• Jesse Belle Deutschendorf is the daughter of late American singer-songwriter and actor John Denver.
• She was born in Aspen, Colorado USA, on 18 May 1989, and holds American nationality.
• Jesse is a painter, handmade crystal jewelry designer and snowboarder.
• She is married to Eli LeGate, with whom she doesn’t have children.
• Her father John Denver died in a plane crash in 1997, and had close to 3,000 hours of piloting experience.

Who is Jesse Belle Deutschendorf?

Jesse was born in Aspen, Colorado USA, on 18 May 1989 – her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she holds American nationality. She’s probably only known for being the daughter of the late American singer-songwriter and actor John Denver.

Early life and education

Jesse was raised in Aspen by her father and her mother Cassandra Delaney, who’s a famous Australian actress, with two half-siblings, Zachary John and Anna Kate, from her father’s first marriage with Annie Martell.

Jesse was a highly active child, as she took on various sports at a very early age. She was only four when she started dancing, then began taking acting lessons a year later.

She became interested in sports upon enrolling at a private high school in 2003, and apparently played both volleyball and soccer. Jesse matriculated in 2007, and even though she hasn’t spoken of her further education, it’s believed that she attended college, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2011.

Jesse’s career

Jesse hasn’t shared many details concerning her career with the public, but it’s known that she’s today working as a painter, and that she’s a handmade crystal jewelry designer.

Love life and husband

Jesse prefers to keep details of her love life to herself, but it’s still widely known that she’s today a married woman.

She and Eli LeGate exchanged vows at John Denver Sanctuary on 27 September 2019, in front of their closest friends and family members; Eli prefers to stay away from the media’s attention, but it’s widely believed that he’s a businessman. They don’t have children together, and while some people think that this is because they both want to focus on their careers, others claim that one of the two (or both) is perhaps infertile; these rumors haven’t been addressed by either Jesse nor Eli.

Jesse hasn’t spoken of any other men whom she has perhaps been with, and as of December 2021, she’s married to Eli LeGate and doesn’t have children.

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Hobbies and other interests

Jesse’s favorite season is winter, as she’s an avid snowboarder and skier. Many pictures uploaded onto her Instagram account feature her snowboarding with her husband, and she’s amassed close to 1,000 followers on the network. She also likes summer, mostly because she enjoys playing beach volleyball and soccer.

Jesse’s into travelling, and has been all around the US, mostly thanks to her late father’s wealth. She has also visited a couple of European countries, such as Italy and Germany.

She’s an animal lover, and enjoys painting them.

Jesse likes to watch movies late at night, and her favorite actor and actress are Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, while a couple of her favorite movies include “The Sleepers”, “Taxi Driver” and “Les Miserables”.

She’s also into reading books, and her favorite author is Guillaume Musso, while some of her favorite books include “Central Park”, “The Reunion” and “Where Would I Be Without You?”

Age, height and net worth

Jesse’s age is 32. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 6ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs).

As of December 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $300,000, while her father’s net worth at the time of his death, was reputedly over $60 million.

Who is her father John Denver?

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr, known better as John Denver, was born in Roswell, New Mexico USA, on 31 December 1943 – his zodiac sign was Capricorn, and he held American nationality. He was highly popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and was rated amongst the most loved entertainers in those two decades.

John was raised in Roswell alongside his brother Ron, by their father Captain Henry John ‘Dutch’ Deutschendorf Sr. who was a US Army Air Force pilot, and their mother Erma Louise (nee Swope) who was a housewife; John’s father died in 1982, aged 62, and his mother passed away in 2010, aged 88.

The family often moved while John was growing up, mostly because of his father’s job; John attended several high schools, eventually matriculating from Arlington Heights High School in 1961.

He was 11 years old when his grandmother bought him his first acoustic guitar, and in the following 10 years, John learned to play it so well that he started performing at clubs and bars. He soon changed his last name to ‘Denver’ and enrolled at Texas Tech University, but dropped out after two years to focus on becoming a famous singer. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1963, and sang all around the city, but his debut album “Rhymes & Reasons” was released in 1969, under RCA Records; his two following albums “Take Me to Tomorrow” and “Whose Garden Was This” were both released in 1970.

He became a star in the US after his fourth album, “Poems, Prayers & Promises” was released in 1971, while its single “Take Me Home, County Roads” became a hit. During the ‘70s, John was invited to appear in various shows, including “The Muppet Show”, and he often performed in the UK, although he claimed that he didn’t have a large fanbase there; he had also launched his acting career in the ‘70s, appearing in the episode “The Colorado Cattle Caper” of the police series “McCloud”, and the 1977 comedy movie “Oh, God!”

He was more focused on politics than on music in the ‘80s, and wasn’t satisfied with the Reagan administration; John was still active in Reagan’s campaign against hunger, and was for his work awarded The Presidential World Without Hunger Award. John also battled to expand the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and opposed oil drilling there.

He was the narrator of the 1990 documentary environmental show “In Partnership With Earth”, and published his autobiography “Take Me Home” in 1994. Not long before his death, John released his children’s train album “All Aboard!” in August 1997.

He married his first wife Annie Martell in 1967, and after they divorced in 1982 and their property was divided, John nearly choked her, and cut their marital bed with a chainsaw. He was married to his second wife, Jesse’s mother Cassandra Delaney, from 1991 to 1993.

He died in a plane crash on 12 October 1997, when his homebuilt plane Rutan Long-EZ which he was piloting crashed into Monterey Bay. John had close to 3,000 hours of piloting experience, but wasn’t allowed to fly as his license was suspended because of his alcohol addiction; there was a suspicion that he actually took his own life..

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