• Ted Nivison is an American YouTube star, comedian, and video game player, with over 1.5 million subscribers
• Started making videos in 7th grade, then opened a YouTube channel called Ted Nivison in 2013
• His most popular videos have been viewed over 50 million times
• Started a podcast and new channel called Chuckle Sandwich in January 2021, which has amassed close to 600,000 subscriberss
• Has a net worth estimated at $500,000 and loves to travel and visit the zoo

Who is Ted Nivison?

Ted Nivison is an American YouTube star, comedian, and video game player, who’s achieved popularity through his funny videos, acquiring over 1.5 million subscribers across several YouTube channels.

Ted Nivison Biography: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Theodore Kennedy Nivison on 16 January 1998 under the Capricorn zodiac sign, in Boston Massachusetts, he hasn’t talked about his upbringing, only that he grew up in a rather traditional Christian household. He hasn’t said whether he has any siblings or not, nor revealed the names of his parents.

After finishing a local high school in Boston, Ted enrolled at Ithaca College, New York, and is currently there studying Cinema and Photography, with a focus on Cinema Production.

Career Beginnings

Ted became interested in video production at an early age and began following YouTuber Freddie W. He was only in his seventh grade, and began learning by becoming a part of the school’s theater and film program, but also joined the school’s choir. His first job was at CSLA company, which rents out cameras.

However, in 2009, Ted launched his first channel – PivotTKN – on which he would upload animated videos, with his characters in the form of stick figures. Ted continued to make videos, and as he got older he became interested in making video games too, attending a video game camp where that was the subject. However, over the course, he became more interested in video animations. He closed the channel soon after but opened another one, Total Miner Builder, in which he combined his love for making animations and playing video games, particularly Total Miner, which is an Xbox equivalent of the popular video game Minecraft.

Ted Nivison

The initial video on this channel attracted more than 40,000 views, and encouraged him to make a new one, however after a couple of years, Ted opted for another YouTube channel.

Entitled “JehBerDeh” and launched in 2013, it was later renamed to Ted Nivison, and he began by uploading gaming videos, however, over the years, he transferred to comedic videos, for which he became popular.

Rise to Prominence

He has deleted older videos, and the first video uploaded on his channel is “Five Patty Challenge”, which now has over 35,000 views.  He continued to upload similar videos, such as “Largest Five Guys Burger”, which is far more popular than his first video with more than 145,000 views.

His comedy skits began attracting a lot of attention and many new subscribers, and with such videos as “Fiverr Filth- Bless Your Child for $5”, and “We Drove 6 Hours to Eat in The Rainforest”, proved his talents both as a comedian and filmmaker.

He was slowly turning into a YouTube star and after a few years of dedicated work, he reached 500,000 subscribers, which has continued to increase until the present day, and the young comedian now has over a million subscribers on his main channel. His videos have been viewed more than 50 million times, and some of his most popular videos include “The Accidental 400mg Edible”, which has over 4.6 million views, then “What Liquid Works Best In Cereal?”, which has more than three million views, and “What Cereal is the Worst” with has been viewed more than two million times, in addition to many other videos that have increased his popularity.

YouTube Podcast

Recently, Ted was becoming less active on his official channel, uploading new videos occasionally at one or two a month. The reason behind this is that he launched the podcast and new channel Chuckle Sandwich in January 2021. It’s a collaboration with Charlie Slimecicle, and JSchatt, as the trio combine to interview some of the YouTube stars. Since the creation, he and the gang have amassed close to 600,000 subscribers, and videos on this channel have more than 20 million views. The most popular on this channel are “The TommyInnit Exclusive”, which has been viewed around 1.5 million times, then “Schlatt’s Monkey Lamp”, with over 1.2 million views, and “Minx’s Darkest Secret”, with a million views, among many others.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single

An extrovert by nature, Ted has revealed so much about himself, but has still kept some secrets from his fans and the media. However, it’s known that he was in a relationship with a musician named Madi, but the two broke up in 2020. She made a TikTok video in which she talked about their relationship and the decision to separate; they have remained good friends, and still talk to each other.

Ted has since moved on with his love life, and has started another romance, though he hasn’t revealed the name of his girlfriend, but has shared a few pictures of them on his official Instagram page.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2021, Ted Nivison’s net worth has been estimated to be around $500,000, earned through his successful career as an online content creator.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This prominent YouTuber has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), while he weighs approximately 145lbs (65kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, though he has an average figure.

Hobbies and Interests

Ted is known as a frequent traveler and has visited numerous states across the US, and some national monuments, including Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park, among others.

He’s an animal lover, and is often a zoo visitor.

Over the years, he has befriended a number of YouTubers, and was a member of several comedy groups, including Luch Club, which was also known as Fart Club and Goop, consisting of CallMeCarson, Cscoop, Traves, Slimecicle, Hugbox, and Jschlatt, with whom he is still good friends.

Ted is known for the character The Milkman, which he created and launched the series “Interrogating Gamers for Milk”, in which he is seen dressed as the popular character,asking various YouTubers if they have any milk.

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