Who is Funny Mike?

A YouTuber, comedian, and rapper, FunnyMike gained fame thanks to his hilarious videos featuring all kinds of challenges and pranks, and is today one of the most popular comedians who also appeared on Nick Canon’s show “Wild’n’Out”. He also gained fame by presenting to the internet his alter ego ’22 Savage’ which made him a household name as a rapper with numerous hits.

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Early life, family, and education

Born MacArthur Johnson under the zodiac sign of Libra on 8 October 1996, FunnyMike is aged 26 as of March 2023. He’s a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA, holds American nationality and his ethnicity is African-American. Raised by his parents Arthur and Denise, FunnyMike spent most of his childhood in his hometown, where he attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2014, he didn’t go to college but pursued his career as a rapper.

FunnyMike had an interest in music from an early age, and he also enjoyed making people laugh. In high school he was a class clown and enjoyed this role. His sense of humor is the essence of his success today.

22 Savage

As a teenager, FunnyMike began uploading his comedy skits onto the now-defunct social media platform, Vine. He was popular among his classmates, and his videos were shared all over the world, however, FunnyMike dreamed of becoming a famous rapper.

His first single, entitled “No Heart” released in 2016 received mixed reviews. He published the song under his stage name, 22 Savage, inspired by the music of 21 Savage’s music, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who gained fame with his collaborative album “EP Savage Mode” with Metro Boomin.

The reason why FunnyMike’s song received mixed critiques was rumors saying that he is copying 21 Savage. However, FunnyMike’s second single “Jumpin’” became a smash, and his rap career gained more respectability. He released several original tracks, and changed his stage name to ‘Young 22’ which many of his fans liked.

FunnyMike is now more focused on his career as a YouTuber, however, every now and then he delights his audience with a new single. Most recently, he released his single “Turtle Beat Me Up” in 2022.

YouTube channel

FunnyMike launched his self-titled YouTube channel on 1 May 2016, and it’s today subscribed to by nearly 8.5 million people; all of his videos combined have amassed more than 2.5 billion views. On his channel, you can find a variety of videos including music, pranks, challenges, vlogs, and many more.

The number one most-viewed video on his channel is FunnyMike’s official music video for the song “Told On Myself” uploaded on 18 April 2019, which has been viewed over 20.5 million times.

The second most viewed video on FunnyMike’s channel is “DeDe3x- Fresh Ft Jay & Tray (OFFICIAL VIDEO)” uploaded on 10 September 2018, which gained over 20 million views. The video features young rap stars whom FunnyMike supports.

In third place of the most viewed FunnyMike videos is also an official video for DeDe3’s song “Do The WooWoo”, which gained over 18.5 million views.

Presence on social media platforms

FunnyMike is active on various social media platforms, and his Instagram account leads the way with the number of followers, over 8.5 million people. FunnyMike is quite popular on TikTok, and his account has gained nearly four million followers, while all of his videos have amassed over 30 million likes.

You can find him on Facebook, and his official page has been followed by more than two million people, while his Twitter counts over 250,000 followers.

FunnyMike uses all these social media platforms to make people laugh and spread positivity. He is committed to helping those in need, and he was seen doing nice things for his community. In September 2020, he bought new clothes and shoes for the children in his neighborhood.

Wife and children

For a long time, FunnyMike kept his personal life away from the media’s attention. He hasn’t spoken about his previous relationship before he introduced his girlfriend, Jaliyah Monet.

She’s also a YouTuber and singer, and besides her own YouTube channel entitled “Life of Jaliyah”, she has a joint channel with FunnyMike, entitled “The MJ Family”.

The two began dating sometime in 2018, and Jaliyah was often seen in FunnyMike’s YouTube videos. The two became parents for the first time in February 2019, when Jaliyah gave birth to their daughter Londyn. Their son, MacArthur Junior was born in July 2020.

On FunnyMike’s Instagram, there is a special story highlight entitled “My kids” with a heart emoji where his fans can see cute and funny videos of his children.

As of March 2023, FunnyMike and Jaliyah are raising their children together in their residence in Baton Rouge.

Interesting facts about FunnyMike

For years, FunnyMike had numerous followers online but, he was broke.

He made his acting debut playing T.J. in the 2019 comedy “I Got the Hook Up 2”, written and directed by Corey Grant. Later that year, FunnyMike had a supporting role in the drama “Twisted Ambitions”, which although having no nominations was well-rated by the audience (7.9/10).

FunnyMike loves playing video games, and there is a YouTube channel entitled “FunnyMike Gaming” on which you can watch him play.

He has another YouTube channel, under the name “FunnyMike Skits”, which has been subscribed to by over 1.5 million people.

FunnyMike has launched his newest channel “ABC Babies”, a series of innovative nursery rhymes for toddlers to learn the alphabet.

How rich is FunnyMike?

According to us.youtubers.me, FunnyMike earns around $55,000 per month from his main YouTube channel, and also has earnings from his business ventures. FunnyMike is the owner of a company called Funny Mike Entertainment that manages young influencers. It’s known that he has been investing money in properties in his hometown.

As of early 2023, his net worth has been estimated at over $3.5 million.

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