• Daughter of actors Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen
• Born in London, U.K and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA
• Pursued a career in acting, debuting in the movie “Underworld: Evolution” at seven years old
• Has a boyfriend, David Schechter, who is an actor and activist
• Supported by her boyfriend and parents; Kate is said to be worth $25 million and Michael is worth roughly $16 million

Who is Lily Mo Sheen?

Lily Mo Sheen is the daughter of actors Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. Born on January 31st, 1999, in London, U.K, Lily is 5ft 4in (1.62m) tall and weighs roughly 116lbs (53kgs). An aspiring actress, Lily currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Lily’s Upbringing

With two famous actors for parents, it’s unsurprising that Lily pursued a career in the same industry; however, that didn’t stop the celebrity from studying at Harvard-Westlake Upper Schoo,l and New York University.

Lily’s parents were together from 1995 to 2003. It’s said that when Kate and Michael met it was “love at first sight”, and fans were shocked when they announced their split, although the pair remain friends to this day.

In 2003, Kate convinced the director of supernatural movie “Underworld”, Len Wiseman, to cast Michel in the film as well. At the same time, Kate reportedly began a clandestine love affair with Len, although all parties involved denied any infidelity.

However, Kate and Len married in Bel-Air in 2004, but eventually announced their divorce in November 2015. As for Michael, he has had a string of high-profile relationships since breaking up from Kate. From 2004 to 2010, the charismatic actor was with Lorraine Stewart; in the same year that they broke things off, he began dating “The Notebook” actress Rachel McAdams through 2013. From 2014 to 2017, he was with Sarah Silverman, and he began seeing Anna Lundberg in 2018.

In 2019, Michael welcomed his second daughter, Lyra, who is Lily’s only sibling to date, while Kate has never publicly expressed interest in having more children.

In November 2020, Michael admitted in a bombshell interview that his split from Kate had been “difficult”. Not having a work visa meant that he had to regularly travel between the UK and the US, and didn’t know if he’d be able to enter the states again, which made co-parenting with Kate a challenge.

Of Michael, Kate said: “I really love him and like him and we make each other roar with laughter”. There seem to be no hard feelings between the famous exes, who still support each other’s projects and professional ventures.

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Lily’s Acting Career

Following the footsteps of her celebrity parents, Lily tried her luck at acting, debuting in “Underworld: Evolution” at just seven years old. In the same year, the youngster also had a minor role in the movie “Click”.

Lily’s last role to date was in 2009, when she played a young Amy in “Everybody’s Fine”. Nobody expected the charismatic brunette to return to acting after a thirteen-year hiatus, but in 2022, Lily will appear in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”, which is currently in the post-production stages and will be released to cinemas in April.

It’s possible that Lily wants to kickstart the second stage of her acting career with her role in the star-studded production.

It’s confirmed that Nicholas Cage and other talents are part of the movie’s cast, but the plot hasn’t yet been revealed.

Lily’s Personal Life

The relationship between Lily and her model and actress mother was put to the test by the coronavirus pandemic, with the duo spending almost two years apart due to work obligations and being unable to travel.

In a July 2021 TV appearance, Kate confirmed the news by saying: “Two years of not seeing your child is the most preposterous thought”. The pair happily reunited shortly afterwards and were photographed at the airport by eagle-eyed paparazzi. Meantime, they’d kept in touch via FaceTime calls and messages.

In September 2021, fans took to Lily’s Instagram page to comment on the physical similarities between her father and her current boyfriend, David Schechter. One user christened him “Little Michael”, with others speculating that Lily had daddy issues.

Kate herself was very supportive of the relationship, and even made a pillow for her daughter with David’s face on it. However, she raised eyebrows after posting an Instagram snap of herself hugging the pillow with the caption: “…Getting a pillow made in the shape of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head for when she misses him when she comes home is CUTE.

It arriving the day after she leaves makes you a f***ing PSYCHO who is watching Showtime with a taxidermy of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head. Look for me on true crime shows shortly”.

Kate, who has been criticized for dating men much younger than herself, also confessed on a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance that her daughter had a crush on the host, who is her father’s age. At the time of those comments, Lily’s father was dating Sarah Silverman, Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend.

David is a Jewish actor and activist, who has been dating Lily since 2019. He has little desire to be in the public eye, despite his acting aspirations, and has yet to give so much as an interview regarding his relationship with Lily.

Lily herself has over 100,000 Instagram followers, and receives up to 20,000 likes per post. She is a quirky and artistic soul who enjoys posting humorous memes and unfiltered selfies; curiously, there are only a couple of photos of David on her profile, and he’s apparently inactive on social media. However, their low-key relationship works for them, and in over two years there have never been any scandals or cheating rumors concerning the couple.

An animal lover, Lily often posts snaps of her cute cats and dogs, and shows little interest in the glamor and glitz of showbiz.

She has kept the same circle of friends for years; she rarely attends red-carpet events.

Lily’s Net Worth

Lily’s exact job and net worth as of late 2021 are unknown: instead of cultivating a social media image and becoming an influencer like other celebrity offspring, she prefers to live a lowkey lifestyle away from the scrutiny of online strangers. Presumably she’s supported by her boyfriend and parents.

Kate is said to be worth $25 million after decades of acting and modeling, while Michael is worth roughly $16 million.

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