• 39daph (Daphne) is a Canadian professional gamer, digital artist, YouTuber, and social media personality.
• She became famous in 2018 and has accumulated close to a million followers on the Twitch streaming platform.
• She has two YouTube channels which have close to 700k and 17k subscribers, respectively.
• She is in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Aceu and lives with him in Brazil.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

39daph is a Canadian professional gamer, digital artist, YouTuber, and social media personality, who became famous in 2018 – since she gained popularity on Twitch’s streaming platform, Daphne has garnered thousands of followers on her social media pages.

Find out more about the content creator in the biography below.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Daphne, popularly known as 39daph, was born on 3 September 1998, under the zodiac sign of Virgo, to Chinese parents in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Thus, she is of Asian ethnicity, and holds Canadian nationality. Her last name and details of her family are still unknown. Daphne’s nickname was inspired by her birthdate – 3 represents the date she was born, and September is the ninth month of the year.

Daphne developed an interest in digital art at the age of 10, focusing on drawing characters from the online video game MapleStory.

As a teenager, she was also fascinated by the idea of making money through video streaming; her parents didn’t share her sentiments, and Daphne’s father once told her, ‘you can never amount to anything just sitting on the computer all day.’

She matriculated from a high school in her hometown, and went on to attend a Canadian university. If Daphne wasn’t a streamer and artist, she’d study marine biology.



Daphne created her Twitch channel on 17 June 2017, but didn’t fully start her online streaming career on the American video live streaming platform the following year.

Streaming and posting consistently, she soon attracted the attention of fellow streamers and audiences in the gaming community.

She does live video game streams on her Twitch channel, interacts with followers, and shares content about her daily life. 39daph is such a pro that she sometimes streams for eight hours at a stretch. Her favorite games to stream include “Minecraft” (2011), “Terraria” (2011), “Maple Story 2” (2015), and “Red Dead Redemption II” (2018).

Some of her popular Twitch clips are “Schlop Schlop Schlop” (2021), “YOH” (2021), and “Daph found a Big Snek” (2021), having 203,974, 190,112, and 124,511 viewers, respectively.

In August 2021, Daphne was signed by the esports organization Sentinels, as its first fully dedicated content creator. Sentinels’ Director of Esports, Charlie Lipsie, said, ‘signing Daph to Sentinels will take our content creation to the next level.’


Unlike many famous Twitch streamers, Daphne has never been suspended from the platform, but did receive a warning a while ago. Over time, Daphne has become one of the most-watched Twitch- streamers, accumulating close to a million followers on the platform.


Daphne created her YouTube channel on 27 April 2018, using her nickname ‘39daph.’ She started with an introductory video on 1 September 2019, captioned “Hey, I’m 39daph”, a compilation of her various streams, and it has been viewed 1.8 million times since then.

Subsequently, she shared other wholesome content such as “Eating Cake and Griefing Minecraft Servers” and “Attack on Minecraft” both in 2019, plus one in which she called herself the smartest streamer in Canada, accumulating 650,000, 860,000 and 2.7 million views, respectively.

On 13 December 2019, Daphne shared a Question and Answer video, including her fans’ most popular questions, responding to personal questions about herself, and mentioning that her favorite streamer, MoonMoon, inspired her. Some of her most popular videos are “Family Reunion”, “I’m a Good Driver” and “I am the Hokage” all in 2020, having 1.4, 1.2 and 1.1 million views, respectively.

Recently, Daphne diversified her content to include quirky comments about her life, and her thoughts on orthodox traditions. In 2021, she’s uploaded videos such as “Neighbours Being Weird, So I Recorded Them”, “I See You”, and “Trying to be an Adult”.

On her YouTube channel, Daphne uploads videos on gaming, vlogs, and life updates, sometimes in collaborations with other Twitch streamers such as Macaiyla and Nick Polom to stream content for her YouTube channel.

As of late-2021, Daphne has over 650,000 subscribers, more than 100 videos, and close to 52 million views on her main YouTube channel.

In December 2019, Daphne created another YouTube channel, ‘39daph vods, ’ which serves as an archive for her live streams. Some of the popular videos on this channel are “39Daph Plays Phasmophobia #3”, “39daph Reacts to the Story of 39daph” and “39daph Plays GTA 5 Part 1” all in 2020, having 850,000, 640,000 and 595,000 views respectively. 39daph vods currently has almost 17,000 subscribers, close to 1,000 videos, and nearly 30 million total views.

Digital Artist/Social Media Personality

Daphne gained fame on social media by consistently posting her artwork.

For her, art is a form of self-expression, because ‘when you’re sad, you can make sad drawings.’ With the following she gained from Twitch and YouTube, Daphne built a reputation as a social media influencer.

On Instagram, she shares some of her digital artwork, which is mostly illustrations of anime characters. She has also collaborated with popular brands such as Tampax for social media ads.

Daphne has almost 350,000 followers on Instagram, and over 215,000 on Twitter.

Despite being a social media influencer, Daphne says, ‘it’s important to have a life outside of Twitch, and social media in general. It’s easy to get consumed by all the chat, but having friends who lead conventional lives keeps you grounded.’

Personal Life, Relationship

Daphne rarely discusses her personal life. For a long time there were rumors that she was dating another Twitch streamer, popularly known as Aceu, also of Asian heritage, whom she sometimes features on her Twitch channel. In a 2019 Q&A, Daphne confirmed that she was dating, but never mentioned who.

In 2020, she and her dog, Yion, moved to Brazil to be with her boyfriend. On 22 September 2021, she shared a picture of the same Twitch streamer, Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn, captioned ‘WifeCheck’; her post simply confirmed the rumors.

Appearance, Clothing Style

Daphne is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 125.6lbs (57kgs), with vital statistics of 33-26-34, signifying her slim stature.

She has long black hair and brown eyes. You can find Daphne dressed in sweatshirts and pants.

Hobbies, Favorite Things, and Interesting Facts

  • Daphne loves watching anime.
  • One of her favorite songs is IU’s Palette, which has helped boost her self-confidence.
  • She loves rafting with friends from high school.
  • Daphne’s favorite K-pop band is Red Velvet.

Net Worth and Salary

In late 2021, Daphne has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Details of property owned by the gamer or her family remain undisclosed to the public at this time.

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