• Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. was born in Louisiana, USA, on 18 October 2004.
• He is the son of talent manager Daniel Smith and singer-songwriter and actress Solange Piaget Knowles.
• He is currently attending high school in Los Angeles and is interested in sports and music.
• His father Daniel Smith has a net worth of over $400,000 and his mother Solange has a net worth of over $9 million.
• Solange is an American singer-songwriter and actress who released her debut album in 2002 and her fourth album in 2019.

Who is Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr?

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. was born in Louisiana, USA, on 18 October 2004 – his zodiac sign is Libra, and he holds American nationality. He’s probably only known for being the son of the American talent manager Daniel Smith, and the famous American singer-songwriter and actress Solange Piaget Knowles.

Early life and parents

Daniel was raised an only child, and moved a couple of times during his early years, because of his parents’ interests; his father was 20 when he was born, while his mother was 18. They moved to Moscow in Idaho not long after Daniel was born, because his father attended college there.

In 2007, Daniel and Solange divorced, and Solange and her son moved to Los Angeles, California, while occasionally traveling to Houston in Texas. In 2011, when he was six years old, Solange and Daniel moved to Brooklyn, New York City, then in 2013 to New Orleans in Louisiana. His mother married the video director Alan Ferguson on 16 November 2014, but they divorced in 2019; she’s today dating jazz musician Gio Escobar.

Daniel now has three paternal half-siblings.

He prefers to stay away from the media’s attention, and not a lot about him is known. He’s currently attending a local high school in Los Angeles, and is apparently interested in sports; some of his mother’s fans have claimed to have seen Daniel playing for his school’s baseball team.

It’s also said that he’s interested in music, and enjoys rapping, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Daniel should be matriculating in 2023, and it’s believed by many that he’ll be pursuing a college degree.

Age, height and parents’ net worth

Daniel’s age is 16. He has short black hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) and he weighs around 143lbs (65kgs). As of September 2021, his father’s net worth has been estimated at over $400,000, while his mother’s net worth is reputedly over $9 million.

Who is his father Daniel Smith?

Daniel Julez Smith was born in Houston, Texas USA, on 5 May 1984 – his zodiac sign is Taurus, and he holds American nationality. He’s perhaps known best for being Solange’s former husband.

Daniel prefers to stay away from the media’s attention, and not a lot is known about his early life. He attended a local high school in Houston, and met Solange during his four years there; after finding out that she was pregnant, they were both sure that they wanted to keep the baby, but they also knew that they wanted to work on themselves, their education and careers. Daniel attended a college in Moscow, Idaho, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2006.

Not a lot is known about his career, but it’s known that Daniel has been in many relationships since his divorce from Solange.

He dated a non-celebrity American woman in 2009, and she gave birth to their daughter Saniya Smith in the same year; Daniel has been asked during various interviews about Saniya’s mother, but has refused to share any details concerning her. Another non-celebrity American woman gave birth to his son Legend Smith in 2016, but Daniel has once again kept details regarding the woman hidden from media.

Since 2019, Daniel has been in a relationship with Karla Anisa Karim, a consultant who has been working at Artist Publishing Group for three years now. In 2020, she gave birth to their son Five Smith, and Karla and Daniel have just recently become engaged.

Daniel Smith and Solange

Who is his mother Solange?

Solange Piaget Knowles was born in Houston, Texas USA, on 24 June 1986 – her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she holds American nationality. She gained recognition after her second album was released on 26 August 2008, entitled “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams”, which peaked at #9 on the US Billboard 200 Chart.

Solange was raised Catholic in Houston, alongside her older sister Beyoncé Knowles, by their mother Celestine Beyoncé Knowles-Lawson, who’s a famous American businesswoman and fashion designer, and their father Mathew Knowles, who’s a record executive and a businessman. Solange’s sister Beyonce is today popular worldwide, for both her singing and her acting skills.

Solange became interested in singing at a very early age. She was four years old when her mother enrolled her at school of the performing arts, at which she began practicing singing, acting and dancing. Aged five, Solange sang at the theme park Six Flags AstroWorld, and was nine when she began writing her own songs. By the time she was 13, Solange already knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the music industry.

Her father became her manager in 2001, when she was 15-years-old, and Solange then sang the theme song for the animated series “The Proud Family”, while she was backed by the band Destiny’s Child.

The same year heard her featured on the albums of several musicians, including Kelly Rowland and Lil Romeo. She launched her acting career around the same time, and in 2002, Solange voiced Chanel in an episode of the series “The Proud Family”. On 26 December 2002, she released her debut album “Solo Star” in Japan, and its lead single “Feelin’ You (Part II)” peaked at #3 on both the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales Chart and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales Chart; it was released in the USA on 21 January 2003.

The following years saw Solange appear in a couple of TV series and movies, such as the comedy series “One on One”, the road comedy movie “Johnson Family Vacation”, and the comedy film “Bring It On: All or Nothing”, in which she starred. Following the release of her second album, she focused on recording mixtapes, including “I Can’t Get Clearance…”

On 27 November 2012, she released her extended play (EP) “True”, and four years later, on 30 September 2016, her third album “A Seat at the Table” came out, which topped the US charts. On 1 March 2019, Solange released her fourth album “When I Get Home”.

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