• Kayla Nicole Jones, known as Nicole TV, is a YouTuber, social media star and singer from Montgomery, Alabama.
• She rose to fame after her “Ponytail Tutorial” went viral in 201•
• Her YouTube channel has over 5.4 million subscribers and 335 million views.
• She is engaged to rapper Luhkye and has a son, Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby.
• Nicole is estimated to be worth over $1.3 million.

Nicole TV Wiki Bio

Kayla Nicole Jones – aka Nicole TV – was born in Montgomery, Alabama USA, on 26 May 2001 – her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she holds American nationality. She’s a YouTuber, social media star and a singer, who became famous after her YouTube video “Ponytail Tutorial” went viral in May 2015.

Family and early life

Nicole was raised solely by her mother; when she was in 5th grade, they moved from to Sylacauga, Alabama, where according to Nicole, growing up in there was difficult, as the town is very secluded, and was riddled with racism. Her home life wasn’t perfect either, as her mother often struggled to pay bills and to make the ends meet.

As a teenager, Nicole found solace in the Internet culture, and started making YouTube videos, eventually becoming the next social media sensation. After matriculating from a local high school in 2019, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she now resides with her fiancée and their son.

Nicole TV YouTube channel

Nicole launched her YouTube channel in December 2014, uploading her first video entitled “When someone has an ugly baby” in January the following year. Two months later, she posted her “Ponytail Tutorial” video, a parody of videos made by popular beauty gurus. It quickly gained traction on Twitter and Vine too, launching the young YouTuber into stardom, and earning her a ‘meme’ status.

Nicole continued uploading short, comedic skits, such as “Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial”, “How To Get A Boyfriend” and “How to be on FLEEK” onto her channel.

In 2018, Nicole decided to make YouTube her full-time career, and started posting longer videos, including vlogs, shopping hauls and genuine beauty tutorials. Her popularity on the platform grew even more, as her fans got a chance to observe her charisma and sense of humor in a different video format, and her channel soon hit the million subscribers milestone.

Nicole went viral once again in September 2019, when an insert from one of her videos, showing her looking up and down was posted on Twitter, under the caption ‘When she don’t look like what she looks like on Instagram’.

It gained over 660,000 likes in only five days, prompting other Twitter users to make their own captions for the video.

As of October 2021, Nicole’s YouTube channel numbers more than 5.4 million subscribers, and over 335 million views. Her most popular video is still “Ponytail Tutorial”, which has been watched over 25 million times, while her other videos which have over 10 million views are more recent, such as the music video for “Move Like A Snake”, and her labor vlog.

Music career

Aside from being a social media star, Nicole is also an upcoming singer, performing under the name Kayla Nicole. She released her first song, “Clowning” on YouTube in November 2018, followed by the track “Late Nights”. Her first song to go viral was “EDIBLE”, which gained over five million views on YouTube in just a few weeks of its release.

In December 2019, Nicole released her first music video, for “Move Like A Snake”, which was filmed in a high school in Atlanta. A few days later, Nicole surprised her fans by releasing her first album, entitled “Breaking Heartbreak” and produced by Deraj Global, featuring six new songs.

Early in 2021, Nicole’s song “Bundles” became a viral hit after it was featured in numerous TikTok videos. She’s since teamed up with established rappers Soulja Boy and HXLLYWOOD to release a single “Sneaky Link 2.0”.

Presence on social media

Although Nicole became famous through YouTube, today she has an even bigger following on other social media platforms.

On TikTok, her account ‘@nicoletv’ numbers more than 8.7 million followers, and over 112 million total likes; all her videos amass millions of views. She uploads short comedic skits, similar to her old YouTube content, and also often posts cute videos featuring her baby.

Nicole is quite popular on Instagram, on which she’s known for posting glamorous pictures alongside goofy selfies and videos, with her account ‘@kaylanicolejones’ numbering more than 7.3 million followers.

She’s also one of the biggest creators on Snapchat, having more than 3.2 million subscribers on her profile. In September 2021, her comedy show “Meme Mom” premiered on the platform, and instantly became one of the biggest ‘Snapchat Originals’ series.

Love life and fiancée

Nicole is engaged to the rapper Luhkye, perhaps known best for his song “4 Pockets”. They kept their relationship private until February last year, 2020, when Luhkye posted a video featuring Nicole, revealing that the two had been dating for a while. A few months later in August, Nicole announced their engagement in an Instagram post.

On 1 February this year, Nicole gave birth to their son Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby. Initially, she hid her pregnancy from the public, as she was worried that she would be judged harshly for her decision to have a baby at a young age, but finally broke the news in a YouTube video of November 2020, when she was already seven months pregnant.

Nicole TV

Hobbies and interesting facts

She has three pet dogs, called Bella, Saint and Wa-Wa.

Following the 2020 US presidential elections, she expressed her support for the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden by posting an hilarious YouTube video of her twerking in her pajamas, while chanting ‘Go Joe Biden!’ and ‘Bounce it for Biden!’

She loves binge watching reality TV shows in her spare time, with some of her favorites being “Too Hot to Handle”, “The Circle” and “90 Day Fiancée”.

Right before announcing her pregnancy, Nicole did a promotional campaign for MAC Cosmetics.

How much does Nicole TV earn?

Nicole gets more than 5.5 million views of her YouTube channel each month, which as it’s monetized, earns her between $3 and $7 per thousand views, totaling more than $324,000 a year. Furthermore, she does sponsored posts on Instagram and Snapchat, while also including paid brand promotions in some of her YouTube videos, which contributes to her income. Given her success on social media, she was able to afford a house at the age of 19, and as of October 2021, her net worth is estimated at more than $1.3 million.

Appearance, age and measurements

Nicole is 20 years old. She has short black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), while her vital statistics are 34-26-35.

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