• Edwin Luna is a singer, frontman of Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey, and founder and leader of the band.
• His brother Roberto Luna is also a singer and musician.
• With the band, he has released 8 albums, the most popular being their 2018 studio album "Me Hicisite un Borracho", with the music video for the eponymous single from the album having over 300 million views.
• He was married to Erika Monclova, Alma Cero, and Kimberly Flores.
• As of late 2021, his net worth has been estimated at $15 million.

Who is Edwin Luna?

Edwin Luna was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 6 September 1987, in Monterrey, Mexico; he holds Mexican nationality, and his ethnicity is Latino. He is a singer, perhaps known best as the frontman of the band Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey; he’s also the founder and the leader of the band.

Early life, family, and education

Edwin was raised in Monterrey by his parents; he’s the fourth son of the famous Mexican singer Don Miquel Luna, known better as El Gorrion, who sang as half of the popular duo El Palomo y El Gorion.

El Palomo was Edwin’s uncle, and the duo started singing when they were nine and 10 years old, and had a career long for 42 years, some of their hit songs were “La Novia Del Pajarillo”, “No Compro Amores”, and “Tres Suspiros”, among others.

Edwin’s brother Roberto Luna is also a singer and musician, and also has a band, but has also collaborated with Edwin on songs in honor of their father and uncle.

He attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2002, enrolled at college to study accounting, but he dropped out to pursue his music career.


Edwin founded his first band in 2010, with the members of La Real Banda Chilera, named Banda la Escandalosa, which was later renamed as Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey – their first single “Después de Ti No Hay Nada” hit the top 20 on Mexican radio charts.

In 2012, Edwin’s band released a compilation album “Banda la Trakalosa”, followed by their debut studio album “De Monterrey a Sinaloa”, which became popular across Mexico and the US, so the band began touring far and wide across the states.

The band’s popularity grew in the following years, and they released another seven albums, the most popular of which was their 2018 studio album “Me Hicisite un Borracho”, which brought them worldwide fame.

The official music video posted on the channel “RemexMusic” for the eponymous single from this album was viewed over 300 million times.

Their official YouTube channel – “La Trakalosa de Monterrey “ – launched on 11 June 2015, is today subscribed to by nearly 500,000 people, and all of its videos combined have gained nearly 200 million views; the band also has its official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Edwin is also active on his Facebook page, followed by nearly five million people, while his Instagram has amassed nearly 3.5 million followers.

Love life and marriage

There were various rumors about Edwin’s love life, however, he hasn’t spoken about his previous relationships, however, it’s widely known that he was married with Erika Monclova back in 2011, and that she gave birth to his oldest child, a son named Miquel Alexander Luna Monclova.

While he was on the tour through the US, in Texas he met musical artist Yuli, with whom he has daughter Dasha Luna, born in 2013, and this was the reason for his divorce from Erika Monclova.

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His second wife was Alma Cero, a famous Mexican actress, with whom Edwin was in a marriage from just April until August 2017 – some of the rumors were saying that the reason for their divorce was Alma’s miscarriage, however, Alma stated for mundoshispanioc.com that he was cheating on her, and at the time they were married, the girl with whom he was having an affair became pregnant.

Edwin was next in a relationship with Kimberly Flores, who gave birth to their daughter Gianna Luna Flores in July 2018, and the two married on 27 July 201; the wedding was broadcast on television, and Edwin’s fans commented that she looked unhappy and indifferent, while Edwin was crying tears of joy.

The two went on the honeymoon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in a luxury hotel, and the rumors about her being a gold-digger girl started.

Gianna Luna is Kimberly’s third child, one of them, namely Kenan is living with her and Edwin, but the eldest child, Eliah, who was born with autism, she abandoned, and the child lives with Kimberly’s mother in her hometown in Guatemala.

This isn’t the only controversy related to Kimberly’s past life – according to sources, she was in an affair with much older man Jimmy Castro, known as “El Chico Disney”, and worked as a pole dancer in nightclubs, under the moniker La Kimberly.

Her mother, Becky Colombani, exposed her to the media after she married Edwin, saying that she is with Edwin just because of his money, that she doesn’t love him – although people expected Kimberly’s reaction, she hasn’t spoken a word about this allegation.

In September 2021, Kimberly participated in the reality television show “La Casa de Los Famosos” (The House of the Famous), and soon she began flirting with one of the participants, a famous Mexican actor, Roberto Romano.

In October, Edwin flew to Miami, California where shows were filming, and took Kimberly out of the show, saying that he is having a problem with their children, and one of them, their son Kenan was the most disgusted with the things his mother had done in the show, saying that she embarrassed the family and that when she gets back home, he will tell her to leave because she is a prostitute.

Edwin even took Kenan to the psychiatrist, who recommended that Edwin get his wife home, because her son was depressed, and so Kimberly left the “La Casa Los de Famosos”, but the criticism of both Edwin and Kimberly continued.

One fan commented: ‘It was mentioned that she was light-helmeted, but I didn’t think she was that cynical. And it’s difficult to understand why he justifies her when she was very evident that she cannot be without a man.’

However, the two have stayed together, and it seems that they are enjoying their love more than ever, according to their pictures from a vacation posted on Kimberly’s Instagram.

Age, height, and net worth

Edwin is 34 years old, with black hair and dark brown eyes; he weighs around 1560lbs (72kgs) and is 5ft 8ins (1.75m) tall.

As of late 2021, his net worth has been estimated at $15 million.

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