• Lizzy Musi is a professional racing car driver and media star known for her involvement in “Street Outlaws”
• Kye Kelley is a professional sports car racing driver in the Trans-Am series and a regular on “Street Outlaws”
• Kye and Lizzy first announced they were dating in 2017
• They became engaged in July 2021 and plan to marry on the 19th of November 2023
• They recently announced their honeymoon destination will be Antigua

Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley, probably best known for their vibrant and successful racing careers as well as involvement in “Street Outlaws”, are reportedly still set to marry and then enjoy their honeymoon on the island of Antigua. Their wedding is set for 19th of November 2023 in Kentwood, LA, and comes after the couple had an argument over the outcome of a race in “Street Outlaws” – the root of the argument was Lizzy winning a race over Kye in the first round of the “Great 8” championship organized on “Street Outlaws”, which led to many fans believing that Lizzy and Kye split up. However, their relationship was stronger than that, and their wedding plans stand as a testament to it.

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Who is Lizzy Musi

Lizzy Musi, born on 1st of January 1991, in Carteret, New Jersey USA, is a very popular racing car driver and media star, probably known to most through her time in “Street Outlaws”. She started driving race cars at the age of 16 inspired by her father, Pat Musi, also a racing driver.

Over the years, Lizzy’s participated in many races and won multiple competitions. In 2014, she was named “Rookie of the year”; she broke the 200mph barrier at the “8th Mile Pro Mod Racing”, becoming the first woman to win the 2014 PDRA (Professional Drag Racers Association). Her greatest achievement is probably setting a new record at the “Pro Nitrous Race” of just 3.79 seconds at 200.48mph, however, this wasn’t the only record she set. In October of 2019, reaching the speed of 208.62mph in just 3.615 seconds Lizzy set yet another record at the PDRA Fall Nationals in Darlington, S.C, with the “King Kong 7” 2018 Dodge Dart.

As race car driving is a dangerous profession to be in, it’s no surprise that Lizzy found herself in a few driving incidents over the years. Her first car crash happened in 2012, during an American Drag Racing League event in Bristol, Tennessee. She was just 21 years old at the time, behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Camaro, when she lost control of her vehicle and ended up over the fencing, and nearly hitting a cameraman. Luckily, both her and the cameraman walked away without any serious injuries. Her most recent car crash occurred on 31st July 2021, the same day she was proposed to by her boyfriend Kye, in the first round at the Darlington Dragway “No Prep Kings”. Due to the incredibly high speed of her car, she veered off track and slammed into the protective wall. The entire incident was over within seconds, and Lizzy was back on her feet.

Her will power and determination to get back behind the wheel even after the most severe crashes has earned Lizzy huge respect from the fans. After each crash, she was showered with support and well-wishes from her fans, who were all too eager to watch her race again.

Lizzy’s net worth has been estimated at around $500,000.

Who is Kye Kelley

Born on 28th June 1985, Kye Kelley is a professional sports car racing driver in the Trans-Am Series’ TA2 class. He’s perhaps best known as a regular on the Discovery show “Street Outlaws”. Kye grew up in Mississippi, and started racing cars before he even got his official driver’s license.

Since the start of his racing career, Kye has shown great skill on the track, not just by winning races but setting records as well. In his first race, Kye managed not only to win, but also set a record while doing so, which quickly earned him the nickname of “fastest man around”. With each race his popularity grew, and eventually he found himself as one of the cast members on “Street Outlaws” along side other popular figures such as Daddy Dave and Big Chief.

However, the race that really put Kye on the charts was from 2014 against Daddy Dave himself, a favorite from “Street Outlaws”. As an underdog in the race Kye ended up losing but only by a slight margin. A total nobody showing up out of nowhere and nearly beating one of the fastest guys in the business made huge waves and opened a path for Kye. In 2015 Kye met Dave again in a race but this time he came out on top and asserted himself as one of the best.

That same year, Kye faced the Mike Murillo, the 14-time world champion racer at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Lexington, Oklahoma. Kye was able to win the race by a huge margin, but sadly his victory was short-lived. It was later discovered in video evidence that Kye took off from the starting line before the signal was given, which forced him to forfeit the race.

