Mallory 'Molly' Gulley:
• Gained attention in late 2020s by being part of JJ Da Boss' crew in "Street Outlaws: Memphis"
• JJ treated her like his own daughter, and she quickly rose to fame due to her attractiveness and talent
• Left the show after season 4 and returned to her family business, Gulley Bail Bonds
• Uploads educational videos to YouTube about fugitives running from the police
• Enjoys taking pictures with her female friends, but is single and has no boyfriend

Mallory ‘Molly’ Gulley first obtained the world’s attention in the late 2020’s, by participating in the world-renowned spin-off of one of Discovery Channel’s most prominent TV shows – “Street Outlaws: Memphis.” She joined as part of JJ Da Boss’ crew, which appears to be the only true competitor to Big Chief’s versatile and experienced group of racers.

Being one of JJ Da Boss’ favorites, she quickly rose into the limelight to the surprise of many fans around the world, as she was deemed both attractive and talented for drag racing, which is by all means a rarity in the automotive world. JJ treated Mallory like his own daughter throughout her entire stay in the show, causing the audience to never be able to get quite enough of her on the screen.

Toe to toe with the Boss

One of the many reasons why Molly is beloved by the fans is her great racing potential that JJ would always point out in spite of her reservations to actually engage in proper racing. Her trusty vehicle named Ugly Duck also has its own chunk of fame, and the other members of JJ’s crew were never reluctant to bet on it once the track begins to heat up.

However, due to her humble nature and general anxiety, Molly would always doubt herself and engage the activity with a lot of self-doubt. One such example took place in 2020, at which point she sat in her car timidly while JJ immediately appeared to voice his support, saying ‘Let’s do your thing Molly, ain’t nobody but you. You ain’t gonna burn out.’

The issue appeared to be that Mallory wasn’t keeping the gas pedal pressed, which obviously deteriorated her performance. JJ said ‘The only thing Molly is slipping on is her burnouts. Once she masters that, she is gonna be as good as anybody.’ To lift her spirits and ensure she does her job well, JJ simply told her to ‘hold it to the floor, don’t let the gas off ‘til you pass me.’

The pressure seemed to be mounting either way, however, with Molly stating ‘I’m running two races tonight, one in my Ugly Duck, but the first is gonna be in Ziptie. To be honest, I’m not near as confident in Ziptie as I am in my car. JJ says my burnouts aren’t very good in Ziptie.’ Near the start of the race, Gulley still wasn’t doing her best, so JJ approached again and exclaimed ‘Try to hold it down further, or you ain’t gonna get out of the water.’

Molly then personally explained why this lesson is important, stating ‘Burnouts play a major factor in street racing, because you gotta get your tires hot so they can grip through, and in Ziptie, since it works so good on the street, it’s really hard to get the tires spinning.’

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Still, she faced a much bigger challenge not long after that, when the producers decided that she had to race JJ Da Boss according to the schedule they devised. The news came as a shock to his whole crew, and especially the leader himself, who never expected to face off against someone he was trying to encourage.

He said ‘Up next is me racing Molly and the Ugly Duck. I had rather race anyone on the property than race one of my MSO (Memphis Street Outlaws) family members, but we gotta do it.’ JJ added that it made little difference to him whether a member of his group was racing against him or not, as he was going to ensure that each and every MSO personality gets the optimal vehicle treatment.

Hence, he instantly started working on Molly’s car and improving it so that it could potentially get first place. To that end, he added ‘Even though I’m racing Molly, in Old Heavy, I’m gonna make sure that she has the right tune and that she can win. Win, lose or draw, I don’t care, as long as MSO wins.’

As he gave her car its most optimal setup and went out of the driver’s seat, JJ told Molly ‘Let’s do it. Run it. Drive it. Drive your best. Do whatever you think you wanna do. Don’t worry about you racing me. You’re like, I ain’t even over there. You do exactly what you were born to do. Race. Let’s do it.’

Having been encouraged by her mentor, Molly gave her thoughts to the filming crew, stating ‘So, second round, I drew JJ in Old Heavy, I know this is probably gonna be the toughest race I’ve ever raced, because I know I’ll have to be super fast. I know I can’t pedal. If I pedal, he’s gonna beat me, ‘cause I know that he’s fast.’

Riding the wave

Mallory was introduced to the world of motorsports at a very young age thanks to her father Kenneth Gulley, who owns the Gulley Garage in Arkansas. She had spent a great deal of time roaming around the premises and looking at all the mechanical bits strewn around the tables, marveling at the engineering of drag race cars.

There were no “Street Outlaws” on TV back when Molly was a child, so she had to go watch the real thing in order to sate her appetite for speed. Having seen many a race by the time she was just about ready for the entertainment industry, Gulley had developed a hunger for being on the track itself as the one controlling the roaring pile of metal hurling down the asphalt at unthinkable speeds.

