--Anastasia Kvitko is a Russian glamour model, entrepreneur and social media star.
--She was born in Kaliningrad, Russia on 25 November 1994 and holds Russian nationality.
--She is most popular on Instagram, where she has over 12 million followers.
--Anastasia has modelled for Kanye West Clothing and Eliya Cioccolato.
--She has an estimated net worth of over $2 million.

What is Anastasia Kvitko’s nationality?

Anastasia Kvitko was born in Kaliningrad, Russia on 25 November 1994 – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she holds Russian nationality. She’s a glamour model, entrepreneur and a social media star, who’s today probably known best for her Instagram account, which is followed by over 12 million people and numbers more than 1,000 pictures uploaded onto it. Most of Anastasia’s pictures have her large breasts in focus, as well as her buttocks.

Early life and education

Anastasia was raised in western Russia by her parents about whom nothing’s known, as they prefer to stay away from the media’s attention; it’s believed that her father’s a politician, and that her mother’s a lawyer.

Anastasia grew up in Kaliningrad Oblast, and became interested in modelling while still attending a local elementary school. She shared her dreams with a couple of her closest friends; the girls would often buy girly magazine, to admire the models featured in these. Anastasia’s interest in modelling only grew stronger upon enrolling at high school, and she started playing sports hoping these would help her shape her figure, ready for her modelling career.

Upon matriculating in 2013, Anastasia didn’t enroll at college, but rather moved to Miami in Florida USA, wanting to launch her career as a model, which kicked-off after the photographer Anvar Norov offered to take pictures of her.

She spent around a year in Miami before moving to Los Angeles in California, as she believed that there was more work for her there.

Career as a model

In 2015, Anastasia modelled for Kanye West Clothing, and in the following year she was chosen as the face of popular clothing brand Eliya Cioccolato. She attracted a lot of attention in the modelling industry thanks to her curvaceous body, especially for her measurements of 38-25-42.

In 2017, people began comparing Anastasia to Kim Kardashian, claiming that she’s deliberately trying to look the same way as Kim. When asked about this in an interview, Anastasia stated that she likes Kim Kardashian, but dislikes being compared to her, because she believes that Kim is far behind her.

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Appearances on TV

Anastasia has appeared in various talk-shows, the most notable amongst  being “Telemundo: Un Nuevo Dia”, in a 2016 episode of the show. It’s hosted by Francisco Caceres, Johanna Restrepo and Adriana Catano, has been airing since 2012, and has won one of the six awards for which it has been nominated.

Presence on social media networks

Anastasia is mostly popular for her Instagram account, and seems to be mostly focused on running it, as well. Shes revealed a lot about herself in her pictures, including that she loves to travel, has been to various US states for both work and pleasure, and has also travelled to many European countries – Anastasia returns home to Russia at least once a year.

She has also revealed that her favorite season is summer, because she enjoys showing off her large breasts at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and going yachting.

Anastasia launched her Twitter account in February 2014, and has since amassed over 120,000 followers, while she’s tweeted only about 100 times; she’s mostly focused on uploading pictures which have her body in focus.

She’s quite popular on Facebook as well, and her page’s today followed by over 325,000 people, while she tends to update it at least once a week, with similar content as her Instagram account.

Anastasia’s also active on TikTok, and her account’s today followed by more than 21,000 people, while she has amassed close to 80,000 likes of all her videos combined.

Anastasia Kvitko

She launched her YouTube channel on 8 January 2016, and has since amassed over 3,000 subscribers, and close to 200,000 views of all her three videos combined. Anastasia’s first video – “Anastasiya Kvitko photoshoot” – was uploaded on 16 March 2016, and has since been watched over 80,000 times; her other two videos are “Anastasiya Kvitko photoshoot on the beach Miami”, viewed over 50,000 times since 21 March 2016, and ”Anastasiya Kvitko photoshoot west palm beach”, watched over 60,000 times since 21 April 2019.

Love life and boyfriend

Anastasia prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself, and thus hasn’t mentioned any men (or women) whom she has perhaps been with.

This is mostly why there are various rumors circulating the internet, concerning her past and present relationships, as well as her sexual orientation.

It’s widely believed that she was in a long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart prior to moving to Miami, and that she broke up with him because she wanted to come to the US and focus on her career.

It’s also believed that Anastasia’s today in a relationship with the Russian businessman Arseny Sharov, however, no evidence has been provided to support these claims, nor has Anastasia commented on the matter.

Some of her fans have claimed that the Instagram star is perhaps lesbian, and that this is why she hasn’t spoken of any men whom she has been with; a fan has even claimed to have seen Anastasia kissing her girlfriend at a party in Los Angeles, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

As of October 2021, Anastasia seems to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Anastasia’s a fashionista, as she’s trying to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends; she’s also a shopaholic, and goes shopping for clothes multiple times every week.

She’s become addicted to working out – Anastasia was 17 years old when she started going to the gym, and has since been having several training sessions every week. She’s also following a diet made specifically for her by a nutritionist.

She enjoys leading a lavish lifestyle, and Anastasia has stayed at some of the most luxurious hotels in the US, eaten in the most expensive restaurants, and wears very expensive jewelry.

She enjoys watching Hollywood movies at night, and her favorite actor and actress are Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson, while a couple of her favorite films are “Titanic”, the franchise “Harry Potter” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

Age, measurements and net worth

Anastasia’s age is 26. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) and she weighs around 143lbs (65kgs).

As of October 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $2 million.

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