Who is Cuban Doll?

A female rapper and social media star, Cuban Doll is however perhaps known best for her Instagram feed, and also her controversial behavior. She gained fame thanks to her musical talent but also her good looks, which according to her fans is jaw-dropping.

Not infrequently, she was a participant in various quarrels with famous personalities, and there was even a physical confrontation. One of those fights was with King Von’s sister, however, let’s first reveal some details about Cuban Doll before we explain what happened.

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Early life, family, and education

Born Aaliyah Keef under the zodiac sign of Taurus on 12 May 1998, but probably known better by her stage name, Cuban Doll hails from Dallas, Texas USA. She holds American nationality and although many assume that because of her pseudonym ‘Cuban Doll’ she is of Cuban ethnicity, the truth is that she comes from a family of White and African-American descent.

She hasn’t spoken about her parents, and their names and occupations are undisclosed, however, it’s known that she was raised by them in her hometown. Cuban Doll has a sister named Cassandra, and two brothers whose names she hasn’t shared as she respects their privacy.

When it comes to Cuban Doll’s educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2016, she didn’t go to college but pursued her music career.

Music career

At the beginning of her music career, Cuban Doll went under her birth name, and her first single “Let It Blow” featuring Molly Brazy was released on 20 January 2017. Today, the official music video for this song has been viewed nearly 25 million times.

The same year, she released singles “Walk Thru” and “Bankrupt” which were also popular, as well as her debut album, “Cuban Link” was released in 2017, followed by her self-titled album that same year. Two years later, Cuban Doll released albums “Savage Life” and “Karma”.

Cuban Doll’s collaborated with numerous artists such as Lil Yachty and Lil Baby – some of her top songs are “Raw”, “Racks Up”, and “Brazy Baby”. Most recently, in 2022, she released her hit single, “Don’t Talk”, which has amassed over 150,000 views on her YouTube channel.

Presence on social media platforms

Cuban Doll goes online under the name ‘cubanndasavage’, and her Instagram account has been followed by nearly two million people. She posts photos featuring her work, but also her everyday life, and her followers can enjoy dozens of her selfies in a provocative and seductive pose of  Cuban Doll in a bikini or sexy dress.

She’s also active on Twitter, and her profile has gained nearly 625,000 followers. Cuban Doll’s tweeted over 30,000 times.

Her eponymous YouTube channel was launched on 19 April 2018, and it’s today subscribed to by over 200,000 people, while all of her videos combined have gained over 30 million views. Besides her music videos, Cuban Doll uploads her vlogs and Q&A (question and answers) videos.

Love life and relationships

Cuban Doll has been the subject of various controversies and rumors, often concerning her romantic life. She’s been romantically linked to numerous men from the entertainment industry, and allegedly had an encounter with Kiari Kendrell Cephus, an American rapper, better known by his stage name Offset.

In 2018, Cuban Doll was in a relationship with DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican-born podcaster and YouTuber. After they separated, Cuban Doll began dating Kodak Black, an American rapper, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri. However, their relationship was short-lived.

Sometime in 2019, Cuban Doll was seen with Tadoe, a Chicago, Illinois-native rapper and member of the rap label Glo Gang. The two haven’t spoken about their relationship, however, many believe that they dated for several months. A sex tape featuring the two of them has been doing rounds on the internet for months – Cuban Doll accused Ari Fletcher of allegedly leaking this video.

In 2021, Cuban Doll began a relationship with JayDaYoungan, also a rapper, who sadly died on 27 July 2022, shot at least eight times in front of his home in Bogalusa, Louisiana; the two broke up very publicly a few months before his death. Cuban Doll claimed that she found some ‘gay stuff’ on his phone, while JayDaYoungan stated that she was just angry since they hadn’t been intimate for a long time.

As of March 2023, it seems that Cuban Doll is single. She hasn’t been married or engaged, and doessn’t have children.

Drama with King Von’s sister

Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister, Kayla B, began fighting through their Twitter accounts, and after beefing all day online, the fight became physical. King Von is the late rapper who was killed in 2020, and his sister allegedly said that before he died, he told her that Cuban Doll wanted to sleep with him.

It’s unclear if other factors contributed to their fight, however, the girls decided to take their online beef even further. They met-up in downtown Atlanta, and after a few curse words got into a physical fight. The video of the two of them fighting went viral on Twitter, in which you can see the girls throwing punches, pulling each other’s hair and even biting, however, luckily, neither Cuban Doll nor Kayla B was badly injured.

After the fight, Cuban Doll took to Instagram Live to speak about what exactly happened, and although showing a scratch on her face, tried to prove that she won the fight.

Twitter users commented about their altercation, saying that they are still trying to figure out what the fight was about. It seems that only Cuban Doll and Kayla B knew the real reason behind this incident.

Age, height, and net worth

Cuban Doll is 24 years old. She has naturally dark brown hair but she dyes it blonde; and the color of her eyes is brown. She is known for her petite figure, and if you’ve wondered how tall Cuban Doll is, she stands at the height of 5ft 2ins (1.58m) and weighs around 105lbs (48kgs), with vital statistics of 34-24-36.

Thanks to her musical talent and numerous sponsored posts on her social media accounts, Cuban Doll has earned a decent wealth for herself. According to sources, as of March 2023, her net worth has been estimated at over $250,000.

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