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Rouba Saadeh was born on 15 April 1987, in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a Lebanese fashion designer and businesswoman; in the fashion world, Rouba is known for being a manager at the haute couture brand Elie Saab, while the general public also knows her for being the former wife of the famous Italian actor and singer, Michel,e Morrone.

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Early life and education

Rouba grew up in a family of creatives, and her mother was a painter who inspired her to pursue her passion for visual arts. From a young age, Rouba was drawn to fashion and spent hours drawing and designing clothes. She was fascinated by the intricate details of traditional Lebanese dresses, which would later influence her designs.

After matriculating high school in 2005, Rouba enrolled at the Lebanese American University in her home country, where she studied Graphic Design. She continued her education, earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same university in 2011.

Rouba then moved to Europe, to study Fashion Design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milano, Italy.

Career in the fashion industry

Before she entered the fashion industry, Rouba worked as a graphic and web designer for several companies based in Lebanon. Things changed in 2013, when she returned from her studies in Italy and started working for the renowned Lebanese fashion brand, Elie Saab, but left after only five months to launch her own company called Le Paradis Des Fous, a luxury concept store that brought together designers from all over the world. She served as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) before leaving in 2014, but returned to Elie Saab in 2019, as a part of their ready-to-wear department, and is still employed there to this day.

Elie Saab is a luxury fashion brand founded by the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab in 1982. The brand is known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, with a focus on haute couture and evening wear. Their designs often feature intricate embroidery, delicate fabrics, and a muted color palette, with a particular emphasis on shades of blush, nude, and ivory.

The brand has worked with a number of high-profile clients, including celebrities such as Halle Berry, Beyoncé, and Angelina Jolie, as well as members of royal families around the world. In the 2010s, they expanded into ready-to-wear collections, as well as accessories and fragrances.

Net worth

As of March 2023, Rouba’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Marriage with Michele Morrone

In 2014, Rouba married Michele Morrone, whom she met during her studies in Italy. At the time, neither of them were famous, as Michele was yet to make his acting breakthrough, while Rouba was focused on her concept store.

Later in 2014, Rouba and Michele welcomed their first son, Marcudo, and three years later, Rouba gave birth to their second son, Brando.

The couple divorced in 2018, a few months before Michele was offered the lead role in the Netflix movie “365 Days”. In one of his interviews, he opened up about the difficult time he had following the divorce, saying that he was ready to give up acting, and had even found work as a gardener. Today, the two seem to be on amicable terms, and share custody of their children. Neither of them has been involved in any public relationships following their divorce.

Michele Morrone Wiki Bio

Michele Morrone was born on 3 October 1990, in Melegnano, Italy. He’s an actor, singer and model, who has gained international recognition for his role in the Netflix film “365 Days”. Before pursuing a career in entertainment, he worked as a gardener and a waiter.

Michele’s acting career began in 2011, when he appeared in the Italian web series “Second Chance”, and subsequently landed minor roles in TV series “Squadra Antimafia” and “Che Dio ci Aiuti”. In the following years, he appeared in Italian movies such as “Renata Fonte” and “L’Ultimeo Giorne del Toro” both in 2018, and “Bar Joseph” (2019), followed by recurring roles in TV series “Medici” (2019) and “The Trial” (2019).

The turning point in Michele’s acting career was his lead role in the Polish movie “365 Days” (“365 DNI”) which was released on Netflix in 2020. The film was directed by Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Białowąs, based on the first novel of a trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. The plot of the movie revolves around a young woman named Laura Biel who is kidnapped by a Sicilian mafia boss named Massimo Torricelli and given one year to fall in love with him. Massimo hopes that Laura will reciprocate his feelings and choose to stay with him forever, but Laura is initially resistant to his advances and determined to escape.

The film received mixed reviews, with some viewers and critics praising it for its steamy scenes and romantic storyline, while others criticized it for its glorification of kidnapping and abusive behavior. In addition, it drew a lot of comparisons with the “Fifty Shades of Gray” movie series, which has faced similar criticism. Despite the controversy surrounding the film, it generated a significant amount of buzz on social media. and launched Michele to international stardom.

Mik in Duetto film . A italian – brazilian production 🎬

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Michele reprised the role of Don Massimo in the two “365 Days” sequels, “365 Days: This Day” and “The Next 365 Days”, both released in 2022.

Michele has since starred in the Italian drama film “Duetto”, centered on a Brazilian of Italian origin who is on a quest to reunite with her long-lost relatives. In 2021, he was supposed to join the cast of the Netflix series “Toy Boy”, but he eventually gave up on the role and was replaced by Alex Gonzalez. In 2024, Michele is set to star alongside Megan Fox and Madeline Zima, in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Subservience”, directed by S. K. Dale.

In addition to his acting career, Michele is a singer. He released his debut album, “Dark Room”, in February 2020, which featured a mix of pop and rock music, and featured several singles, including “Feel It”, “Watch Me Burn”, and “Hard For Me”. While his debut album went under the radar in his home country, it charted in several countries across Europe, having the most success in Poland, where it peaked at #2 on the local charts.

In September of the same year, Michele launched his swimwear brand called AurumRoma, in collaboration with Italian fashion designer Chiara Pollano. The launch was so highly-anticipated that the website crashed from too much traffic several hours after the release.

Outside of his career, Michele is known for his distinctive fashion sense, and has been described as a style icon. He has worked with several high-end fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, and has appeared in several fashion campaigns. He’s also a fan of tattoos and has several on his body, which he often showcases in his photoshoots and music videos.

As of March 2023, the actor’s net worth is estimated at close to $3 million.

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