Noah Galuten:
• Respected chef, author and food blogger
• Born on 21st September 1982, in Santa Monica, California, USA
• Childhood spent with intellectual parents Nancy and Alby, and younger brother Jason
• Began food blog; “Man Bites World”
• Married to Iliza Shlesinger; estimated net worth of $1 million

Who is Noah Galuten?

Noah is a respected chef, author and food blogger, also known for being married to the beautiful actress and comedienne Iliza Shlesinger. Born on 21st September 1982, in Santa Monica, California, USA, Noah stands 5ft 10in (1.78m) tall, and has a healthy weight of 155lbs (70kgs).

Childhood & Education

Noah enjoyed a rich and varied childhood with his intellectual parents Nancy and Alby, who excelled in their respective career fields as a landscape designer and music producer, and his younger brother Jason, who would also go on to become a blogger. When his parents divorced in 1991, Noah and his brother went to live with their maternal grandmother, visiting their parents during holiday seasons and weekends.

His mother Nancy later remarried, and had a daughter named Gabriella Haslip. After matriculating from Santa Monica High School, Noah attended the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating with a BA degree in 2004.

Professional Life

At just 23 yeas old, Noah moved to New York and worked odd jobs while attempting to lay the foundations for a playwrighting career. However, things didn’t work out as planned, and a few months later the future celebrity moved back to California, where he decided to capitalize on his childhood love for cooking by starting a food blog.

Noah’s creation, “Man Bites World”, began picking up traction, and in late 2008 he caught the internet’s attention by allegedly visiting 102 countries in as many days to try out local cuisine in each location, and post about his experiences. In a 2009 interview, Noah explained: “My goal was to strive for authenticity, which was often difficult to gauge. I tried to get the closest I could to eating like back in the homeland”. He also shared the origins of his passion for food, saying that one of is first memories was of helping his mother make marinara sauce at the tender age of six.

Despite his travels leaving him $4,000 in debt, Noah was unconcerned and loved every moment of the experience.

Upon returning to California, the foodie began a new blog and premiered his first play, “Bermuda”, at Baltimore’s Strand Theatre, while making the most of his internet buzz and searching for other revenue streams.

TV Career

Noah made his TV debut in a 2016 episode of “Chopped”, a popular reality TV show in which celebrities show off their cooking skills, and compete for a $50,000 cash prize. His affable personality and culinary prowess wowed viewers, thus incrementing his fanbase and consolidating his position in the fine-dining industry.

Two years later, he lent his knowledge to three episodes of “Food: Fact or Fiction?”, a fascinating documentary series hosted by Michael McKean, which explores marketing ploys, publicity campaigns, and lesser-known facts about the food we consume on a daily basis. Show regulars included the self-titled “food nerd” Dan Kohler, the historian Justin Jampol, and culinary writer Kimlai Yingling. The chef has also appeared in two episodes of his wife’s podcast, “Ask Iliza Anything”, giving guests useful advice and answering their questions. Other famous faces who have previously sat down with Iliza include Emily Osment, Nia Vardalos and Jen Kirkman.

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Personal Life

Noah and Iliza first connected on a dating app in 2016, immediately hitting it off thanks to their shared values and interests, and the rest was history. Noah popped the question after steadily dating the TV presenter for a year and the couple began eagerly planning their big day. In August 2021, Iliza closed a San Antonio show in the most memorable way by announcing her pregnancy to the audience. After driving the crowd crazy at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, the comedic powerhouse shared a video of her confession on social media, instantly generating headlines and gossip articles.

Part of Iliza’s popularity is thanks her candidness when it comes to discussing sensitive topics; in 2020, the actress dedicated an episode of her podcast to talking about her miscarriage, so fans were doubly delighted when she announced her pregnancy. Funnily enough, Noah himself wasn’t the first person to find out the good news before his wife’s show. In a 2021 interview, Iliza is quoted as saying: “We found out from a test and my assistant was in the room before my husband got there… It was uncomfortable for everyone!”.


Iliza was born on 22nd February 1983, in New York City.

Her family moved to Texas shortly after the future celebrity’s birth, where she attended Greenhill School, and formed part of the improvisation team while studying at the private institute. After a brief stint performing with ComedySportz, Iliza studied at the University of Kansas before transferring to Boston’s Emerson College. The beautiful blonde chose to major in film, and joined Jimmy’s Travelling All Stars, one of the comedy sketch groups on campus. Following her graduation day, Iliza moved to L.A and dabbled in stand-up comedy with the city’s Whiteboy Comedy group. She won MySpace’s “So You Think You’re Funny” contest in 2007, and made history by becoming the first woman to win the sixth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, after sailing through the crucial elimination rounds.

Other projects over the years include her co-starring role in “Paradise”, her late-night show “Truth & Iliza” which ran for six episodes on the cable channel Freeform, and her 2017 book “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity”.

Net Worth

Reliable sources confirm that Noah is worth over $1 million. It’s believed that the foodie currently works for the prestigious Golden State Restaurant Group, and is in charge of overseeing operations at several Bludso’s Bar & Que branches. Meanwhile, Iliza has an estimated net worth of close to $7 million, thanks to her work as a producer, actress, and television host. A large chunk of her fortune comes from her lucrative Netflix deals, as some of her stand-up specials such as “Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial” and “Confirmed Kills” are only available via the streaming giant.

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