• French actress and social media star, gained recognition with her portrayal of the lead character Amy in the 2020 drama film “Cuties”
• Became interested in acting at the age of 6 and was 12-years-old when her mother took her to her first audition
• Character Amy lives in one of Paris’ poorest neighborhoods, being raised as a Muslim, and joins a local dance group called The Cuties
• Won a 2021 César Award for Most Promising Actress (Meilleur Espoir Féminin) for her performance in “Cuties”
• 15 years old, 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, with an estimated net worth of $100,000

Who is Fathia Youssouf?

Fathia Youssouf was born in Paris, France in 2006 – she hasn’t revealed her exact date of birth, but her zodiac sign is said to be Aries; she holds French nationality. She’s an actress and a social media star, who gained recognition with her portrayal of the lead character Amy, in the 2020 drama film “Cuties” (original “Mignonnes”), written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré, and which also starred Medina El Aidi-Azouni and Esther Gohourou. The film follows the 11-year-old girl Amy who has joined her school’s dance group The Cuties, while she’s also becoming a feminist, which is upsetting her mother; it won three of the nine awards for which it was nominated.

Early life and education

Fathia is being raised in Paris by her parents, about whom nothing’s known, as they prefer to be left out of media; her father’s said to be a dentist, while her mother’s believed to be a nurse. Fathia hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, but it’s said that she’s not an only child.

She became interested in acting at the age of six, mostly because she spent a lot of her spare time watching TV with her family. Although she told her parents about her passion, they believed that it would pass, and didn’t take her seriously. However, Fathia’s passion for acting only grew stronger, and she was 12-years-old when her mother took her to her first audition.

In 2020, she enrolled at a local high school, and joined its drama cub. Fathia is interested in various other things besides acting, including singing, dancing and playing the guitar. She should be matriculating in 2024, and it’s widely assumed that she won’t be pursuing a college degree, but will rather focus on acting.

More about the movie “Cuties”

Fathia’s character Amy is living in one of Paris’ poorest neighborhoods, with her two younger brothers, and are being raised by their mother Mariam, who’s originally from Senegal. Mariam is married to a polygynous man, and she’s waiting for him to return with his second wife. Amy is being raised as a Muslim; her mother dislikes their neighbor Angelica, who’s a member of the dancing group The Cuties, while they often twerk in their dances.

Fathia Youssouf

Amy becomes a member of The Cuties, and wanting to become popular at school, she uploads a picture of her vulva onto the internet; this leads to her being kicked out of the dancing group, and being replaced by Yasmine, while her mother also finds out about the picture, and yells at her.

The Cuties eventually reach the finals of a dancing competition organized at Paris’ Parc de la Villette, and to be able to attend it, Fathia pushes Yasmine into a canal, making the dancing group allow her to dance with them during the competition. Fathia starts crying in the middle of her performance, and leaves the stage before the end.

She then stops wearing traditional Muslim clothes, as well as her sexy dancer’s clothes, and chooses to live a normal teenage life.

Other credits

In 2021, Fathia made a guest appearance in the talk-show “Rencontres de Cinema”, and can be seen featured in the episode “46e Cérémonie des César” of the documentary series “La Nuit des Césars”.

Awards and nominations

In 2021, Fathia won a César Award for Most Promising Actress (Meilleur Espoir Féminin), for her performance in “Cuties”.

Presence on social media networks

Fathia is today followed by nearly 20,000 people on Instagram, and has uploaded 12 pictures onto the network, the majority of which have been taken during her everyday life. She’s revealed several things about herself in these pictures, including that she’s a fashionista, and enjoys keeping up with all the latest fashion trends; Fathia spends a lot of money on clothes, and goes shopping at least once a week.

She has also revealed that she enjoys spending her spare time outdoors, especially in nature, whether it is in her city’s parks, or at the seaside.

She doesn’t have her own TikTok account, but various videos featuring her have been uploaded onto the network, and these have been seen over 210,000 times.

Friends and dating

Fathia hasn’t spoken of any boys (or girls) whom she might have been with, but there are rumors circulating the internet claiming that she’s today perhaps in a relationship with a non-celebrity French boy; the two have apparently been seen spending time together by a couple of Fathia’s fans, but it still remains unclear whether they are just friends, or something more.

She finds it very easy to socialize, and has many friends, some of whom can be seen featured in her Instagram pictures. Fathia mostly has female friends, and this has persuaded some of her fans to think that she’s perhaps lesbian, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

As of October 2021, she appears to be unattached.

Hobbies and other interests

Fathia loves to watch movies in her spare time, and her favorite actors and actresses are Jean Reno, Jim Carrey and Natalie Portman, while a couple of her favorite films are “Leon: The Professional”, “Bruce Almighty” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”.

She also enjoys watching comedy series, and some of her favorites are “Friends”, “That ‘70s Show” and “3rd Rock from the Sun”.

Fathia is physically highly active, as she plays soccer and handball at school, and has apparently just recently begun going to the gym, believing it will help with her acting career.

She’s a huge lover of animals, and apparently Fathia occasionally volunteers at a local animal shelter; her favorite animals are said to be dogs and donkeys.

She likes to watch movies at the cinema, but is also keen on watching plays at a local theatre.

Age, height and net worth

Fathia is 15 years old. She has long black hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) and she weighs around 106lbs (48kgs).

As of October 2021, her net worth has been estimated at close to $100,000.

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