• DJ Akademiks (Livingston Allen) is a Jamaican figure in hip-hop music and a famed YouTuber
• Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1991, he migrated to the US in 2001
• He attended Rutgers University, studying Biomathematics and Math Finance
• He has an online store selling shirts and hoodies and is worth around $2 million
• He has been subject to several controversial matters, such as rumors of being an informant and feuds with famous celebrities

Livingston Allen, popularly known as DJ Akademiks, is a prominent Jamaican figure in hip-hop music, who has been the subject of several controversial matters, which have actually made him very popular. He is also a famed YouTuber, with a widely-followed self-titled channel, on which he addresses social issues in a satirical manner.

Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, under the Taurus zodiac sign on 17 May 1991, he’s 30 years old as of 2021. He migrated with his family to the US in 2001, and needed plenty of time to get used to the American lifestyle and culture, since he was just 10 years old; he’s still kept in close contact with his Jamaican friends.

While in high school, Livingstone developed a knack for music, and he soon afterward matriculating began DJing, playing his tunes for two hours every Sunday on Rutgers University’s radio station until 2013.

He attended New Jersey’s Rutgers University to study Biomathematics, graduated after four years and subsequently joined a graduate college, in which he studied Math Finance for his masters. During his college days, DJ Akademiks had opened a blog – latenightcreep.com – to discuss hip-hop news, and also contributed to other popular blogs evaluating hip-hop trends, developments, and culture before turning his focus to his own social media platforms.

Interesting Facts and Hobbies

It is suspected that DJ Akademiks came in as an informant in the late Tekashi 6ix9ine’s court case. Several hosts and artists in the hip-hop music industry have come out openly warning him that such affiliations might put his career at risk. However, he insists that he has never been personally attached to anyone he has worked with, since he’s always drawn boundaries when it comes to his professional life. He’s denied the allegation of being a federal police informant.

He is physically active and spends several hours daily in the gym. He also likes boxing and playing tennis and basketball.

The Jamaican DJ is a sports car fanatic and has in the past bought and sold several fast cars.

He’s toured many countries being a traveling fan, and likes visiting his home-country, Jamaica.

Career and Social Media Presence

YouTube Career

DJ Akademiks progressed to YouTube in 2013, after gaining fame for his “Late Night Creep” website, and started making commentaries as well as interviewing several rappers, including Charlemagne. He uploaded his videos onto his channel, which was then called LateNight CreepVids, before he changed its name a few years later. Some of his most-viewed videos include “Drake Kicks Future Off His Tour Over Slick Talk” and  “40 Glocc Tells DJ Akademiks Kendrick Isn’t The King of SHIT.” He’s continued covering trending issues, and has now gained many subscribers.

Music Career

In one of his YouTube videos, DJ Akademiks revealed that he enjoys music more than anything else, and that he was looking forward to releasing original music. He officially began pursuing a career in music in 2018 under the name Lil Ak, and shortly afterwards released his first extended play (EP) called “Clout Chasers,” which had four tracks including “Blue Clues,” “Hypebeast,” and “Triggers.” In 2019, he collaborated with Tekashi to release the hit-song “LANES”, and later “Gaya” – also with Tekashi – which now has more than five million views. Later that year, he became an executive producer, and host of the “Snap Originals” docuseries, which was posted on “Tekashi vs. the World” YouTube Channel. It recounts the rags-to-riches experience of Tekashi, but which also got him imprisoned on several counts.

Social Media Presence

DJ Akademiks has amassed a huge following on social media, and has two Instagram accounts which have more than four million followers. He’s active on Twitter with a huge fan-base of nearly 1.2 million followers, and in addition, his Twitch account has approximately three million views. Moreover, he joined YouTube a few years ago, and now has close to 2.5 million subscribers and more than 2000 videos – in the past, he had another YouTube channel, on which he posted commentary, but it’s now deactivated. Allen uses his online fame to air his opinions on a variety of topics, and also to promote his hip-hop music.

Personal Life, Rumours and Controversies

DJ Akademiks prefers keeping his love life details under wraps. However, sources reveal that he was dating an Instagram model named Angelica Ggx from Dominican Republic from 2017.

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However, their relationship was short-lived and they parted ways in 2018 following Angelica’s allegations that Akademiks was constantly cheating on her, in addition to being abusive; she even told her Instagram fans that her ex-boyfriend was a ‘monster’, further accusing him of being a womanizer, and that he would get girls drunk and then have sexual relationships with them without using protection. Angelica previously used her Instagram fame to market Allen’s merchandise and would take and post photos of herwearing his products, but no longer.

Judging by his online handles, the popular DJ is currently single as of 2021, and without children.

Rumours and Controversies

Allen has dedicated his YouTube channel to address gun violence in Chicago, constantly covering deaths, arrests, and the political issues surrounding these topics.

Using humor as one of his trademarks, he tries convincing his fans that violence doesn’t exist, that it’s not fashionable. He is often seen by his fans trying to break the stereotype that being involved in violence is cool. Despite this, the rapper Vic Mensa once accused him of sensationalizing violence, but he dismissed him, explaining that he only wants to offer different views on gun violence.

DJ Akademiks has had several ‘beefs’ with many famous celebrities, such as Eminem, Joe Budden, and Niki Minaj. Rumors have it that during an episode of “Everyday Struggles” – which he performs opposite Joe Budden – he criticized Eminem’s “Revival” album and he (Eminem) in turn wrote a verse about him saying that ‘Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it or have his body bag get zipped…Say this ‘shit’ is trash again and I’ll have you twisted.’

However, this didn’t stop Akademiks criticizing his album.

Akademiks also had an online feud with the rapper Meek Mill, whom he sued for defamation after he made a controversial statement about Akademiks, as he was referring to his (Meek’s) previous rivalry with Tekashi. He also had a feud with singer John Legend’s wife, Crissy Teigen, after he criticized her husband’s “Bigger Live 2” album, saying that it was ‘trash.’ Crissy responded to his post, which prompted Akademiks to reach out to John Legend, strongly advising him to check his wife, in addition to making a sexist comment about her, which saw him suspended from Twitch.

Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight

DJ Akademiks is of black ethnicity, and has dark eyes and short black hair. He weighs approximately 160lbs (72kgs) and is 5ft 8ins (1.72 m) tall.

Net Worth

Livingston’s many social media endeavours and career as a DJ has earned him fame and a decent net worth. He’s signed many deals with several famous record labels, including Atlantic Records, in addition to having an online store which sells shirts and hoodies to his fans – this has also contributed to his earnings. As of late 2021, sources reveal that he’s worth close to $2 million.

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