• WhistlinDiesel is an American YouTuber born in 1998 in Indiana.
• He is known for his controversial videos attempting dangerous stunts with his trucks.
• He has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and runs a merchandising store.
• He faced a near-fatal accident in early 2021, when a bullet ricocheted from a close distance and grazed his forehead.
• He is married to Instagram model and YouTuber Mrs Whistlin, and has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million.

WhistlinDiesel is a well-known American YouTuber, who has garnered a wide following due to his controversial videos, in which he attempts dangerous stunts with his trucks.

Age, Early Life, and Education Background

WhistlinDiesel was born Cody Detwiler under the Cancer zodiac sign on 18 July 1998, in Indiana, USA, which makes him 23 years old as of early 2022. He was brought up in the rural parts of Indiana – his parents, who had A construction and farming background, ran an automobile firm, which sparked his current interest in trucks, cars, bulldozers, tractors, and other equipment.

Detwiler attended a local elementary school and later a high school near his hometown. He has not revealed whether he joined college.


WhistlinDiesel is a truck and firearms fanatic, and has used his passion to earn a living over the years. He purchases and modifies pick-up trucks to his liking, records videos doing daring stunts, and posts them on YouTube. He opened his official YouTube channel on 7 January 2015, but began posting frequently when he graduated from college, and has so far amassed a wide followingof more than 2.5 million subscribers, thanks to his dangerous tricks and captivating videos.

Some of his widely-viewed videos are “Four wheelers on reaper wheels literally tills dirt” in which he attaches reapers on his four-wheeler, and “Monster Max drives in the ocean (police, coast guard, EPA, DNR called)”, which have now garnered close to 13 million and 17 million views respectively.

Apart from this YouTube career, Cody uses Bunker Branding Co. to sell his merchandise, which include bumper stickers, hoodies, T-shirts and hats. He also sells specific WhistlinDiesel black T-shirts, which come with the writing ‘This T-shirt costs $1000.’

WhistlinDiesel’s Accident

In January 2021, Cody missed death by a whisker when he accidentally shot himself in the head with a 50-caliber bullet.

Whistlin Diesel vs the Squid Game. GAME START.

Posted by Whistlindiesel Official on Thursday, October 7, 2021

He posted a photo of his head covered in blood on Instagram, which has so far attracted more than 200,000 likes, writing that ‘Not sure how I’m alive rn… I’m OK, they’re just doing some scans to make sure I don’t have swelling other than the two inch lump on my forehead and the copper jacket under my skin.’ Considering the size of the bullet, he was very lucky to survive the accident, which had happened when he was practicing his short using a long arm – he was testing whether its rounds could penetrate through a couple of steel plates that he had placed in front of him. Apparently, he placed a shot at the wrong angle and a bullet ended up ricocheting and grazed him on his forehead from a close distance of four feet, about a meter.

Many fans were quick to offer their sympathies and quick recovery wishes on Instagram, and doctors didn’t waste time tending to him, and luckily he didn’t suffer a skull fracture or any life-threatening injury. Despite describing the incident as life-changing, Cody insisted that he could not wait for his full recovery to return to his target practice.

He clarifies on his YouTube page that he delivers on what he writes about his videos’ titles, and that he doesn’t clickbait his widely-viewed content.

Personal Life

Cody has kept most of his romantic details away from the limelight. He’s married to the Instagram model, Rachel Detwiler, famously known as Mrs WhistlinDiesel, seemingly living a happy life together – in 2020, she posted a picture of Cody and her dog on her Instagram page captioning it ‘I love them.’

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Mrs Whistlin also runs a YouTube channel and has accumulated over110,000 subscribers on the platform. As of 2022, WhistlinDiesel still lives in Indiana.


Cody has a unique and daring nature, so it’s not uncommon to find him being the subject of controversy. There are people who find him reckless and a spendthrift, and as a result, he has two groups of fans and viewers – one detests his recklessness while the other applauds him. Recently, he faced a backlash from viewers after he uploaded footage of himself destroying an expensive Ford F-350. Those who found it wrong were noted putting on disagreeable opinions on Reddit.

Cody sparked a feud when he joked about how TheStradman, a YouTuber and automobile fanatic whose real name is James Lucas Condon, has an affinity for wrapping his cars and other automobiles in purple.

Their fans took to the internet, exchanging harsh words making the beef worse. TheStradman’s fans felt insulted by WhistlinDiesel, because there was no apparent reason that justified his comment. On the other hand, Cody’s fans failed to understand why TheStradman became very upset over friendly banter. Detwiler later apologized, and clarified that he had no personal issues with TheStradman, saying ‘Stradman how many times do I have to tell you that nobody is after you personally and you seem like a great person?’ However, Condon later rekindled the beef when he accused him of inciting fans to cyber-bully him – to escalate the issue, TheStradman made claims that one of Cody’s fans had threatened to run over his dog with his truck.

To avoid more negative comments and threats, Condon made his Instagram account private.

Cody previously landed in trouble with Fort Wayne Police, when he allegedly organized an ‘illegal’ truck rally in the area. However, no charges were pressed, despite police spending more than three hours trying to clear the traffic caused by the rally. According to sources, some people fell ill and had to be admitted in hospital, as a result of the smoke that was caused by hundreds of trucks at the rally.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Cody is of White ethnicity, and has short dark brown hair, hazel eyes and fair skin tone. He is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs approximately 117lbs (53kg).

Net Worth

Many fans wonder where Cody gets the money to purchase vehicles worth up to $100,000, just to destroy them afterwards. However, he makes a lot of money from collaborations, brand endorsements, and his channel, which apparently funds his projects. According to sources, he is worth approximately $1.8 million, as of early 2022.

Who is WhistlinDiesel’s Wife, Mrs Whistlin?

Mrs Whistlin is a popular Instagram personality, YouTuber, and an avid car enthusiast, who according to her Instagram page loves three things only: her Ford F-250 (1999 model), Cody, and her dog.

She has an automotive channel on YouTube, which has nearly 80,000 subscribers, and has close to 250,000 Instagram followers. She’s very passionate about motor vehicles and also posts funny content together with her friends on YouTube, which also has a Q&A segment through which she answers WhistlinDiesel’s female fans’ questions.

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