Who is Park Solomon?

Park Solomon is an Uzbek-born South Korean actor, probably best known to the world as Yoon Si Wan in the TV series “Lookout” (2017), and as Ji Hoon in the TV series “Sweet Revenge” (2017-2018), among several other notable roles that he has secured so far in his career.

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Park Solomon Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Park Solomon was born on 11 November 1999 in Uzbekistan. He hasn’t talked much about his family and upbringing, as a result, there’s no information about his parents, their names and vocations, nor whether he has any siblings or not. However, according to some sources, Solomon’s father is a wealthy real estate investor.

He lived in Uzbekistan for the first few years of his life, after which he moved to Russia with his family. However, they eventually moved to Seoul, South Korea, where Park began attending the prestigious Apgujeong High School, which costs $200,000 annually. While in high school, he also attended Mandarin lessons.

As he discovered his interest in acting, he joined Sidus HQ, an established talent management agency in South Korea. He studied acting under Ahn Hyuk Mo but later switched to join Big Smile Entertainment.

Career Beginnings

Park launched his acting career in 2014, by appearing in one episode of the critically acclaimed TV fantasy romance drama series “Bride of the Century”, about a woman Choi Kang-soon who falls in love with another man while being betrothed to a wealthy and powerful man, starring Jin-Sung Yang, Hong-ki Lee, and Jung-Hee Nam.

The same year, the young star featured in the TV family romance-drama series “Four Legendary Witches”, with Han Ji-hye, Ha Seok-jin, Go Doo-shim, and Oh Hyum-Kyung in the lead roles, about four women who start their own bakery but face stiff competition from a Korean bakery conglomerate.

The following year, Solomon was seen in his film debut as Yoon Chan in “The Empty Home”. The same year, he portrayed a character named Ji-gu in the film “Earth to the Galaxy”, and featured in the TV series “Doctors”.

Rise to Prominence

In 2016, Park secured his first major role as PZ3000 in the sci-fi horror film “Horror Stories III”, with Ji An, Ji-Yeon Cha, and Jo Han-Chul as the main stars. The film follows a girl from mars who seeks refuge from humans at a place run by androids. The same year, Solomon featured in the TV series “Shopping King Louie”.

However, the following year, Park secured another major role, as Yoon Si Wan in the critically acclaimed action series “Lookout”, about a group of people who join together to enforce justice on people who committed crimes on their loved ones but haven’t been punished, starring Kim Sun-young, Kim Young-Kwang, and Lee Si-young. He starred in 22 episodes of the popular series, which only increased his wealth and popularity.

Next, in the same year he starred as Ji Hoon in the TV comedy fantasy-mystery series “Sweet Revenge”, starring Sang-Hoon Lee, Seo-hyun Ahn, and Min-Hyuk Ji, about a school girl who finds a new phone app that offers to take revenge on anyone whose name she writes in it.

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Then in 2019, he was the main star of the TV romantic thriller-mystery series “Lookism”, as an ugly young boy who can suddenly switch between his original looks and a handsome body, co-starring Dada Zhang and Dino Lee.

He’s continued his career in a stunning fashion in recent years – in 2022, he was chosen for the role of Lee Su-hyeok in the critically acclaimed TV fantasy action-drama series “All of Us Are Dead”, which follows a group of high school students who are trapped in a high school, which is a ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. He starred in all 12 episodes released so far alongside Park Ji-hu, Yi-Hyun Cho, and Chan-Young Yoon. The role of Lee Su-hyeok earned him a nomination for the Director’s Cut Award in the category for Best New Actor in Television.

To speak further of his accomplishments, he secured the lead role of Ji Soo Heon in the TV mystery-thriller drama series “Revenge of Others”, about a girl, Ok Chan-mi, determined to avenge the death of her twin brother, co-starring Ye-Eun Shin and Seo Ji-Hoon. He starred in all 12 episodes of the first season, which premiered on Disney+ on 9 November 2022.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Park Solomon’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as of early 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single, Is He Gay?

This rising Korean star hasn’t provided much info about his personal life. As a result, there is nothing on his relationship status. However, according to some sources, Solomon is currently single and solely focused on his career.

Nevertheless, his secretive nature has created rumors, including being gay. However, Park hasn’t addressed these comments.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Park Solomon has black hair and brown eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall, while he weighs approximately 150lbs (68kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, and he has a slim figure.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

In addition to acting, Park is interested in music. He’s taken voice lessons, and his favorite genre is rap, but he still hasn’t pursued music professionally, and for now just enjoys listening to it. Moreover, he dreamt of becoming a professional dancer before pursuing an acting career.

He now goes by the stage name Lomon, having changed in 2020.

He is fluent in Mandarin, having studied the language for the needs of the series “Lookism”.

One of his favorite bands is Big Bang, and he has been on the Big Bang tour, which earned him a VIP membership.

He is a fitness freak and goes to the gym several times a week to maintain his perfect form.

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