She ran to the camera and ‘punched’ it to change ‘girl’ to ‘boy’. Proving that with every reveal to do with their baby, they make it as special and creative as they can.

On 19 December 2021, Caleb and Soup announced their baby’s name in a very cute manner. As it was Christmas time, Caleb placed a present under their Christmas tree, clearly addressed for Soup, and Soup did the same for Caleb. Together, they went into the nursery room to retrieve their son’s present. They put the present under the tree, blocking the camera, before stepping away to reveal that the label read ‘Finley.’

Earlier in the month, Caleb collaborated with Depop to sell nine individually unique crocheted Loco Maniac dolls, somewhat modelled on himself, and all signed by him. He did this as a charity event of sorts, as all profit was donated to Barnardo’s Charity for Children.

Caleb and Soup currently reside in Melbourne.

Hobbies, favorite things, and interesting facts

  • Caleb’s favorite hobbies are spending time with his friends, interacting with followers and fans, playing video games, and listening to music from the 1940s.
  • His favorite actors are Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt.
  • Caleb has multiple tattoos, but one of his most special is on his back and is of a child; the child was Caleb’s first student and sadly lost his life at a very early age, born in 2010 and passed away in 2018, so Caleb got the tattoo in memorial. The cause of his passing is incredibly tragic – the little boy’s mother killed him, and then herself.


Caleb is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall and weighs 143lbs (65kg). He has short brown hair styled into an emo haircut, with added blonde highlights to his hair in the past, and blue-green eyes. Caleb has many tattoos, especially on his arms, as well as several piercings, including a lip piercing.

Net worth and salary

Caleb’s net worth is estimated at $US 360,000 US ($500,000 Australian dollars).

He earns a living through sponsored posts across his social media accounts, and also makes money from his merchandise, Twitch streams where fans can give him tips or buy virtual tickets to watch exclusive streams, and from YouTube ad revenue.

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