• Salice Rose is a social media influencer and brand ambassador, who rose to prominence in 2013
• She has 14.2 million followers on Instagram, 18.3 million on TikTok, and 2.11 million on YouTube
• She is of Peruvian and Italian descent
• She identifies as bisexual
• She has a net worth of over $5 million, earning money from her social media platforms, merchandise, and brand sponsorships

Salice Rose is a social media influencer and brand ambassador, who rose to prominence in 2013. She has 14.2 million followers on Instagram, 18.3 million on TikTok, and 2.11 million on YouTube.

Childhood, early career

Lindsay Salice was born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio on 20 November 1994, in Lancaster, California USA. While information on her parents is scant, she is of Peruvian origin on her mother’s side, while her father was Italian. Answering a question on her surname’s origin, in 2019 she wrote: ‘Salice is Italian! My dad is Italian…’

She spent her childhood living with her mother, two brothers and sister Ashley Rose.

From her posts on Twitter, it seems that her father wasn’t around while she was growing up. In fact, one of her tweets on Father’s Day 2020 reads:

‘Happy Fathers’ Day to all my dads out there! Or even my mommy’s who has to play the role as being a dad…You are all SO LOVED & SO NEEDED. Thank you for all that you do!’

Nevertheless, she reconnected with her father in 2018, stating:

‘I’ve never had a solid relationship with my father that’s why I never speak about him but finally after all these years….it’s stronger than EVER & I’m so grateful for this. I missed my dad so f* much. B* I’m crying typing this hahahahaha y’all got some tissues????’

Salice didn’t matriculate from high school – according to reports she had very low grades, on top of which she would get into frequent physical fights, an impulsive behavior that she’s manifested even at certain points during her career as a social media influencer. Due to these issues she dropped out, and her family forced her to enroll in Sunburst Youth Academy in 2015, a five-and-a-half month military-style program that helps young people ‘develop the self-confidence, discipline, life skills and education necessary to become successful adults and fulfill the potential they have within themselves.’

Salice has a grandfather with whom she frequently takes photos. She and her family are Christians.

She’s spoken English and Spanish as a native since an early age.

Social media career

While Salice Rose’s breakthrough in social media came gradually, it started in August 2013 at the age of 19, when she shared her first Instagram post. Her initial and rapid rise to fame through scores of followers, came due to her photo-shooting and photo-editing, attractive captions, and generally great awareness of what the public wants to see.

In March 2014, she opened her YouTube account, which she uses to interact directly with fans, in which she vlogs on her daily life, expresses her feelings, and does Q&A. Her ultimate reach came when she opened her TikTok account – most of her fans follow her through this social media platform. Salice also became famous on Snapchat, after the platform added the “story” option.

The range of topics Salice discusses on her social platform ranges from the mundane to more complicated topics like sexuality and mental illness. In a YouTube video entitled “How I Almost Ended My Life In 2019”, she admitted that at one point she contemplated suicide: ‘I was going through this wave of sadness, depression, anger…I forgot how to be strong. The emotions I was feeling as I was driving to church – it wasn’t ok. I felt like I had lost my mind, and I felt like what I was going through was never going to go away or stop. If this is never gonna go away, maybe I should.’

Personal life, marriage, children

Salice Rose has identified herself as bisexual; at high school she would initially date boys, but at the age of 16 she realized that perhaps she was more attracted to girls.

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Almost a decade would pass before she would admit her sexual orientation to herself, and to others. She first made the showbiz headlines in September 2019, by being in a romantic relationship with singer Johny Utah, but the relationship ended a couple of months later, in February 2020. In 2019 she posted a video on YouTube in which she informed her fans about her sexual orientation, while at the same time presenting to them her girlfriend, Brilynn Ford. Salice said that the two had known each other for three years before they started dating, and asked fans for acceptance. After the video an outpouring of encouragement and positive emotions flooded her comments section on YouTube and Instagram.

During the following weeks, another female YouTuber called Chas F. made a video in which she confessed to being Salice’s former girlfriend. She said that she couldn’t stand the new couple together, while at the same time accusing Salice of being possessive and aggressive in the course of their relationship. Salice responded in a 90-minute-long video, first admitting that the former relationship was not a fabrication. Then she went further congratulating Chas F. on her ‘thirty seconds of fame’, and finished by saying, ‘Because of you, I’m in waves of depression.’

Salice likes to dance and sing when alone, or in front of her fans. Her favorites’ are belly dancing, twerking and hip-hop.

Appearance and net worth

Salice Rose stands at 5ft 5ins (167cm), weighs about 120lbs (54kg), with vital statistics of 34-24-34 – she’s had breast implant surgery, now bra size 33C, while her shoe size is 7 (US). She has brown hair and brown eyes, a Latin-American complexion due to her Peruvian discordance, and bronze-colored skin. Furthermore, Salice has many prominent tattoos, some of which exhibit her Christian upbringings, such as the crucifix and a rosary.

Salice’s net worth is estimated at over $5 million; she has multiple streams of revenue, firstly from her large following on YouTube and TikTok, and secondly through using these platforms as referral mechanisms, funneling followers to her own website or brands who may be sponsoring her. She uses the platforms to promote new clotheslines, and also sells her own merchandise on her website, including branded T-shirts, hoodies and several accessories. Lastly, she has contracts with her sponsors, and gains stable revenue regardless of actual merchandise sold, but because of her potentiality bringing new buyers and “brand ambassadors” of a younger age from her audience.

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