• Real name is Apollo James Willems, born in 1993 in Dallas, Texas, USA
• Started his YouTube channel in 2009 and joined the Northernlion Live Super Show (NLSS) in 2013
• Gained popularity from streaming Among Us and has around 85,000 followers on YouTube and 190,000 followers on Twitch
• Has a net worth of $1 million
• Musically talented and enjoys playing various sports and board/card games

Who is DumbDog?

DumbDog is an American video game player, YouTube star and Twitch streamer, who achieved fame by streaming “Among Us” gameplay, which is currently one of the most popular video games. He has thousands of followers across platforms, with the number steadily increasing.

DumbDog Wiki: Real Name, Age, Childhood, and Education

DumbDog’s real name is Apollo James Willems, born on 23 February 1993 under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, in Dallas, Texas USA, which makes him 28 years old as of late-2021.

He fell in love with video games at an early age, acquiring a Nintendo DS console and playing retro games such as “Super Mario Smash Brothers”, “Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, and several “Mario Party” games. After high school he enrolled at a university where he studied computer science, however, he never finished his studies, choosing to focus entirely on a career as a YouTuber.

Career Beginnings

Before becoming known as DumbDog, he adopted the pseudonym LastGreyWolf. He started his YouTube channel in 2009, and began by uploading gameplays of various video games such as “Enter the Gungeon” and “Autochess”.

He met another YouTuber, AlpacaPatrol, with whom he started collaborating rather frequently, which then led him to another YouTube star, Green9090. After a few videos with, he was introduced to northernlion and then Josh Smith, better known as JSmithOTI. He appeared with them in the 52-hour-long Twitch stream, which was his introduction as the newest member of the Northernlion Live Super Show (NLSS). His first video as an official member of the crew was the live stream from 13 June 2013. He then appeared more frequently, but only in 2016 became a regular member of the crew.


His popularity was increasing, but in 2019 he left the NLSS to start a new career on his own, and under his new pseudonym.

In addition to his work with NLSS, he has also worked on his solo career, uploading Let’s Play videos of various games, such as “Terraria 4”, “The Binding of Isaac”, “Super Metroid”, “Ikaruga” and many others, which have benefited his popularity.

Rise to Prominence, DumbDog YouTube Channel, Twitch Success

He set up his Twitch channel and began live-streaming various games, but in recent years, he’s become focused on the popular video game “Among Us”.

He changed the name of his YouTube channel to DumbDog, and since 2019 has uploaded mainly “Among Us” gameplay videos, attracting thousands of new fans, currently numbering around 85,000 on YouTube, and his videos have around eight million views. Some of his most popular videos include “The New Modded Role is Perfect for me”, which has over 665,000 views, then “MEGA IQ Plays with the NEW Modded Among Us Role”, with over 210,000, and “I broke Sykkyno’s brain with INSANE vent plays..”, which has been viewed almost 200,000 times, among numerous other videos that have only increased his wealth and popularity.

His Twitch on the other hand is his most successful media outlet. With more than 190,000 followers and a number of subscribers who pay a certain fee for V.I.P. content on his official Twitch channel, DumbDog’s popularity and wealth have certainly increased. He streams every day from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., either playing “Among Us”, or just chatting with his fans. He has become rather popular in the last couple of years, and isn’t planning on stopping now.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

Although he’s always in front of the camera and talking, this popular YouTuber has rarely said anything about his personal life, always chatting about in-game events. As a result, there is no reliable information about his personal endeavors.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2021, DumbDog’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million, earned through his successful career as an online content creator and video game player.

He also served as the host of the “Checkpoint League” tournament in 2020, which is an online game tournament between YouTubers.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This popular YouTuber has green eyes and natural red hair. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), while he weighs approximately 143lbs (65kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, though he has an average figure.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

Although his main interest is playing video games and live streaming gameplays, DumbDog is known for several of his skills. He’s a talented musician, as he’s skilled in guitar and piano.

Furthermore, he’s an outdoorsman as he enjoys playing various sports with his friends, including football among others.

In addition to video games, he also loved playing board and card games, and “Pokemon” is still one of his favorites.

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