• Kylin Kalani is a rising social media star and catwalk model of Korean-American descent.
• She has worked with brands such as Chic NYC and modelled at New York Fashion Week and Detroit Fashion Week.
• Kylin has pursued music and film, releasing singles and appearing in the movie "The 9th Raider".
• She enjoys golf, fitness, yoga, and taking care of her hair.
• Kylin's net worth is estimated at over $500,000 thanks to her modelling work and Patreon donations.

Who is Kylin Kalani?

Kylin Kalani is a rising social media star and catwalk model of Korean-American descent, who is best known for her TikTok videos. Born on 30th December 2005, Kylin is 5ft 7in (1.70m) tall and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 32-35-33. Despite her young age, Kylin has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world.

Kylin’s Modelling Career

Kylin began modelling at a very young age, and never looked back. Brands that the teenager has worked for include Chic NYC – Kylin’s first catwalk for the fashion house was in summer 2019 when she was just thirteen.

In February 2020, Kylin modelled at New York Fashion Week for the first time, which helped her gain traction and prestige in the industry. The teen also built a close working relationship with fashion program Rising Fashion Official, and is the star model of the show. Available to watch on Apple TV and other streaming platforms, the show has over 80,000 followers, and is on the way to helping Kylin become a household name.

June 2021 saw Kylin take Detroit Fashion Week by storm, when she wore a custom dress by designer Ruben Osbaldo for the Walk Fashion Show.

A month later, she modeled every day at Miami Swim Week for multiple designers, including Eight Swimwear, Shinelai Design, and Jacque Designs Swimwear. Kylin had a great time at Miami and has spoken about her experience during that week.

Kylin’s Music & Film Career

Almost all of Kylin’s fans know her for her fierce catwalk strut and flawless modeling pics, but she has two other passions: music and film. To date, the adolescent has only appeared in one movie, “The 9th Raider”, from which she began posting behind the scenes snaps in early 2021. Slated for release in late 2021, the movie is set in 2037, in the aftermath of eight apocalyptic events which have left few survivors.

As for music, some of Kylin’s singles include “The Christmas Song”, released in December 2020., and a month later, she wrote and recorded an original song with help from her music producer Andrew Lane and uploaded a snippet onto Instagram, to the delight of her followers. In February 2021, Kylin released another single, entitled “In Between”, and was praised by her fans, although some advised her to be more original.

Just a month later, she gushingly told her Instagram followers about something “SO exciting” that happened to her a day prior, stating that it was “a once in a lifetime thing” – the event was that a prestigious movie director and acting coach approached her and her mother by chance, claiming that Kylin had “the ‘it’ factor” necessary to work with him.

Thanks to the chance encounter, Kylin received a script from the director, and joined his exclusive classes along with other lucky students.

Be it in music, fashion, or film, Kylin is onviously determined to get her name out there and climb to the top, whatever it takes. Spurred on by her ambitious mother Jane, who is her number-one fan, the teen has made great strides in her career despite being so young.

Kylin’s Personal Life

Kylin’s Instagram feed is surprisingly devoid of snaps with friends; instead, the teen prefers to keep things businesslike, and almost all of her posts see her modeling or doing interviews.

Kylin Kalani

However, the young model does let fans get an occasional glimpse of her life behind the scenes, and we’ve found out what her favorite hobbies are.

Golf, fitness and yoga are amongst the youngster’s interests, and her posts doing these activities garner thousands of likes and comments without fail. Kylin also loves to take care of her hair, and can often be spotted in the stylist’s chair getting her luscious locks ready before a catwalk show. Last but not least, Kylin is an avid animal lover, who frequently poses with her cute Pomeranian, Marshmallow.

As for Kylin’s love life, there’s no information in that aspect because the model is incredibly private despite putting almost everything else on the internet. It seems that for now, Kylin at age 15 has decided to focus on her career, and put dating on the backburner.

Online Controversy

The rise of Kylin’s fame has brought with it numerous articles and think pieces questioning the morality of her modelling career. As far back as 2019, one Reddit user asked: “Why are there child models on Instagram?” and cited Kylin as an example. At the time, Kylin was just 13 years old and had over 250,000 followers, the majority being older men.

One Reddit user added that Kylin’s mother Jane had posted her total number of Patreon subscribers.

With over 1100 patrons averaging at $18 per monthly subscription, Kylin was earning almost $240,000 a year at the tender age of thirteen, without factoring in her catwalk shows. Most users who participated in the thread agreed that Jane was capitalizing on her daughter’s social media fame and good looks.

There’s been plenty of controversy around teen models, such as Israel-born Sofia Mechetner, who modelled for Christian Dior in sheer clothing at the age of fourteen, especially with the popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok, which are geared towards a young audience.

There are also doubts regarding the demographic of Kylin’s anonymous patrons who pay up to hundreds a dollar a year for her exclusive content, which includes daily vlogs and music videos. Nonetheless, Kylin herself has said nothing on the subject, and her parents are also choosing to stay silent.

Kylin’s Net Worth

Reliable sources state that Kylin’s net worth is estimated at over $500,000 as of late-2021, thanks to her modelling work and Patreon donations.

Although the figure might appear outlandish, the numbers back it up, especially taking into account the youngster’s staggering number of monthly Patreon subscribers. At $75, Kylin’s ‘Diamond Donor’ packet is her most expensive Patreon tier, and despite her popularity waning somewhat since summer 2019 when she had almost a thousand monthly subscribers, many fans around the world still eagerly tune in for her content.

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