• Sawyer Sharbino is an actor, YouTuber and singer born in 2006 in Texas
• His rise to fame is partly due to his sister Brighton Sharbino's success
• He began his acting career in 2012, and began making YouTube videos in 2015
• He has a net worth of $400,000 and is looking to expand his online empire
• He actively campaigns against bullying and hosted an anti-bullying fundraiser for his 13th birthday

Who is Sawyer Sharbino?

Born on 1st March, 2006, in Flower Mound, Texas, USA, Sawyer Sharbino is an actor, YouTuber, social media personality, and singer. Despite his young age, the teenager’s popularity has grown enormously in the last few years. Sawyer has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is currently 5ft 8in (1.75m) tall, and weighing about 127lbs (58kgs).

Sawyer’s Family

Sawyer’s rise to fame is partly thanks to his industry connections through older sister Brighton Sharbino, actress of “The Walking Dead” fame. The second-born daughter of Angela and Ron Sharbino, Brighton began acting when nine years old. Her elder sister Saxon Sharpino followed the same career path, although her younger siblings have since eclipsed her popularity.

Saxon’s most notable project to date is “Poltergeist”, a popular 2015 horror film in which she played Kendra Bowen. The attractive blonde has over 600,000 followers on Instagram, and began dating model and actor Pierson Fode in March 2020. Known for their pap strolls through Los Angeles, the couple are very affectionate towards each other and frequently post romantic snaps on Instagram.

Brighton, a lover of fashion, plastic surgery and travelling, has been in the industry since 2008 and became well-known in 2015. Carving a name out for herself in the fickle world of entertainment, it’s said that the teenager is worth over $1 million thanks to her roles in successful projects.

In an interview, Brighton explained that she always wanted to be an actress, and landed her role in “The Walking Dead” thanks to her talent agent. It’s thought that the family later moved to L.A to help the three siblings pursue their acting dreams seriously.

Sawyer began homeschooling after convincing his parents of his commitment to showbiz. One interesting fact that the teen chose to share with his fans in an interview is that he broke his arm in 5th grade, and didn’t realize until hours later.

Sawyer’s Acting Career

Sawyer began his acting career in 2012 by appearing in two shorts, “Disruption” and “Promesas”.

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After a four-year hiatus to focus on school, the adolescent made a comeback with a role in the heart-warming movie “Miracles from Heaven” and an appearance in the pilot episode of the obscure 2016 miniseries “Angels from Hell”.

He was also part of the four-minute comedy short “Hospital Head Doctor”, which was written and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Through constant hard work, Sawyer has honed his acting skills and moved into the producing and writing world; currently, the influencer is focused on creating original content instead of collaborating on other projects. His last appearance in another person’s production was in 2020, when he participated in an episode of the mini-series “Stage Fright”.

Sawyer’s YouTube

Created in April 2015, Sawyer’s YouTube channel has amassed over a million followers over the years, and he’s estimated to earn $40,000 a year from the platform. Prank videos such as “Flirting with my crush’s best friend to see how she would react” have helped Sawyer become the popular social media personality he is today, as well as his collaborations with friends and content creators.

A common feature of Sawyer’s videos are the hidden cameras he puts in his house, to record the reactions of his unwitting friends. His most-viewed video to date, with over five million views, is “KISSING My CRUSH To See How My BEST FRIEND REACTS **CAUGHT KISSING PRANK**” and was uploaded in July 2020.

Another popular theme of the influencer’s videos are appearances from his various love interests, although Brighton and Saxton have also made occasional cameos on Sawyer’s YouTube, such as in the “Doing the Opposite of what My Sisters Say for 24 Hours!!” challenge.

In 2021, Sawyer decided to branch out into music, and uploaded his first original single, “Put You First”, dedicated to Emily Dobson, who he was dating at the time. The romantic song went down well with the teen’s young fanbase, and he was inundated with comments and likes within hours. Previously, Sawyer uploaded his cover of “Let It Snow” featuring YouTuber Corinne Joy; the artist hasn’t yet commented on whether he will release new music anytime soon.

Sawyer’s Dating History & Hobbies

In August 2021, TikTok sensation and actress Sophie Fergi revealed that she was dating Sawyer. Controversy ensued, because eight months earlier Sawyer split from his longtime girlfriend Emily Dobson, revealing the news in an emotional video; fans of both influencers hoped that they’d get back together.

Sadly, Sawyer and Sophie broke-up just three months into their short-lived love story. Emily, who dated Sawyer for almost a year after the pair struck up a close friendship, had nothing to say on the matter and has since moved on. To this day, fan theories claim that Emily and Sawyer’s split was a publicity stunt for his single “Put You First”, which was released just a day before they broke-up.

Another adolescent who Sawyer is frequently shipped with is Piper Rockelle; the duo are best friends, and Piper has appeared in many of Sawyer’s videos, sometimes with his girlfriends or crushes. However, both have confirmed that the feelings between them are strictly platonic, and there are no indications of them being romantically involved behind the scenes.

In his day-to-day life, Sawyer enjoys playing the piano and other instruments.

His hobbies include go karting with friends, and just spending time with family and loved ones.

He enjoys attending red carpet events with his older sisters.

An altruistic soul, Sawyer campaigned to stop bullying in 2019. He interviewed celebrities to raise awareness, and was named on the National Bullying Prevention Center’s Youth Advisory Board. For his thirteenth birthday, he chose to host an anti-bullying fundraiser, which was attended by young Hollywood starlets and influencers.

Sawyer’s Net Worth

Sawyer is on his way to becoming a self-made millionaire before reaching adulthood, with a net worth of approximately $400,000. A combination of hard work, popular YouTube videos, and constant social media endorsements have helped Sawyer earn six figures in just a few years. The influencer is also looking to expand his online empire with a merchandise range, but the launch date is unknown as of late 2021.

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