• Katya Elise Henry is an American YouTuber, social media star and fitness coach.
• She is in a relationship with NBA player Tyler Herro, and they have two children.
• She has two Instagram accounts, and is popular on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.
• She has several tattoos, enjoys watching movies, and works out almost daily.
• Katya's net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.

Who is Katya Elise Henry?

American YouTuber, social media star and fitness coach Katya Elise Henry, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, on 14 June 1994, so Gemini’s her zodiac sign. She’s perhaps known best for her self-titled YouTube channel, which she launched on 15 February 2017, and which today numbers close to 400,000 subscribers; all of Katya’s videos combined have been watched close to 40 million times, and most of these feature her teaching her fans about proper workout routines, as well as about healthy diet plans.

She’s also known for being the girlfriend of American professional basketball player Tyler Herro, who’s currently playing for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Education and early life

Katya was raised alongside her sisters Gabrielle and Tanya in Minneapolis, by their mother Tawnya Lynn Nelson and father Derick Anthony Henry; Katya hasn’t shared many details about her parents and siblings, as she respects their privacy.

She became physically active at a quite an early age, as she was only four when she began taking dancing lessons. She studied at Desert Mountain High School and was on the school’s cheerleading team, while she also enjoyed playing tennis, running track, and acting.

Upon matriculating in 2012, Katya focused on her career on the internet and didn’t enroll at college.

Katya’s career

Katya became a model upon completing her high school education, signing her first contract in 2012.

She then went on to become an actress, as well – her first notable work came in 2015, when she played Partygoer in the music video “Kendrick Lamar: These Walls”, then the following year saw her appear as Model in the short documentary movie “About Tyler Herro’s partner Katya Elise Henry Age, Baby, Height”, starring alongside Tianna Gregory and Iesha Marie.

Most popular YouTube videos

Katya seems to be mostly popular on YouTube for the videos which feature her showing off her attractive body, while she’s also known for teaching her fans about which exercises to do, and what diet plans to follow; we’re going to mention her three most watched YouTube videos, which’ve helped her expand her internet fanbase.

Katya’s #1 video “GYM DAY with Katya!” has been viewed over 3.5 million times since 7 September 2017, and features her showing fans what her regular day at the gym looks as.

Her second most popular video “KISS MY PEACH SWIMWEAR PHOTOSHOOT | Katya Elise Henry” has been watched more than 2.5 million times since 15 February 2019, and shows Katya during a photoshoot at the beach.

Her video #3 “EXTREME BOOTY WORKOUT – GYM EDITION | Katya Elise Henry” has been viewed over 2.5 million times since 19 October 2018, and features her teaching her fans about what exercises to do for their booties.

Presence on social media networks

Katya’s active on various social media networks, and has two Instagram accounts; her main account ‘Katya Elise Henry’ is today followed by close to eight million people, and she’s posted nearly 4,000 pictures and videos onto it, most with her breasts and buttocks in focus. Her second Instagram account is ‘Workouts by Katya’, today ‘followed’ by close to 200 people, but Katya’s yet to upload any content onto it!

She launched her Twitter account in December 2010, and has since tweeted more than 22,000 times; Katya’s followed by close to 350,000 people on the social media network, and tends to tweet at least once a day. She mostly writes her thoughts on various matters, and occasionally uploads the same pictures as found on her Instagram account.

She’s also quite popular on TikTok, having amassed more than 170,000 followers on the network, while all her videos combined number over 1.3 million likes; most of these feature Katya showing off her buttocks.

Close to 20,000 people are still following Katya on Facebook today, though her most recent update was on 2 November 2015, when she showed off her new tattoo: ‘blessed’ on her right butt cheek.

Love life and boyfriend

Katya’s open when it comes to sharing the details of her love life with her fans – it’s known that she’s today in a relationship with Tyler Herro, and that they have two children together.

The two revealed in the first half of 2020 that they’d begun dating, though some of Katya’s fans believe that they actually started back in November 2019, but this hasn’t been confirmed; Tyler’s five years her junior, born on 20 January 2000.

On 14 September 2021, Katya gave birth to their daughter Zya, and their son, whose name hasn’t been disclosed followed in January 2023.

Katya dated two men prior to meeting Tyler. She began dating American singer Austin Mahone in 2016, but they broke up in February 2017. She was then in a relationship with American professional basketball player Kyle Kuzma in 2017 and 2018 – he’s currently playing for the Washington Wizards of the NBA.

Katya’s in a relationship with Tyler Herro as of February 2023, hasn’t married, but has two children with Tyler.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Katya’s a fan of tattoos, and has several inked onto various parts of her body.

She works out on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day, but has urged her fans not to look up to her, advising them to take at least one day off training a week.

While pregnant, Katya uploaded pictures of her stomach onto her Instagram account nearly every day.

She goes shopping for clothes multiple times a week, which means that she’s a shopaholic.

Katya’s a bit of a cosplayer, and has recently dressed up as a nun and a policewoman.

She enjoys watching movies starring Salma Hayek and Julia Roberts – some of her favorites include “Puss in Boots”, “Lonely Hearts”, and “Tale of Tales”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Katya’s age is 28. She has brown hair and eyes, is 5ft 2ins (1.58m) tall, and weighs about 115lbs (52kgs).

Katya’s net worth’s been estimated at over $300,000, as of February 2023.

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