Anna Nyström:
• Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1993 and holds Swedish nationality
• Began her fitness journey in 2013 and launched her YouTube channel in 2016
• Has 8.2 million followers on Instagram, over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 20,000 followers on Twitter
• Has a chihuahua named Lea and is in a relationship with an unknown man
• Net worth of $400,000 from her career as a fitness and social media personality, as well as collaborations with brands such as Fashion Nova

Who is Anna Nyström?

Anna Nyström is a fitness model, lifestyle blogger, and YouTuber, who has gained popularity through her self-titled YouTube channel and Instagram account. She was born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn on 17 January 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden, so holds Swedish nationality, and as of 2021, she’s 28 years old.

Early life and Family

She hasn’t revealed much information about her family, except that she has twin sisters. Reportedly, growing up she always aspired to become an actress rather than a model. She developed an interest in sports at the age of five, and has been active ever since, whether it’s skydiving, sailing, or running.

Anna disclosed that she had a pretty normal childhood, and was always surrounded by numerous friends. She matriculated from a local high school, and enrolled at a university to study fashion and design, but was forced to quit due to health matters.

Career as a Fitness Model

After years of poor diets and unhealthy habits, Anna turned things around in her life and began going to the gym regularly, and changing her eating regime. Initially, she started working out to better her physique and tone her legs, and had no idea that it would become her profession. Over time, Anna fell in love with exercising, keeping tabs on her diet, and following a healthy lifestyle. After she saw improvements in her body shape she launched her Instagram page, quickly garnering a huge fan base and numerous followers.

It didn’t take long for modeling scouts to notice Anna and offer her a contract; she was signed to a prestigious Swedish modeling agency, and featured in numerous Swedish fitness magazines and commercials.


She launched her YouTube channel in 2013, when she began her transformation and fitness journey. However, she didn’t posted her first video until 2016 entitled “Bali Part 1”, followed by “Bali Part 2”. In one of her “Q&A” videos, she explained the reasoning behind launching her channel, disclosing: ‘I have always loved photography, to paint and everything that involves being creative, so it became natural for me to start sharing that on my social media pages.

Throughout the years, Anna continued posting video blogs, work-outs, and “what I eat in a day” videos.

Her most-viewed video is entitled “Vlog- Greece Trip”, with nearly 600,000 views. Even though she’s not as active as on Instagram, she has a decent following on YouTube, as her channel currently counts over 120,000 subscribers, with over eight  million views.

In the last couple of years, she has focused more on creating stylebooks, video blogs, and fashion inspirations rather than workout videos, and often collaborates with various brands. Her last video is entitled “Fall Try-On Haul/ Fashion Nova”.

Workout Regime and Diet

She works out three to five times a week, depending on how she feels and whether she’s traveling.

Over time, her body goals changed, and she said that she adjusted her workout in accordance with her goals. She is a huge fan of food and thoroughly enjoys making meals. Anna often posts her meals and recipes on her Instagram account, saying in one of her videos that she’s not too strict on herself when it comes to food. However, she mostly chooses healthier options such as vegetables, fruits and fibers, and tries to stay away from sugar and fast food.

Some of her popular meals include chicken with avocado, rice and potatoes, nutritious salads with meat and fresh veggies, and acai bowls.

Regarding her workouts, her exercises consist of alternating grip deadlifts, goblet squats, overhead squats, and sumo deadlifts. She also does a cardio session three times a week.

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In one of her videos, she mentioned that her gym had an obstacle course, and she adored taking it.

Other Social Media

Anna is very popular on Instagram, and her account has 8.2 million followers, while her Twitter account has over 20,000 followers, however, it appears that the latter inactive, as the last post was in 2016. It seems that she doesn’t use TikTok and Facebook.

Personal Life

Since 2018, she’s been in a relationship with a man whose identity remains unknown. He was featured in several of her videos, but Anna never disclosed his name, but has revealed that he was in the army.

Reportedly, they met via Tinder, the dating app. In her “Q&A” video with the boyfriend, he revealed how they started dating, saying: ‘We went on a date, kinda hit it off right away. She thought I was pretty weird ‘cause I was quiet, we drove back later on, and I couldn’t stop talking, and we hit it off- Then we went to the gym together and never stopped hanging out together.’ In the same video, she also disclosed that she wanted to marry and have children.

Entrepreneurial endeavors

Having a passion for fashion, in 2018, she launched the brand “Ryvelle”, premium apparel for women who want comfort while working, but with elegance.

On her official brand’s page, she wrote: ‘Since an early age I delved into sewing clothes, arts and photography, which led me to study design and fashion.’

Physical stats

She is 5feet 1in (154cm) tall and weighs around 115lbs (52kgs). Her natural hair is blonde, further adorned with blue eyes.

She has a very creative soul and a gift for painting. However, she’s focused more on photography as her artistic outlet rather than painting.

In addition to her numerous interests, she’s a great fashion enthusiast, and judging from her Instagram photos, she employs minimalism when it comes to her style.

She is an avid dog lover and has a chihuahua named Lea.

Even though she used to party and drink alcohol, now she prefers staying at home and watching movies with her boyfriend. In her free time, she likes to travel, walk in the woods and spend time at the beach.

What is her net worth?

As of 2021, her estimated net worth is around $400,000, which she’s earned through her career as a fitness and social media personality. She often collaborates with various food and clothing brands, such as Fashion Nova, so also earning through sponsored posts and brand affiliations.

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