Fortunately for Mallory, her senior had a connection in the racing business – JJ himself. It was thus no surprise when the video entitled “J J DA BOSS HOW MALLORY GULLEY GOT HER WINGS” was uploaded on 15 February 2020, in which the future star is seen sitting in a luxury sports car with JJ and going for a test drive.

Da Boss teases the audience commenting on the livestream by saying ‘Nah, I ain’t got no big heart. My partner Kenneth Gulley told me he gon’ pay me to teach her to be a street racer. She might not have it though, I don’t know, we’re just about to see.’

This car was only the first part of her tryout according to the mentor, who instructed her on how to treat the test track, adding ‘Just like you gon’ street race somebody, see what you got here, and then we gon’ get in a 70-mile Chevelle, see what you know. We gonna see the difference, see everything. Show us what you got.’

After about 10 minutes of driving around in different cars, JJ concludes his positive verdict and gives Molly a piece of advice, explaining ‘If you’re gonna be a street racer, then you’re gonna have to learn how to shift the gears, you’re gonna have to learn how to style it up, you’re gonna have to do it, if you’re a street racer.’

JJ obviously took her under his wing not long after, bringing her to into the spotlight of the MSO crew and right into the hearts of his fans all over the planet. Even though Mallory had a great time filming the fourth season, she for some reason decided to discontinue her presence in “Street Outlaws: Memphis,” and was thus nowhere to be seen in season five.

The outraged viewers started asking questions and scouring the internet for any clues as to what exactly went so wrong that Molly had to just up and leave, but they were in for yet another surprise. It turns out nothing went wrong at all, but Mallory simply seems to have gotten all the fame and recognition she wanted, now seeking the same success in another area of expertise.

Hunting bounties

While her father does own a garage, that’s not the family’s main line of work. Their business is actually called Gulley Bail Bonds, whose owner and CEO is Kenneth as well. Molly initially didn’t seem wooed by the idea of paperwork and taking risks for assumed felons, so she remained reluctant for a long time.

It looks filming for “Street Outlaws: Memphis” made her much more willing to take risks, since in just half a year following her debut in the series, Mallory went back to her roots and became a full-time employee of her father’s bail bonds company.

This business can be highly lucrative depending on the area it’s located in, with an average abundance of felons bringing insignificantly more money than the lack thereof. The bail bondsman instantly charges 10% of the bailout fee imposed by the court, during which time the defendant is free to move around but still required to be present at all court proceedings and not try to escape the country.

In the case of someone violating any of these conditions, the bail bondsman is expected to pay the full amount owed to the state, thus ensuring that at least the government gets its due in the worst possible circumstances. These simple rules allow many pre-trial offenders to get back to their normal lives after being arrested for only 10% of what they’re actually supposed to pay in order to be outside.

Molly’s sister Natalie had been in the family business for a long time before her sibling joined, helping her learn the ropes and taking the venture to new heights with much-needed twin-like energy that makes them stand out from the competition.

Mallory’s YouTube channel is used exclusively for uploading educational videos that address fugitives who run the police, giving the audience advice what not to do in a similar situation. One such video, and her most popular so far, with over 10,000 views, shows the family trying to find a young African-American suspect whose bail money they were in the process of having to relinquish as the defendant had skipped the trial altogether and began hiding.

They eventually traced him down to a run-of-the-mill motel, in which he was hiding from both the bail bondsmen and the authorities. After a few unsuccessful attempts at entering the suspect’s room, coupled with multiple threats that he’s going to call the police and report the group of harassing him, Molly and the team gave up on trying to reason with him.

They instead let the suspect call the police, knowing full well what was about to happen. This is the main reason for the views, as the video is entitled “FUGITIVE CALLS THE COPS ON HIMSELF.”

As can be inferred, he was recognized as a wanted criminal and thus immediately brought into custody by the authorities, after which the Mallories tried their best to push the court into giving the bail amount back to the family, who had no fault in the conscious and planned escape of an adult man.

Although it’s not really common for bail bondsmen to be recompensed in full for the money they lost due to an irresponsible customer, it’s still a regular business practice to try and do exactly that.

Living the life

Aside from that, it looks like her Instagram is full of great pastime activity posts, potentially showing Molly’s rather more lackadaisical overall nature. Her picture with two other girls bearing the description of ‘last minute concerts are always a good idea!’ is one such example, although Molly’s favorite place for having her picture taken is either a boat or a beach.

She has also garnered significant attention from the male side of the audience over the years, some of which is undoubtedly owed to a rather attractive figure, prompting many to wonder whether the automotive industry star is anywhere near walking down the aisle with an appropriate man.

Some will be disappointed to find out that Mallory isn’t even close to having an even remotely similar plan in early 2023, since she has no boyfriend to speak of, and only takes pictures with her female friends, meaning she is either single or just quite talented at keeping her private life out of the media.

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