• CJ SO COOL (birth name Cordero James Brady) is a controversial social media personality and YouTube content creator.
• CJ rose to fame thanks to his prank videos and his longtime girlfriend Royalty (Charlene Young) who contributed greatly to his channel.
• CJ and Royalty welcomed twins in 2020, but announced their split in 2021 before he moved on with Tata Jimenez.
• CJ and Tata's relationship was short and tumultuous, and included a public confrontation between the pair.
• CJ's net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, and he auctioned off 35% of his future royalties for over $850,000.

Who is CJ SO COOL?

CJ SO COOL, birth name Cordero James Brady, is a controversial social media personality, who shot to fame thanks to his YouTube channel. Born on 29th March 1989, in Gary, Indiana, USA, Cordero is 5ft 11in (1.80m) tall and weighs about 155lbs (70kgs).

Cordero’s Rise to Fame

Prior to becoming an online content creator, Cordero worked as a poker, blackjack, and casino craps dealer. He launched his YouTube channel as far back 2015, and uploaded his first video, “Channel Intro”, on 16th June of the same year.

However, Cordero didn’t have much luck in gaining views and subscribers, and quickly became disheartened at his lack of success. His younger brother Anthony Brady, known online as ‘Jinx’, helped Cordero improve and change the direction of his YouTube channel.

Thanks to Jinx, Cordero soon amassed over 40,000 followers, and thanked his younger brother in a video.

Some of Cordero’s first videos included a look at his exorbitant shoe collection, live chats with his fans, or mundane vlogs of his daily life. Nevertheless, what set the YouTuber apart from the rest was his prank videos in which his family and friends dutifully participated. Despite the authenticity of Cordero’s later pranks being questioned, these hilarious videos helped Cordero become the online heavyweight he is today.

Cordero’s Personal Life

Since day one, Cordero’s longtime girlfriend Royalty, birth name Charlene Young, contributed an important part to his YouTube channel.

Together, the couple appeared to be an unstoppable duo, and their thousands of fans looked up to them and their seemingly charmed life.

Cordero was also praised for treating Charlene’s three children from a previous relationship as his own. Both parties entered the relationship with children – Cordero’s son Camari and Charlene’s kids Leonidas, Karnation, and J’Aaliyah – and were able to mesh and become a blended family. In fact, Cordero and Charlene’s fanbase, dubbed the Wolfpack and the So Cool family, are so invested in the personal lives of their idols that the children have their own mini fanbase.

Cordero and Charlene welcomed their twins Cordayah and Cordero Jr in 2020.

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Naturally, the pregnancy was a hot social media topic due to Charlene and Cordero’s fame, however….the couple shocked their fans when they announced their split in early 2021.Charlene herself livestreamed the moving out process on Instagram, and explained her side of the story to fans, while Cordero didn’t hold back and said in a video “I was about to propose. I didn’t want this to happen but it happened and it’s time for me to move on”. And move on he did: in May 2021, Cordero made things public with Tata Jimenez, aged in her early twenties and the owner of a hair salon.

Just a month later in June 2021, Cordero put Tata on blast via Instagram live, and claimed that she’d scammed and stolen from him.

She fired back, calling him a liar and saying that she didn’t know how Royalty could be with him.

Tata’s online tirade led to Cordero pulling up on her in public and – unsurprisingly – livestreaming their confrontation in which he exposed her for scamming him. Other lowlights of the brief but toxic relationship between Tata and Cordero included the moment in which she went to his house in the middle of the night and began ringing his doorbell, demanding to be let in.

Since then, Tata has been linked with YouTuber Deshae Frost. Meanwhile, Cordero surprised the world when he got back with Charlene in July 2021.

Faced with heavy criticism from fans and detractors alike, with many considering that the whole break-up and relationship with Tata was a publicity stunt on Cordero’s part, he decided to keep mum and not release a video discussing the situation until late September 2021.

The video, titled “WHY I GOT BACK WITH ROYALTY AFTER ALL THE DRAMA!”, received over half a million views in just over two weeks. In the forty-minute video, Cordero discussed how his children felt about the recent events, also commenting “I hope nobody hates me for my decisions”.

Cordero’s Scandals

Cordero and controversy seem to go hand in hand. In July 2018, YouTube banned Cordero from the platform, and Yahoo News picked up on the story, publishing an article entitled: “Who is CJ SO COOL? Awful Details About The YouTuber Accused Of Physically And Mentally Abusing His Kids For Views”.

The article described some of Cordero’s tasteless pranks, which included pretending to kill his children, and setting fireworks off while they slept. Also mentioned was one old, deleted prank in which Cordero fed his children ice-cream with laxatives and then filmed them crying and screaming.

An expert branded the videos “horrific”, and denounced the laxative prank as child abuse. A YouTube spokesperson said: “Content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us. and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content”. Nevertheless, the ban was soon lifted, and Cordero went back to his old ways.

In June 2021, Cordero was accused of mocking the death of George Floyd and other alleged police brutality victims. Videoing himself in a traffic stop, Cordero pretended to cry when a cop asked for his information, saying “Please don’t shoot me bro. I got kids”. He also said that “black people need to be nice and comply with the police”.

Cordero hit back at the claims, explaining his side of the story and the reasoning for livestreaming the incident, and appears to have remained relatively scandal-free since then, his relationship with Tata Jimenez aside.

Cordero’s Net Worth

Cordero loves flashing his expensive sports cars and designer outfits on social media to his millions of followers, but how much is he really worth? According to reliable sources, the content creator is worth an estimated $4 million, thanks to his YouTube channel and other endorsements. In late May 2021, Cordero auctioned off 35% of his future royalties for over $850,000.

To ensure transparency before the auction, Cordero showed possible investors his YouTube royalties of the past year, which amounted to $490,126. Over the years, the multi-talented family man has also dabbled in music, and released rap singles which have helped expand his fanbase and pad his bank account up.

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