Who is Carrie June?

American social media star, YouTuber and model Carrie June Anne Bowlby, was born in New Jersey USA, on 2 February 1996, so Aquarius is her zodiac sign. She’s quite popular on YouTube, and her channel “Miss Carrie June” is today subscribed to by close to 30,000 people; Carrie launched it on 1 April 2016, and all of her 43 videos combined have been watched more than 3.3 million times. Most of Carrie’s videos feature her showing off her attractive body, while others show her working out at the gym, reviewing various cars of which she’s a huge fan, and giving her fans workout advice.

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Education and early life

Carrie and her sister Christine Bowlby were raised in New Jersey solely by their mother Linda Knievel, as their father, whose name hasn’t been revealed, passed away when Carrie was still a toddler.

Carrie became physically active while attending a local elementary school, and was in fifth grade when she joined the school’s cheerleading team and its track and field team, while she also started doing gymnastics. She was attending a local high school when she convinced her mother to buy her her first weights, and this is when Carrie became ‘obsessed with working out’, as she’s explained it; she went on to buy various workout equipment which she saw on TV, and has been physically active to this day.

Carrie matriculated in 2014, and although she hasn’t talked about her further education, most of her fans believe that she enrolled at college, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2018.

Workout plan

Carrie works out at the gym six days a week, and follows a strict plan: her first day is reserved for quad-focused leg exercises, her second day for back exercises, and the third day for shoulders. Carrie works on her chest the fourth day, does glutes/hamstring-focused leg exercises on the fifth day, and does arms exercises on the sixth day.

She’s also following a strict diet, while she also adds supplements to it, including Whey protein and multivitamin.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Carrie’s mostly popular on YouTube for the videos in which she’s reviewing various vehicles, but also for teaching her fans to do various things, whether if it’s working out, fixing their hair or camping in the wilderness. We’ll be covering Carrie’s three most viewed YouTube videos, as these have helped her become even more popular on the internet.

Her #1 video “HOW TO DO EASY MESSY BUN | Misscarriejune” has been watched more than 25,000 times since 7 August 2021, and features her teaching her fans to make a ‘messy bun’.

Carrie’s second most popular video “Carriejune Bowlby CUSTOM Luxe Fifth Wheel Camper RV TOUR” has been watched more than 25,000 times since 3 February 2022, and features her reviewing a custom-made luxurious RV.

Her #3 video “Misscarriejune Workout Fitness Motivation| Carriejune Anne Bowlby” has been watched close to 25,000 times since 11 January 2022, and features her working out at the gym; the video is supposed to serve as an inspiration to people who want to exercise.

Presence on the internet

Carrie’s active on various social media networks, including OnlyFans; she uploaded close to 160 pictures, and all of these together have amassed nearly 35,000 likes. Carrie’s recently made her subscription free (for a limited time).

She seems to be mostly focused on running her Instagram account, which is today followed by over 2.2 million people, while Carrie’s posted more than 500 pictures and videos; most feature her showing off her muscular body, while she’s travelling, working out, and preparing food in others.

Carrie launched her Twitter account in November 2016, but hasn’t tweeted a single time; she’s nevertheless ‘followed’ by 120 people on this social media network.

She’s quite popular on Facebook as well, with close to 30,000 people following her page, which she tends to update every day, but Carrie mostly uses it to promote her merchandise and Instagram account.

Carrie’s highly popular on TikTok, with over 2.7 million following her on this social media network, while all her videos together have amassed more than 80 million views; most feature her showing off her muscular body, while she’s working out and dancing in others.

Love life and relationships

Carrie was married to American non-celebrity Steve Ace; the two exchanged vows in 2018, but divorced in the following year. Carrie wasn’t happy in this marriage, and this is why she’s today highly secretive when it comes to sharing the details of her love life. However, she’s revealed that she’s in a relationship with a mysterious man, and that he’s treating her better than anyone else ever has. Carrie’s also stated that she won’t be revealing the man’s name or profession, because she believes that they will be happier if their relationship stays away from media.

Carrie hasn’t mentioned other men whom she’s been with, she’s in a relationship as of March 2023, was once married to Steve Ace, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Carrie’s an entrepreneur, having launched her diet, supplement and training program brand MiniBeast Activewear.

Her favorite athlete is Larissa Reis – she was Carrie’s first fitness inspiration.

Although she was once a fan of travelling, Carrie prefers to stay home, as she nowadays finds it hard to travel, follows her workout routine, and be active on the internet at the same time.

She likes to do cosplay, and mostly dresses up as superheroes, whether if it’s Superwoman, Captain America or Catwoman.

Carrie likes to watch movies in her spare time; her favorite actress is Kirsten Dunst, and some of her favorite films include “All Good Things”, “Spider-Man” and “The Power of the Dog”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Carrie’s age is 27. Her eyes are blue and hair’s brown, but she often dyes her hair blonde; she’s 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall and weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).

Carrie’s net worth’s been estimated at over $400,000, as of March 2023.

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