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He is a writer, and has a few acting credits, however, Will Menaker is probably known best as the co-host of an American left-wing political podcast “Chapo Trap House”. If you’ve ever wondered who is behind Chapo Trap House’s voice and wanted to learn more about Will, you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you the whole truth about his life, career, and rise to fame.

Early life, family, and education

Born William Menaker under the zodiac sign of Leo on 10 August 1983, he’s aged 39 as of March 2023. Will was born and raised in New York City USA, by his parents, Katherine Bouton and Daniel Menaker, alongside his sister Elizabeth. Their father, Daniel was a fiction writer and editor, who worked for The New Yorker for over 20 years. Their mother, Katherine was also a writer, and she worked for The New York Times.

Will holds American nationality, and comes from a family of Russian Jewish descent. His paternal grandfather, Robert Owen Menaker, was an exporter, who allegedly worked for a Soviet intelligence agency (The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) during World War II.

Being raised in a family of writers, it isn’t surprising that Will followed in his parent’s footsteps. His dream was to become a screenwriter. When it comes to his educational background, Will attended Friends Seminary School, and upon matriculating in 2001, he enrolled at Skidmore College, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History in 2005.

Will then enrolled at The City University of New York, to study film, and worked for W. W. Norton & Company and Liveright Publishing.

Chapo Trap House

In 2016, after a long-term discussion online via Twitter, Will, Felix Biederman and Matt Christman started a podcast, entitled “Chapo Trap House”, which gained fame during the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary contest between Hillary Clinton, the former United States Secretary of State, and Bernie Sanders, the United States Senator, for its criticism of both parties.

After appearing as a guest, Brendan James joined the trio as alternating co-host, as well as Amber A’Lee Frost. When Brendan left the show in 2017, he was replaced by Chris Wade, a producer and writer.

The podcast adheres to the dirtbag left, a style of left-wing political discourse that foregoes civility in favor of a more casual and frequently vulgar-speaking style. The term ‘dirtbag left’ was coined by Amber and is associated with her essay ‘The Necessity of Political Vulgarity’.

“Chapo Trap House” is most closely associated with this term, which is described as an anti-liberal, anti-conservative, and anti-centrist ideology. Avid fans of the podcast are nicknamed ‘Grey Wolves’, a joke referencing the neo-fascist, Turkish far-right paramilitary organization.

Book publishing

In August 2018, Will and his co-hosts published the satirical book they co-wrote, entitled “The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason”, which debuted at number six on the New York Times Best Seller list. Although the book received numerous positive reviews, logically they were negative, and one of them was Bill Scher’s review for Politico, who among other things wrote that this is possibly the stupidest book ever written about socialism.

The book examines American history and capitalism, as well as ‘skewering’ the two major American political parties. It also includes Eli Valley cartoons. Several comic strip parodies were originally included in the book, but they were removed for legal reasons.

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Acting credits

Now that you know who is the voice behind “Chapo Trap House”, let us tell you that Will is also the voice behind the character of Siileng in the video game “Disco Elysium”, which had 10 award nominations and won seven, including three British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards for Best Debut Game, Best Narrative, and Best Music.

Will was seen in the 2020 documentary “Good Vibes at the Iowa State Fair”, alongside Matt Christman and Virgil Texas, which received numerous accolades and viewers called it the ‘disturbing look into America’s decaying sanity’.

In the following years, Will made an appearance in another documentary, entitled “Exegesis Lovecraft”, written and directed by Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker, Qais Pasha, which although had no nominations, was well-rated by the audience (8.8/10).

Love life and relationships

Will Menaker is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep their personal life under wraps. He hasn’t spoken about his previous relationships, and there is no information regarding his dating history.

However, we found out that he’s in a long-term relationship with Katherine Krueger, an editor who works for Elle Magazine. They made their relationship public in November 2017 when Katherine shared their joint photo on her Instagram. Since then, they’ve both shared photos featuring their traveling, various events, and everyday life.


The couple has been living together, and although some reports said that they’re married and that they have three children, this isn’t the truth.

Will goes on Instagram by the name ‘codydad420’ and stories were saying that he has two twin daughters, Jenna and Amantha, and one son Cody, probably inspired by his bio on Twitter saying ‘Love my beautiful boy Cody. Not on speaking terms with my twin daughters Jenna & Amantha’ which is a joke.

Will and Katherine live in their apartment in Brooklyn, New York with her two cats, and Will’s dog, Micki.

As of March 2023, Will is in a relationship, he hasn’t been married before and doesn’t have children.

Net worth

The politics and humor podcast “Chapo Trap House” by the late 2017 generated over $60,000 per month from subscribers via Patreon, a membership platform. In February 2020, earning more than $150,000 per month, the show was the one of the highest-grossing users on Patreon. Weekly free episodes are available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify. To date, there have been released over 800 episodes.

According to sources, as of March 2023, Will has a net worth estimated over $1.5 million.

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