• Garrett Watts is a famed American YouTuber born in 1989, who owns a self-titled channel.
• He is active in Marvel, X-Men and Harry Potter franchises.
• He has a strange pet taste and keeps several pet mice.
• He sources his revenue primarily through his thriving YouTube career and is worth close to $600,000.
• He is openly gay and was previously dating Shane Dawson.

Known to many for his astounding sense of humour and funny character, Garrett Watts is a famed American YouTuber who owns a self-titled channel, on which he posts DIY videos. Besides his Funny or Die channel that has many followers, he amassed an immense following on Vine.

Age, Early Life, Education Background

Garrett celebrates his birthday on 15 June being born under the Gemini zodiac sign in Memphis, Tennessee in 1989, which makes him 32 years old as of 2021. He is the son of Linda Watts, who worked as a private investigator and her husband Randy Watts, a writer and author and was raised alongside his elder brother Andrew, who is now a law enforcement officer, and his sister Marianne, who works as a make-up artist.

Watts went to Mesa High School – however, he was found to have broken the school’s rules when he carried a weapon to school, which saw him expelled. He then enrolled in Arizona’s Mountain View High School, from where he matriculated in 2007. He later went to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and graduated with a film-making degree after completing his studies at Mesa Community College.

Hobbies and Interesting Facts

Garrett’s online presence and wide following proves that he is a very sociable person; he is a big fan of “Marvel,” “X Men,” and the “Harry Potter” franchise. His obsession with the latter led him to make wands during his woodwork junior high school classes, which got him suspended as his class teacher thought that it was a weapon.

He loves dolls, and shares his home with Tyler and Benjamin the Doll.

Watts is physically active and enjoys playing basketball when he is free.

He has a strange pet taste, as he keeps several pet mice, and once posted a video baking a cake for them.


Before starting his career on YouTube, Garrett did many different jobs including working as an attendant at Aroma Tea & Coffee Company, event planner, SKM Entertainment’s DJ, and several other occupations as revealed when he was interviewed by Insider. He stated that ‘I’ve done everything possible before I joined YouTube, which I really appreciate about myself. Because I see some of these kids who are very young on YouTube … I always want to shake them and just be like “Go live your life, do something else before all this stuff happens.”‘

He began working in films soon after he graduated, and was hired by Nigel Lythgoe Productions in 2011; the company was created by film and TV shows producer Nigel Lythgoe, popular for being a judge of “So You Think You Can Dance” reality show, as well as producing “American Idol.” He was a casting co-ordinator, a role he held for 12 months before turning his attention to the Vine social media platform, on which he became very popular.

The following years saw him joining YouTube, and was seen posting captivating content and expressed his creativity with great prowess. He entertained his subscribers with sketch comedy, challenges, and vlogs – he also collaborated with several other YouTubers including Shane Dawson.

Garrett was encouraged to create his YouTube channel by his close friends including Andrew Siwicki and after he did so, he uploaded his first video “Coco Goes to Target” in 2014 and later on “Coco Goes to Walgreen”, but the videos didn’t attract many viewers since he was new on the platform. However, he continued to post more videos tirelessly, and eventually accumulated millions of followers. Watts made a series of funny videos under the “Will It Combo,” in which he combined sweet and salty food including nachos and ice cream. He took a long break from YouTube in 2019, but has continued entertaining his fans with his sought-after content since making his comeback.

Garrett Watts

He is active on other social media platforms such as Instagram (garrett_watts), and uses the highly followed platform with more than two million fans) to reach out to his fans – he previously communicated to his fans informing them that he was going to be a third wheel and would drop $230 on Vegas’ Willy Wonka slots machine. He was shortly afterward seen in a photo, uploaded by his friends in August 2018, which was captioned with a message that they had lost. He is ceaselessly seen on TikTok, and is fond of posting astonishing recordings. He is active on Twitter too, and uses his handle to promote his vlogs as well as sharing his day-to-day endeavors.

Personal Life

Watts is openly gay, and was previously dating Shane Dawson, whom he met on the Tinder dating app in 2016. He celebrates being gay on his social media handles, and is regularly seen posting gay-related content on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Garrett revealed that his boyfriend Shane was his greatest inspiration when it came to creating a YouTube channel, and was seen in most of his (Shane’s) videos, which captured the attention of his fans. The duo parted ways shortly after their friendship turned into a bromance, but have remained close friends up to date.

Watts recently wished him a happy birthday in July 2018 through a post, which he captioned revealing how much he loved him and confessed that he was very grateful for him, and went on to encourage his fans to show him some love because he deserved it, especially on his birthday.

Before he’d discovered his real nature and dated Shane, Garrett was romantically linked with Colleen Evanson, who is a TV writer, and uploaded several videos with her when they were dating.  He has been dating guys only since they parted ways.

Garrett’s close friends describe him as a very smart person who remains focused on achieving his goals – he is an honest and transparent guy, who doesn’t shy away from expressing himself openly.

He shares a close friendly relationship with several YouTubers, such as Andrew Siwicki – there were rumors on the internet that they are dating, and that they live together, but he hasn’t confirmed the allegations. When Insider asked him why he tends to appear a little bit eccentric during an interview, he said that ‘Other people’s expectations cannot get you anywhere, actually, they will lead you down a very dark road…” He is non-conforming and chaotic by nature, and his fans love him for his uniqueness. He is currently living in his small apartment, which has a garden in Los Angeles, where he moved when he joined university.

Height, Weight, Appearance

Garrett is a very tall YouTuber whose height is 6ft 4ins (1.94m), and weighs approximately 187lbs (85kg). The Memphis-born YouTuber has blue eyes with short light brown hair. He is fond of wearing glasses, which are now his trademark, and also likes wearing sneakers, jeans, socks, and colorful T-shirts. His chest, waist, and bicep sizes are 43, 32 and 14 ins respectively.

Net Worth

Garrett sources his revenue primarily through his thriving YouTube career. The American has landed several sponsorship deals, and signed contracts with several notable brands including 5Star Energy drink and Audible. He also earns from his Instagram sponsored posts,  estimated to be around $100,000 per year. According to sources, he is worth close to $600,000 as of 2021.

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