• Tanner Fox is a professional stunt scooter rider and YouTube vlogger with over 10 million followers
• Since 2011 he has been uploading videos on YouTube of scooter stunts, challenges, and car reviews
• At 16 years old he purchased a Nissan R-35 with his own money and bought his sister and ex-girlfriend their dream cars
• He has been linked to several influencers and actresses including Taylor Alesia, Jordyn Jones, and Avalon Nadfalusi
• His net worth is estimated at $6 million, earned from YouTube, merchandise sales, and other ventures

Who is Tanner Fox?

Born on 22nd December 1999, in San Diego, California, USA, Tanner Fox is a professional stunt scooter rider, and YouTube vlogger with over ten million followers. The blonde social media star and podcaster, who stands at 5ft 7in (1.68m) tall and weighs 132lbs (60kgs), has also previously dabbled in music.

Tanner’s associates include YouTubers and TikTok stars such as Madison Beer, Jake Paul, Ricegum, and FaZe Rug.

Childhood & YouTube Beginnings

Growing up in a stable household with his two parents and sister Lindsay, Tanner soon discovered his love for scooter riding and began sharing his talents on YouTube at just 11 years old.

Following the creation of his channel in September 2011, the talented youngster would upload videos frequently in a bid to boost his following.

Inspired by Dylan Morrison, a famous scooter rider, Tanner nurtured his talents and was eventually sponsored by big names in the riding community such as Lucky Scooters, the Grind Shop, and Root Industries.

Tanner also showed his fans how to do stunts such as the finger whip, the truckdriver, and even backflips. Most of these videos were under a minute long and required minimal editing, but became more polished and pleasing to the eye with time. To date, the prolific content creator has uploaded well over a thousand videos.

From day one, Tanner’s best friend Jake Angeles was a big part of his videos. In fact, something that makes Tanner’s channel so popular is how open the Californian is with sharing every detail of his life, be it good or bad.

Cars & YouTube Fame

Becoming something of an influencer in his teenage years, Tanner branched out into challenges and car videos. His dream vehicle was the Nissan Skyline GT-R sports coupe, and at 16 years old he purchased a Nissan R-35 with his own money made from channel earnings. Months later, he bought a newer model which he named ‘Guaczilla’, and upgraded; these days, the vlogger also drives a Lamborghini.

Some of Tanner’s most popular videos – “GIRLFRIEND REACTS TO LAMBORGHINI LAUNCH!” and “Picking Up Little Sister from High School in LAMBORGHINI!” – have been viewed a combined 42 million times and counting. The Californian’s love for high-end vehicles have earned him criticism at times, something which he takes in his stride.

Showing his generous side, Tanner bought his sister and now ex-girlfriend their dream cars, and recorded their reactions for the internet to see. Once, he also went to a McDonalds drive-thru in his Lamborghini, and uploaded a video of the experience.

Personal Life, 2017-2018

Tanner’s first long-term girlfriend, Taylor Alesia, became an integral part of his channel and was loved by fans.

The pair did several prank videos and challenges together, such as “I Caught My Girlfriend CHEATING Prank!”, and “Break Up Prank on Girlfriend BACKFIRES!”.

Taylor and Tanner began dating sometime in 2017, and she was formally presented on the latter’s YouTube channel in the same year. While together, Tanner purchased her the car and apartment of her dreams and they even appeared in two music videos together, “We Do It Best” and “We Do It Worst”.

The well-documented comings and goings of the attractive couple caused furor within Tanner’s fanbase; in May 2018, the young man uploaded an emotional video entitled “breaking up with my first love.” in which he explained that the two had ended on good terms and were friends.

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Despite the rumors of drama and cheating, both parties initially asserted that it was a completely mutual decision.

Just a day after uploading that video, Tanner followed it up with a dramatic farewell entitled “ENDING EVERYTHING. Goodbye”. Fans feared the worst, but the YouTuber explained that he was simply taking a break from his channel, and would return in June. June’s videos included Tanner purchasing his dream home and giving his followers a tour; he also poured his heart out to the internet and answered more questions regarding his mental health and feelings following the break-up.

In August 2018, Tanner was romantically linked to the actress and entrepreneur Jordyn Jones.

He uploaded a video with her entitled “CONFESSING OUR LOVE TO EACH OTHER!” and they soon began dating; however, disgruntled fans who preferred Taylor claimed that they looked like siblings and there was no chemistry.

At the time, it was also rumored that Jordyn preferred Jordan Beau, whom she met thanks to Tanner – the two began dating in 2019.

Personal Life, 2019-2021

Following his short-lived relationship with Jordyn, Tanner began uploading videos with Taylor again, much to the delight of his online following. Now maintaining a healthy friendship almost a year after the sad split, the pair even attended relationship therapy and uploaded footage from the session.

In June 2019, Tanner uploaded “We Are Getting Back Together?!”, a clickbait video which gave the impression that he was rekindling his romantic relationship with Taylor.

However, in August of the same year, he surprised many by uploading a video with his new girlfriend in which they went to Hawaii and snorkeled, parasailed, and flew in a helicopter. One comment read: “Feels like every time I stop watching tanner for a little while I come back and he has a girlfriend or they break up…”.

Tanner formally introduced the mystery girl a month later with a video entitled “Meet My Girlfriend For The FIRST TIME!”. Avalon Nadfalusi, an Australian model, was dubbed a gold-digger by Tanner’s followers, which led to the vlogger defending her online. From extreme yoga tutorials to hilarious pregnancy pranks, the couple created several lucrative videos together during the course of their relationship, but which ended in May 2020 after over a year.

In yet another emotional video, Tanner claimed that the relationship with Avalon ran its course due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As of late 2021, the YouTuber isn’t publicly dating anyone.

Net Worth

Having been a prolific vlogger for over a decade, Tanner’s net worth is around $6 million, thanks to advertising revenue, merchandise sales, online endorsement deals, and other ventures. With ten million subscribers on YouTube and over two million on Instagram, Tanner can earn up to five figures with every video or publication he posts.

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