• American social media star and YouTuber Analicia Chaves, known as Ana Montana, born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, US in 1989
• Signed first modelling contract in 2008 and has since been featured in several music videos and fashion magazines
• Active on various social media networks and a brand ambassador of Fashion Nova
• Has dated Nate Maloley, Axel Witsel, Karim Benzema, and currently in relationship with LaMelo LaFrance Ball
• Net worth estimated at over $2 million as of February 2023

Who is Ana Montana?

American social media star and YouTuber Analicia Chaves – aka Ana Montana – was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts USA, on 9 October 1989, so Libra’s her zodiac sign. She’s active on various social media networks, and is perhaps known best for her YouTube channel “Ana Montana TV”, which she launched on 28 March 2017; it’s today subscribed to by close to 8,000 people and all her videos combined have been watched nearly 220,000 times, however, Ana’s recently made all of these private for unknown reasons, and her fans are no longer able to view her videos.

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Education and early life

Ana was raised in New Bedford by her parents, but has remained secretive about them; it’s known that her mother Fatima Chaves was a housewife who dedicated most of her time to raising her, while Ana hasn’t disclosed her father’s name and profession. She’s believed to be an only child.

Ana grew up dreaming about becoming a famous model, and became physically active as a pre-teen, believing this would help shape her figure. She matriculated in 2008 and then signed her first modelling contract, thus choosing not to pursue a college degree.

Ana’s modeling career

Ana’s today signed to both Louis Model Management and the creative agency The Ace Experience; she competed in “America’s Next Top Model”, and was featured in the 2012 music video “Flo Rida Feat. Sia: Wild Ones” and the 2016 music video “T. I. Feat. Marsha Ambrosius: Dope”.

Ana’s also appeared in a number of fashion magazines, including “Smooth” and “Vibe”.

She’s today a brand ambassador of Fashion Nova.

Most popular YouTube videos

Although Ana’s recently made it impossible for her fans to view her YouTube videos, there are still many others featuring her uploaded onto other people’s channels; most of these are related to her past and present relationships, while some aim to show what her everyday life looks as. We’re going to mention three of the most popular videos amongst these, which’ve helped expand Ana’s fanbase.

Her #1 video “Karim Benzema with his stunning girlfriend Analicia Chaves” was uploaded by 1 Des Meilleurs 1 Des Meilleurs on 20 August 2015, and has since been watched over 400,000 times; it’s a compilation of pictures showing Ana spending time with her now-former boyfriend, French professional soccer player Karim Mostafa Benzema.

Her second most popular video “LaMelo Ball Got Ana Chaves Pregnant On His Birthday..” was uploaded by 10k Wallace on 4 September 2021, and has since been viewed over 125,000 times; it aimed at spreading rumors about Ana being pregnant, but this has since been proven false.

Ana’s #3 video “LaMelo Ball Lost His Mind Over Ana Chaves” was uploaded by 10k Wallace on 10 December 2021, and has been watched more than 115,000 times; it covers Ana’s relationship with famous American professional basketball player LaMelo LaFrance Ball.

Presence on social media networks

Ana’s active on various social media networks, and seems to dedicate most of her time to her Instagram account; it’s today followed by close to three million people, while Ana’s uploaded over 300 pictures and videos onto it. Most of these feature her showing off her large breasts, while others show-off the clothes that she’d purchased.

Ana launched her Twitter account in January 2010 and has since tweeted close to 29,000 times, and is today followed by over 100,000 people; she nowadays tends to tweet at least once a day, and mostly uses the network to share her thoughts with her fans.

Ana has close to 5,000 friends on her Facebook account, and usually updates it on a daily basis; she mostly uploads the same thirst trap content as onto her Instagram account.

Ana’s only recently launched her TikTok account, which is why only a little over 2,500 people are following her today on the social media network. She’s amassed close to 6,000 likes of all her videos combined, most of these featuring her showing off her breasts and buttocks, while she also uploads videos which show her trying on clothes, dancing and lip syncing.

Love life and boyfriend

There are four men whom Ana’s been with, that her fans know about. She briefly dated American rapper Nate Maloley in 2012, then in 2013 was in a relationship with Belgian professional soccer player Axel Witsel.

Ana attracted a lot of attention in 2015, when it was revealed that she’d begun to date Karim Benzema; the two uploaded numerous pictures onto their social media accounts, showing themselves together,  and she could also have been seen attending many of his soccer games.

As of February 2023, Ana’s in a relationship with LaMelo LaFrance Ball, who’s 10 years her junior; the two haven’t disclosed this themselves, but have been seen spending time together on multiple occasions, and they often post romantic comment onto each other’s Instagram pictures.

Ana hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Ana’s a fan of tattoos and has several small ones inked onto various parts of her body.

She’s a fashionista and a shopaholic, as she goes searching for clothes nearly every day.

Some of her ‘fans’ have accused her of being ‘a gold digger’, but Ana hasn’t taken the time to respond to these accusations.

She’s into travelling and has been all around the world, mostly with her boyfriends but also alone; she’s uploaded a number of pictures taken during these travels onto her Instagram account.

Ana works out at the gym on a daily basis, and this is believed to be because it’s important for her ‘career’ on the internet, to stay in shape.

Some of her favorite actresses are Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, and a couple of her favorite movies include “Beauty and the Beast”, ‘Ballet Shoes” and “The Bling Ring”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Ana’s age is 33. She has brown eyes and hair, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs about 135lbs (62kgs).

Ana’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2 million, as of February 2023.

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