For many DIY enthusiasts, the idea of turning their passion into a full-time career seems like an unattainable dream. However, for Etta and Jon Smith, this dream became a reality. Their journey from DIY enthusiasts to the hosts of their own TV show is a true testament to the power of hard work, creativity, and determination. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the inspiring story of the Smith’s, the beginnings, background and how they turned their love for DIY into a successful business.

The couple – The Smith’s

Etta and Jon Smith are a husband and wife team who share a passion for all things DIY. They met and quickly discovered their shared love for creating and building. After college, they started a family and settled into their careers, but continued to pursue their DIY hobbies on the side. Over time, they realized that their passion for DIY was something that they wanted to pursue full-time.

Who is Etta Smith?

Etta Smith is a DIY expert, entrepreneur, and one-half of the popular couple. She grew up in a small town in the Midwest and developed a love for DIY projects from a young age. She attended college and earned a degree in design, and environmental engineering which helped her hone her skills and develop her eye for detail. After college, she worked as a designer for several years before starting her own business. She eventually met her husband Jon, and together they decided to pursue their shared love for DIY full-time.

Who is Jon Smith?

Jon Smith is a builder, entrepreneur, and DIY expert. He grew up in a family of builders and learned the ins and outs of construction from a young age. After college, he worked in construction and carpentry, and eventually started his own business. When he met his wife Etta, they quickly discovered their shared passion for DIY and decided to start their own business together.

Their beginnings in DIY

Etta and Jon’s journey into the world of DIY started as a hobby. They enjoyed creating and building things on the weekends and after work, and would often work on projects together, and it became a way for them to bond and spend time together. Over time, they became more skilled and their projects became more ambitious. They started to share their work on social media, and quickly gained a following.

Their own TV show

As their following grew, Etta and Jon realized that they had the potential to turn their passion for DIY into a full-time business. They decided to create a DIY TV show called “Jon & Etta Make It Home”, which features the couple tackling various DIY projects, from renovating homes to creating custom furniture pieces. The show quickly gained a following and became a hit among DIY Enthusiasts. For unknown reasons, the show cannot be found as it has either been canceled or had a name change.

Soon after, they became the hosts of the TV show, “Building Off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch” on the DIY channel, which focuses on their DIY efforts. The couple have a passion for sustainable living and have been living off the grid in the wilderness of Montana for over a decade. In the show, they use their skills to help families facing various homesteading challenges such as food and water shortages, shelter building, and dealing with predators. They often work with limited resources and under tight deadlines, which makes for an exciting and informative viewing experience.

They have taken on the tough task of building a ranch from scratch, off the grid. They spent the whole fall and most of winter filming the show before it aired on the DIY Network. The show follows the Smith’s as they build their bison ranch and prepare for the brutal cold ahead. They begin with building their home from scratch, adding a fence, corral and getting used to their bare amenities. Speaking on the show, Jon said, ‘We didn’t come out here to be disconnected. It was a necessity. It’s the most affordable and realistic way if you don’t inherit land and are not independently wealthy’. Luckily, they don’t live completely off the grid— they still have computers and their iPhone in case of emergencies. Unluckily, they have to travel a few miles to get cell service and can’t use the internet until they head into town. They use a generator during the day, and a battery bank at night. The couple trade services like moving cows in return forfor basic supplies and surplus food for the winter.

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‘The Smiths are the type of people to seek this life out’, says Michelle McDonald, the producer who shot the show. ‘They operate on common sense rather than rash decisions and simultaneously lunged away from society to build their own lives’. They also run their own DIY business, where they offer courses and workshops to teach others how to tackle their own DIY projects. They have also published several books on the topic, sharing their expertise and knowledge with a wider audience. Additionally, they continue to inspire and engage with their followers on social media, sharing their latest projects and offering tips and advice for those interested in DIY. They share updates on their homesteading projects, as well as tips and advice for those interested in sustainable living.

Some Interesting and Unknown facts

Etta and Jon Smith’s journey from DIY enthusiasts to the hosts of their own TV show is a story of hard work, creativity, and determination. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about the couple:

  • Etta and Jon started their DIY journey as a way to bond and spend time together. They enjoyed working on projects as a couple, and it quickly became a hobby that they were passionate about.
  • Etta and Jon have three children, and they often involve them in their DIY They believe that it’s important to teach children the value of hard work and creativity.
  • The Smiths’ DIY TV show, “Jon & Etta Make It Home,” has been on the air for several years, and has gained a large following. The show has been praised for its fun and approachable style, and is a great source of inspiration for DIY enthusiasts around the world.
  • The couple have spent years working and travelling around the world with their daughter, Sydni..
  • Although they live far from their neighbors the family aren’t quite alone, with a range of visitors from wolves to mountain lions. Yikes!

The Smith’s Online presence

Etta and Jon Smith have a strong presence online, where they share their latest DIY projects and offer advice and inspiration to their followers. They also have a popular YouTube channel, on which they share videos of their DIY projects and offer tutorials and tips for their viewers. In addition to their social media presence, they have a website on which they offer online courses, books, and other resources for their large audience.

How much are the Smith’s worth?

Although the exact net worth of Etta and Jon is not publicly known, it’s safe to say that they have built a successful and profitable business through their DIY endeavors. Some of their main sources of income include their TV show, and their highly successful DIY business. They’ve also written and published a number of books on DIY, which have been well-received by their audience. The couple also uses their large following online to endorse brands and advertise their ventures.

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