Zach Roloff and his wife Tori, alongside their three children, made a big decision in 2021 and left the life at Roloff Farms they knew and loved. His fans were worried by Zach’s choice, and many disliked the abrupt decision, as it affected their choice of property. However, they changed their minds after they saw the smiles on family faces in frequent social media posts. However, although they claimed that the house was already nearly perfect, Zach and Tori invested in constructing additional sections to the home, and celebrated a potential future business opportunity in late March 2023. Here’s what they decided to add and why.

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Zach moved his family to Washington State, in 2021

Tori and Zach stunned many viewers of “Little People, Big World” on 14 October 2021, revealing that they’d closed on a 3,300sqft or 306,5m² home in Battle Field, Washington State, USA. While there was a family dispute over the ownership of Roloff Farms, Zach had worked on the family farm since childhood. He met Tori there in 2010, married her in 2015, and was raising their two children, a son named Jackson and a daughter named Lilah. He also planned to buy his mother’s farm portion and build a life there.

However, his father’s apparent greed put off the couple, and they called the farm ‘no longer a place of joy.’ Moreover, they announced a pregnancy loss in March 2021, which may have sped up their decision, as they looked for a change of scenery. Expectedly, Tori and Zach shared many heartfelt and joyous moments in the new home since then, including having their third child, son Josiah Luke Roloff, on 30 April 2022. They also endured some sad ones, such as when he had emergency brain surgery in February 2023, making the home a crucial place of recovery.

Zach’s failed to purchase a portion of Roloff Farms

It seems that Zach decided to move away from his family a few months before the home’s purchase, since there were no indicators, quite the opposite. He wanted to buy the northern part of Roloff Farms, which his parents co-owned before Amy sold it to Matt, which was the topic of the show’s 22nd season.

Although he delayed the buyout discussion because a long-term farm employee needed the housing for a few months, the deal eventually fell through. His father listed the property for $4 million in May 2022, failed to sell it, then partnered with iTrip Vacations, focusing on vacation home rentals, helping Matt turn the residential part of Roloff Farms into an Airbnb-style property.

He relocated unexpectedly

Zach spurned any further options to stay, nearly cutting ties with his father. Fans realized the decision was abrupt because the new home in Battle Field needed the curb appeal his Oregon home had; it was also less luxurious than their 2,600sqft or 241,5m² home in Portland. The Portland house had a two-car garage, a big front porch, and details such as wooden molding and Brazilian hardwood floors in the elegant kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom. His step-father, Chris Marek, thought the same when he visited in a May 2022 episode but admitted it had a good floor plan and room for expansion.

Zach and Tori answered all of the viewers’ concerns, saying they had many memories in their ‘sweet, cozy, unique and very green house in Portland’ but still wanted to share ‘all the madness with everyone,’ meaning they were not quitting the show. Ultimately, Zach wished to escape the family drama and Matt’s controlling personality as soon as possible. He also likely thought the long-term stress had contributed to his wife’s miscarriage a few months before.

Zach purchased his new home for almost $1 million

Uncertainty turned to happiness, and after the family moved, Tori concluded that sometimes ‘things work out for the better’. Additionally, the couple didn’t sell their Portland home, which they bought in May 2018 for $560,000, and it was only a 50-minute drive from their new one. They listed it for sale at $699,000 on 15 October 2021 but seemingly backed out.

That was different from what they did in the past; they sold the previous three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for $382,500 to fund the new purchase. Thus, viewers estimate that Zach paid nearly $1 million for the new home after years of saving. He had a likely six-figure TV show salary and worked at Roloff Farms as a tour guide for Golden Pass Private Tours, worth $300 per ticket. He also had a business license for the United States Dwarf Futbol Association in Oregon, which he used to organize dwarf soccer tournaments since October 2019. Zach was last seen during a December 2022 tournament, but the state dissolved his license in early 2023 because he didn’t file an earnings report for 2022.

Zach is improving the family home

Although Tori and Zach called their Washington home ‘a little slice of heaven,’ it’s smaller, with only four bedrooms and three bathrooms. However, it’s in the countryside and has two acres of land, which their previous house lacked. It also has a long concrete driveway with a garage entrance off to the side instead of parallel to the door. However, Zach indirectly revealed that the family might plant grass wherever dirt is visible, to look more in tune with the surrounding nature, like their previous driveway.

On that note, Zach and Tori frequently reply to intriguing fan inquiries on Instagram. On one occasion, they revealed that one of the crucial reasons for choosing this home was its ability to accommodate Zach as a person with achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism. At the time of purchase, two of their children had the condition, and their son Josiah Luke was also diagnosed in May 2022. Therefore, buying a house accessible to all family members was the right move.

Zach added a new floor and is building a shop in March 2023

The family only offhandedly mentioned the progress on their new home. That could be because they thought it needed minor adjustments and were saving money after their finances took a $1 million hit. However, things changed in early 2023, since the family seemed excited to significantly tweak their home. An emergency shunt revision foiled Zach’s construction plans in February 2023, and he took a break to recover.

However, the construction was back on track in late March 2023. After viewers asked questions, Tori took pictures of the property, showing the roof removed and a second floor being built. Although the crew only placed wall beams, the second floor was accessible, and Zach took the chance to get some physical activity, climbing the stairs which his children.

Moreover, she shared a picture of a concrete foundation with wall beams near the home and explained they were building a shop. Shops are usually small stores with a single type of goods in the US, but the family needed to clarify what they plan to sell. They may also use it as a shed or storage space; things are rapidly developing now that Zach feels better. The social media post following the house project reveal proved it; it showed Zach on his first outing with his children after the operation.

Zach and Tori may become farm owners

Also, when Amy and Chris visited their home a year earlier, Zach told them they had just obtained a chicken coop. He insinuated that he got it so that his kids could grow up surrounded by animals. After all, their Bernese Mountain Dog Sully, whom they jokingly called “Inspector Sullivan,” passed away from cancer in 2017 at 3. They acquired another Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Murphy, whom they called “Murphmonster,” in July 2018. Therefore, the scarce social media reveals only show the beginning of their plans. They might build a farm and monetize visits, as Zach’s father does, or do standard agricultural or animal farm activities. Either way, they should be able to support themselves once the show goes off the air.

The family will stay in Washington

Viewers suspected TLC might not renew “Little People, Big World” because the family is physically and emotionally split. Even if they did, Zach and Tori, like his siblings Molly and Jeremy, live separate lives away from Roloff Farms, and may not return. Even Jacob, the only kid working with his dad, stays away from the spotlight. He married Isabel Sofia Rock in September 2019, became a father to son Mateo in December 2021, and could move on.

Although the couple’s exit from the show seemed improbable, things changed after they moved to Washington. For one, the construction work is picking up speed and will continue throughout April. Since fans spotted a boom mic in one picture, this is likely the focus of their segments in season 25. Although rushed, to a degree the couple must have planned to shell out over $950,000 for a home.

We have yet to see what Zach is building

Although the family home is taking a new shape, Tori and Zach are silent about short or long-term goals. Based on current information, they are constructing a farm, expanding to house their five-member family as their children grow up, or creating a rental space on the second floor of their home. They also visited their friends at Lee Farms Market in Tualatin, Oregon, in early April 2023, perhaps to draw inspiration and get advice on daily operations.

Tori and Zach may also quit their show after the 25th season, judging by her cryptic Instagram post on 31 March 2023. She explained they would ‘do new things together, but say goodbye to the things they have done forever’, and that the upcoming summer will bring a lot of growth.

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