• Brandon Awadis is a YouTuber and social media star born in San Diego, California on 23 June 199•
• He is most known for his YouTube channel ‘Brawadis’ which has close to 5.5 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views.
• His most popular YouTube video is ‘INSANE BURNING YEEZYS PRANK!! (ON FAZE RUG)’ with 10.5 million views.
• He is an Instagram star with close to two million followers, and is also active on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.
• As of September 2021, Brandon's net worth is estimated at over $4.5 million.

Who is Brandon Awadis?

Brandon Awadis was born in San Diego, California USA, on 23 June 1995 – his zodiac sign is Cancer, and he holds American nationality. He’s a YouTuber and a social media star, who’s probably known best for his YouTube channel ‘Brawadis’, which he launched on 3 April 2015; it’s today subscribed to by close to 5.5 million people, and numbers over 1.5 billion views of all his videos combined. Brandon is mostly focused on uploading comedy content, and his videos usually feature him telling jokes, pulling pranks and doing challenges. He’s also a huge basketball fan, and occasionally uploads videos related to the sport.

Early life and education

Brandon was raised in San Diego alongside his brother, by their Iraqi parents about whom nothing’s known, as they prefer to be left out of media; it’s only known that they moved to the US several months before Brandon was born.

Brandon was bullied while attending a local elementary school, mostly because his parents are from Iraq, and he found comfort in playing basketball with the only friend he had, as well as in playing video games. He studied at a local high school, and was amongst the best students there; during his four years of high school, Brandon was interested in numerous activities, and spent the majority of his spare time outdoors, playing basketball and skateboarding with his friends.

Upon matriculating in 2013, he enrolled at San Diego College, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 2017.

Most Popular YouTube videos

According to numerous comments found on Brandon’s YouTube videos, people mostly like him for his sense of humor, as well as for daring to do the challenges of which other people might be scared. We’re going to mention three of his most popular YouTube videos, which have helped him attract numerous subscribers.

Brandon’s #1 video “INSANE BURNING YEEZYS PRANK!! (ON FAZE RUG)” has been watched more than 10.5 million times since 7 March 2016, and shows Brandon as he’s pranking FaZe Rug, a YouTuber and co-owner of one of the most popular gaming organizations FaZe Clan.

Brandon Awadis

His second most popular video “CAUGHT CHEATING ON GIRLFRIEND PRANK GONE WRONG! (SHE CHOKED ME)” has been watched over 10 million times since 18 July 2016, and features Brandon who has tricked his then-girlfriend into thinking that he’s cheating on her, while she has thus begun choking him.

His third most popular video “Something very scary happened to us last night.. *COPS CALLED*” has been watched over 8.5 million times since 24 February 2019, and shows Brandon and his now ex-girlfriend Jackie, as they’re talking about a scary thing which had happened to them the night before the video was uploaded onto YouTube.

Presence on social media networks

Brandon is an Instagram star, as he’s amassed close to two million followers on the network, and has uploaded close to 300 pictures, most of which have been taken during his everyday life. He has revealed a lot about himself in these pictures, including that he’s a huge fan of the Phoenix Suns basketball team competing in the National Basketball Association (NBA); Brandon was once interviewed by the official podcast of the team. He has also revealed that he loves to play video games, and has just recently purchased a PlayStation 5 console. Brandon is a huge dog-lover, and his pet dog can be seen featured in a couple of his Instagram videos.

He launched his Twitter account in March 2012, and it’s today followed by more than 450,000 fans, while he’s tweeted close to 50,000 times, usually about his everyday life, while he also occasionally tweets to announce the release of his YouTube videos. He’s active on Facebook, but appears to be using his account just to keep in touch with his closest friends and family members.

Brandon is a TikTok star, as he’s amassed more than 1.7 million followers, and over 25 million likes of all his videos combined. He’s mostly focused on uploading comedy content, and his videos usually feature him telling jokes and pranking his friends.

Love life and girlfriend

Brandon’s quite open when it comes to his love life, and it’s known that he was in a relationship with popular American social media star Jackie Figeroa, who’s followed by close to 900,000 people on Instagram. The two started dating in 2015, and could’ve been seen featured together in many of their Instagram pictures and YouTube videos. The two broke up many times, but would reconcile and continue working together on their way up on the internet. However, in September 2020, the two announced that they had split for good – Brandon revealed that Jackie was already dating another guy. She defended herself by stating that she’s not a gold digger, and simply no longer has feelings for Brandon.

On 15 March 2021, Brandon uploaded the video “MEET MY NEW GIRLFRIEND!!” onto his YouTube channel, but it turned out to be a clickbait, as the girl featured in the video – Emily – is actually his closest friend.

As of September 2021, Brandon seems to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Brandon’s a huge fan of fast cars, and likes to change them regularly. He had purchased a Mercedes a year ago, which he then sold half a year later, and bought himself a Lamborghini, which can be seen featured in some of his Instagram pictures.

Brandon loves to watch movies late at night, and his favorite actor and actress are Vin Diesel and Jennifer Lopez, while a couple of his favorite films include the franchise “Fast and Furious”, “Pitch Black” and the franchise “Riddick”.

Summer is his favorite season, as he enjoys lying at the beach, swimming in the ocean and playing beach soccer.

He’s keen on travelling, and has been to various US states for both work and pleasure.

Age, height and net worth

Brandon’s age is 26. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) and he weighs around 165lbs (75kgs).

As of September 2021, his net worth has been estimated at over $4.5 million.

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