Kye’s race car of choice is a heavily modified 1992 Chevy Camaro he named “The Shocker”. Due to lack of money at the start of career he was unable to finance the car all at once. Still, this did not stop Kye from following his dream, and he built his car step by step. The car’s sleek black paint job, coupled with the huge engine under the hood make the car resemble the Batmobile. However, there’s no mistaking “The Shockers” rocket-like performances on the track.

Kye can be described as a man of great determination and will to improve. Before his racing career kicked off, Kye was working at an oil refinery as a fire watcher. Despite him beginning at one of the lowest positions in the company, he quickly rose through the ranks, and within just 10 years found himself in the role of a superintendent. However, in 2015 he left his position to start his own performance shop called “Down South Performance”, in McCombie, Mississippi.

Kye’s net worth has been estimated at around $600,000.

Street Outlaws

Premiering on the Discovery Channel in 2013, “Street Outlaws” is a very popular drag racing show that has been on air for 14 seasons and nearly 200 episodes.  The show has seen wide success, with a score of 6.6 on IMDb. “Street Outlaws” follows a group of street racers in Oklahoma City who compete against each other to see who has the fastest car on the street. The racers are part of a subculture of street racing which has been popular in America for decades.

The show is known for its high-speed races, close finishes, and behind-the-scenes look at the lives of racers. It also highlights the dangers of illegal street racing, and the sometime efforts of law enforcement to stop it.

However, the fans opinions of the show are somewhat split. Some fans enjoy the high-octane action and the adrenaline of the races, while others criticize the show for downplaying the dangers of street racing, and glorifying a dangerous activity which can put the public at risk. Some critics also find it problematic that the show could encourage young people to participate in illegal races. Nevertheless, the show still gathers large support of its dedicated fanbase, many of whom tune in each week to watch their favorite racers compete.

Start of Kye and Lizzy’s romance

Kye and Lizzy first announced that they were dating back in 2017, while it is believed that they were together for a few months before the official announcement. Kye Kelley has two daughters, Kenadeigh and Haleigh, from his previous relationships. Prior to meeting Lizzy, Kye was married to Alisa Mote from 2015 to 2017, and they had a daughter, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. Their marriage broke up in 2017 after just two years together. On the other hand, Lizzy has kept all her previous relationships private, and doesn’t have children.

On “Street Outlaws” Kye and Lizzy can often be seen supporting each other’s careers, and sharing their passion for cars, which has likely played a large role in their relationship, and helped bring them together as a couple. They share a deep appreciation of each other’s talents and passions, building their relationship on a foundation of trust and respect. They became engaged on 31st July 2021, and Lizzy says “My answer to him was ‘yes’!” and “I want to marry my best friend”.

Trouble in Paradise

As with many other couples, Lizzy and Kye have had their fair share of arguments over the years. Most notably, their biggest fight occurred during “No Prep Kings 5” when Lizzy and Kye went up against one another. Their race was deemed as a “Battle of the Household”. Prior to the race, Lizzy’s father Pat, told Kye that their team cannot claim a victory and that they would go easy on him. It is speculated that this short conversation made Kye not do his best on the track, which would ultimately cost him the race. Immediately after winning, it could be seen that Lizzy was frightened over the outcome saying that she didn’t want to deal with the backlash. Kye was very frustrated at Lizzy, as he needed the points from that race.

Fans rushed to the support of Lizzy, many of whom said that nobody should hold back on a race, regardless of who the opponent is. Some fans even went as far as to say that Kye was a sore loser, and should accept his loss and move on. Following such an intense episode, fans began speculating that the couple broke up. However, a few weeks later, Kye and Lizzy made a public announcement about their honeymoon in Antigua. Their wedding date was initially planned for 19th of November 2022, but it has been pushed back a year following their argument. In all likelihood, Kye and Lizzy simply got a bit too competitive on the track, and forgot how much they care for each other. There’s no reason to believe that they will be breaking up any time, and their honeymoon will most likely strengthen the bond they have.

Social media presence

Kye and Lizzy have a very large following on social media, mainly Instagram, and they often post updates on their relationship. They can be seen enjoying drinks together, hunting, and attending racing events. Recently, they’ve posted some updates on their Antigua trip, saying that they have nothing else to do but to have fun.

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