Who is Monty Lopez?

A social media sensation, Monty Lopez is perhaps known best for his TikTok videos, however, he’s also known as the father of one of the biggest TikTok stars, Addison Rae, although in recent months, Monty was the one who’s been the center of controversy and dominating headlines.

To learn all about his story of fame, his family, and why he was the subject of various rumors, keep on scrolling.

Early life, family, and education

Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 24 November 1975, Monty is aged 47 as of April 2023. He hasn’t shared his exact birthplace, however, it’s known that he was born in the USA, and thus holds American nationality. Monty comes from a family of Spanish descent, all that’s known about his parents; Monty has an elder brother named Don.

When it comes to his educational background, Monty attended a local high school in his hometown, and upon matriculating in 1993, he enrolled at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, from which he graduated with a BA degree in 1997.

The rise

Before he became an internet celebrity, Monty worked as a general manager for a real estate company. Subsequently, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, California USA. He was married to Sheri Easterling, with whom he shares two sons besides their celebrity daughter, Addison, who has an army of followers online – the number of people who follow her TikTok account is nearly 90 million. With growth of her fame, people wanted to know more about her family, and so Monty used the opportunity to establish himself as a social media influencer.

His popularity grew rapidly, and today his TikTok account is followed by over five million people, while all of his videos together have amassed 125 million likes. Monty is also active on Instagram, and his profile has gained over 275,000 followers. His fans can find him on Twitter, as Monty joined this platform in February 2014, and his account has been followed by over 15,000 people, and he’s tweeted nearly 2,500 times.

Monty also has his eponymous YouTube channel, which has been subscribed to by nearly 3,500 people, and all of his videos combined have gained over half a million views.

Monty mostly posts videos featuring his everyday life, his family, and some comedy skits, and has just announced some major changes in his profession, leaving his admirers wondering what he’s up to. There have been reports that he may try his hand as an actor, but it remains to be seen what new projects he’s working on.

What is clear is that he’s built an online brand as ‘the father of Addison Rae’.

The fall of Monty Lopez-What happened?

Monty has been married to Sheri Easterling for several years – the couple actually remarried in 2017 after being separated for several years. They married for the first time in 2000 but divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter Addison. They chose to reconcile, and were together on and off until they reaffirmed their wedding vows. Monty and Sheri have two sons, namely Enzo who’s 14 years old, while Lucas’ age is eight. The boys now live with their mother, since she and Monty recently divorced….apparently.

We’ll go over the drama that led up to their divorce and caused Monty’s internet popularity to plummet.

It all started in the summer of 2022, and since then, it’s been a whirlwind of cheating allegations, boxing match demands, and of course plenty of TikToks. From paparazzi sightings to that kiss on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards, here’s the whole timeline of the Sheri and Monty drama… so far.

In late June, rumors about Monty being unfaithful began spreading on TikTok. The video entitled “When Addison Rae’s dad Facetimes you late at night”, posted by a user named ‘iamjessk’, circulated on the platform, and the girl in the video claimed that she’s been talking to Monty. The original video has been deleted, however, numerous clips have been reposted on TikTok by other users – one, entitled “Addison Rae’s dad is trying to fu*k me’ was showing a man in a club touching a woman’s buttocks, and many TikTok users have commented that the man looks like Monty.

In July of that same year, model Renee Ash posted a series of stories on her Instagram, saying that she’s had an affair with Monty, and shared some photos of her kissing a man she said was him. As Renee put it, she decided to speak the truth after she saw the video in which Monty was allegedly touching another woman’s behind. She added that Monty told her that they are going to be together and have babies, saying that Monty also told her that he and his wife were apart and in the process of divorce.

Soon after, Sheri changed her Instagram bio to ‘single mom’, which caused more rumors about Monty’s infidelity. This was followed by Sheri’s sharing of some flirty videos featuring herself and Yung Gravy, a 26-year-old rapper, who said that he’s into MILFs and Sheri is the queen – Mom I’d Like to Fu*k, a vulgar slang used by teenage boys. After his statement, Monty challenged him to a boxing match, adding that he’s worried that his sons might be picked on at school, because of the way Yung Gravy talks about their mother.

When Sheri and Yung Gravy publicized their relationship and were seen together at the VMA’s red carpet event, Monty responded to their appearance with a sarcastic sentence, thanking Yung Gravy for ‘taking the leftovers’, which caused more controversy about Monty – there have been many who disliked his behavior.

In the end, Monty and Renee Ash gave their love story another chance, and as of April 2023, they are apparently a couple.

How rich is Monty Lopez?

Monty earns through his social media accounts, however, his wealth isn’t as enormous as some would assume. According to sources, as of early 2023, Monty’s net worth has been estimated at $700,000, while his daughter, Addison Rae has a net worth estimated at over $15 million.

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