• Ami Brown is a reality TV star who is known for her marriage to Billy Brown and her role in the show "Alaskan Bush People".
• She married Billy Brown at the age of 15 and had seven children with him.
• Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2017 and was declared cancer-free one year later.
• She has a net worth of over $500,000 and enjoys reading mystery and psychology books, watching movies, and travelling.
• She is 57 years old, has long brown hair and green eyes and is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) in height.

Who is Ami Brown?

Ami Brown (nee Branson) was born in Fort Worth, Texas USA, on 28 August 1964 – her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she holds American nationality. She’s a reality TV star who’s known for two things: for having been the wife of the late reality TV star Billy Brown, and for having starred alongside him in the reality show “Alaskan Bush People”.

Early life and education

Ami was raised in Fort Worth alongside her brother Les Branson, by their father Hugh L. Branson and their mother Earlene; not a lot is known about Ami’s family, as she respects their privacy, but it’s known that her mother was a legal secretary and civil servant.

Ami grew up being interested in a couple of activities, and played volleyball while attending a local elementary school. She enrolled at a local high school in 1978, however, she married in the following year, which is why most people believe that she hasn’t completed her high school education.

Marriage with Billy Brown

Ami was only 15 years old when she met Billy Brown, who was 26 at that time; he worked as a plumber, and it was at her family home that they had met.

Ami and Billy exchanged vows on 16 June 1979, in a private ceremony attended by only the closest of their friends and family members. Bill had already been married once prior to meeting Ami, and had two children from that marriage.

In 1982, Ami gave birth to their first son Matthew Jeremiah, while their second son Joshua followed in August 1984.

Billy soon lost his job, sold his truck, and took the rather radical step of the family of four moving to Alaska, after Billy’s friend offered them his abandoned cabin on Mosman Island, quite far from any populated area. In the following 18 months, Billy and Ami learned how to hunt and survive in the wilderness, so when Ami was offered to return back home with her children, she chose to stay with Billy; they went on to have five more children, named Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop, Amora Jean, Noah Darkcloud, Gabriel Starbuck, and Solomon Isaiah.

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The show “Alaskan Bush People”

The TV documentary reality series “Alaskan Bush People” started airing on the Discovery Channel on 6 May 2014, and followed Ami, Billy and their children as they were living in the Alaskan wilderness.

The entirety of the series has been shot near Hoonah, Alaska, as well as on Chichagof Island, and some scenes in Okanogan County, Washington State. It has received generally positive reviews and critiques, however, the show has often been accused of being scripted and fake, while it’s meant to be a ‘genuine reality TV show’.

It has aired 13 seasons, although Billy died after its 12th season, on 7 February 2021, after having suffered a seizure.

Life after Billy’s death

Ami has continued starring in the show “Alaskan Bush People” with her children, but its 13th season, the first without Billy, numbers only seven episodes.

The Brown family are still living in Alaska, however, it remains unknown whether or not the show is going to be renewed for another season in 2022.


Ami is still trying to have the lawsuit against her husband dismissed, as the doctor and investor Robert Maughon who had filed the lawsuit hasn’t given up on it, even now that Billy has died.

He claims that he and Billy signed a contract in 2009, and that the doctor had invested $20,000 in their company Billy’s Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions, but that he hasn’t been paid his 10 percent of the share. Robert allegedly invested another $10,000 after the initial $20,000, and in his lawsuit asks for around $500,000 to be paid to him from Billy’s estate.

Amy has her own team of lawyers, and they have asked for the case to be dismissed now that Billy has died, but the doctor seems to be determined to get what he believes to be rightfully his.

Ami’s health problems

In 2016, Amy started suffering back pain, and spent several days in her bed.

She initially believed that she was struggling with arthritis, however, in December 2017, it was revealed that she had lung cancer.

Billy and their children were highly supportive, even though Ami’s doctors told her that she had only a three percent chance of survival. She spent six weeks at a hospital in Los Angeles, California, and underwent chemotherapy; Billy stayed with Ami during the entirety of her treatment, while their children stayed in Alaska, but still occasionally visiting.

It was exactly one year after her initial diagnosis that Ami was declared cancer-free, but she will have to do tests for the rest of her life, to make sure that the cancer doesn’t return. In July 2020, Ami’s brother Les died aged 66, after he had also battled cancer.

Ami had suffered from oral health problems too, because she’d neglected her teeth.

For the first couple of seasons of “Alaskan Bush People”, she avoided smiling in front of the camera because she missed several teeth, however, the show’s producer contacted Dr. DeFelice who replaced Ami’s missing teeth, and either healed or removed her other teeth.

Hobbies and other interests

Because Ami married so young, and had her first child when she was 18, she spent the entirety of her 20s focused on raising her and Billy’s children. There was always something to do in the Alaskan wilderness, and Ami barely had any spare time to dedicate to herself. However, when she did find some time, she spent it reading books. She’s mostly into mystery and psychology – her favorite authors are Agatha Christie and Robert Cialdini, while her two favorite books are “Influence: Science and Practice” and “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Ami also likes to travel, and had been to a couple of US states with her husband, mostly because it was necessary to promote their show “Alaskan Bush People”. She has also been to Canada, but apparently hasn’t travelled any further.

Ami likes to watch movies, and her favorite actor is Tom Hanks, while a couple of her favorite films are “The Terminal”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Age, height and net worth

Ami’s age is 57. She has long brown hair and green eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

As of January 2022, Ami’s net worth has been estimated at over $500,000.

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