• JJ Da Boss is a famous street racer from Memphis, Tennessee.
• He is best known for his involvement in the Discovery show “Street Outlaws: Memphis”.
• His catchphrase is “Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime”.
• He also owns a car customization and repair shop called “South Memphis Street Racing”.
• He is the leader of a group of street racers called “Memphis Street Racer” and often organizes races with the “Arm Drop” starting signal.

Born on 10th of August 1973, in Memphis, Tennessee USA, JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, is probably best known as one of the cast members of “Street Outlaws”. He’s one of the fastest racers in the show and has been racing cars for over 20 years. JJ doesn’t shy away from using “old school” techniques and strategies to gain an edge over his opponents. His catchphrase “Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime” reflects his willingness to race against anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Aside from his street racing and television career, JJ Da Boss is also a successful businessman; he owns a car customization and repair shop called “South Memphis Street Racing” which specializes in building and modifying high-performance race cars.

JJ’s early life

JJ had a very rough start to life in the small town of Joiner, Arkansas, which has a population of just 500 people. He comes from a very low-income family, so while he was growing up, JJ would hustle and gamble on the streets, doing whatever he could to earn a few dollars. They were in the roofing business, and JJ himself roofed for about 20 years, but JJ developed a strong passion and love for muscle cars from a very young age, and would often spend most of his hard-earned money to repair an old car. However, his passion didn’t stop at fixing up cars, as he loved to race them as well. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years racing cars with his friends around the streets of Memphis and in Arkansas, as they didn’t have enough money to compete on racetracks. JJ found the streets to be a much more suitable playground for him, as he could be cunning and slick in his races and in betting.

Living a dangerous street life eventually caught up with JJ. Charges relating to aggravated assault led to him being arrested and sentenced to prison for eight years and one month, which was a learning experience for JJ, one that made him more appreciative of the life people close to him lead.

Rise to fame and prominence

JJ Da Boss’s rise to prominence began when he was featured in the Discovery show “Street Outlaws: Memphis” in 2018. The directors were looking to expand on their already popular show, and saw Memphis as a perfect spot, as it had a very vibrant car racing scene. JJ had already been racing for many years at that time, and had built a strong reputation for himself with his crew. The show’s producers approached them to be a part of the show – JJ was initially skeptical of the idea, as he was concerned about how his crew and the local racing community would be portrayed on national television.

However, JJ Da Boss eventually agreed to participate in the show, and quickly became a fan favorite. JJ is the leader of the Memphis team and has been a regular on the show, gathering large support for his group. JJ’s wife, Tricia Day is also featured in the show, and goes by the nickname “Midget”.

Personal life

JJ Da Boss, is apparently happily married to Tricia Day, who is also his racing partner. The couple have been together for nearly 20 years, while they’ve been married for around a decade. Their official wedding date is not known to the public, as they keep a lot of their relationship private.  What is known about the couple is that they have four children together – JJ has children from previous relationships as well, a total of 11, and in addition five grandchildren, and he and his wife take care of all of them together.

In January of 2022, JJ and Tricia were involved in a serious car accident that occurred in South Texas whwn racing each other. Luckily, both of them escaped with their lives; Tricia suffered the heaviest injuries. JJ was released from the hospital with minor injuries and went back to racing within days. However, Tricia was hospitalized for about a week and had to undergo surgery on both hips, but is apparently keen to resume racing, but it’s uncertain when she’ll be returning to “Street Outlaws”.

This was not the first time JJ Da Boss was in a major car accident. In 2017, be was involved in a late-night car crash when he fell asleep behind the wheel. His was driving his GMC Sierra pickup hauling two of his other cars, and smashed into a concrete culvert near Newport, Arkansas, at a speed of around 50mph. Both of the towed vehicles ended up in the ditch, while numerous car parts were scattered across the roadway. JJ broke his hand and rib in the accident, plus suffering many cuts and bruises. The accident could have ended much worse for JJ, but he was glad to have made it out and immediately set about restoring his damaged vehicles to their former glory.

Net worth

Most estimates put JJ Da Boss’s net worth at around $1.2 million, as of early 2023.

Street Outlaws: Memphis

“Street Outlaws: Memphis” is a reality TV show that focuses on the street racing scene. The show features a group of local racers led by JJ Da Boss, who have been racing on the streets of Memphis for over two decades. In the show, these racers compete against each other in high-stakes races with customized cars that are designed for speed and agility.

After a very successful first season, the show was immediately been renewed, and so far there have been five seasons.

What sets “Street Outlaws: Memphis” apart from other racing shows is the unique culture and atmosphere that JJ and his crew have created. They’re known for their catchphrase “Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime”, their willingness to race anyone, no matter how fast or skilled they are. They have also developed their own set of rules for racing, which often involves “grudge racing” – settling old rivalries or disputes on the track.

Throughout the show, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of these racers, their families and their community. They see the passion and dedication that goes into building and maintaining these high-performance cars, as well as the risks and dangers that come with racing on the streets.

“Street Outlaws: Memphis” has gained a large following of fans, who are drawn to the high-octane action and the charismatic personalities of the racers. The show has also helped to put Memphis on the map as a hub for street racing culture, and has inspired a new generation of fans and racers to join in on the fun.

Controversy surrounding “Street Outlaws: Memphis”

However, “Street Outlaws: Memphis” has not been without controversy; some of the main points of controversy surrounding the show include accusations of fakery and staged races, as well as concerns about the safety of the racers and the general public.

One of the main criticisms is that many of the races on the show are staged or heavily manipulated for the sake of entertainment. Some have accused the producers of scripting races and creating false drama, while others have suggested that the cars and races are not as authentic as they appear.

Another issue that has raised concerns is the safety of the racers and the general public. Street racing is illegal in most areas, and the high speeds and dangerous maneuvers seen on “Street Outlaws: Memphis” have prompted some to worry about the potential for accidents and injuries.

Despite these controversies, “Street Outlaws: Memphis” remains a popular show with a dedicated fan base. Many fans appreciate the excitement and energy of the races, and enjoy following the stories and personalities of the racers.

To address some of the concerns about safety, the producers of the show have taken steps to promote responsible racing, and encourage viewers to enjoy the show as entertainment rather than attempting to imitate the dangerous stunts seen on screen. They have also worked to promote safe and legal racing events, and to educate viewers about the dangers of street racing.

Memphis Street Racer

“Memphis Street Racer” is JJ Da Boss’s group of street racers. They are a closely-knit group of friends and family members, and are known for their unique style of racing. Most notably, they take part in the “grudge races” which can best be described as races with no rules and regulations where winner takes home a cash prize. The group have a deep respect for the history of street racing, and often pay homage to the pioneers of the sport in their racing and interactions with other racers. They see themselves as carrying on a tradition that has been passed down through generations of racers.

The groups biggest rival is the “405” crew from Oklahoma, who are featured alongside them in “Street Outlaws”. The crews have competed against each other at many races over the years, with neither team coming out as a clear winner.

Rivalry between the two groups began from the first time they met at a race in Oklahoma City, hometown of the “405”. “Memphis Street Racer” claim that the “405” were disrespectful towards them, which lead to a bitter exchange of words. This encounter set the stage for a long-standing feud between the two teams, fueled by a number of factors, including regional pride and a desire for dominance in the world of street racing. Despite their vehement dislike of each other, they still share a great deal of mutual respect and admiration, as the rivalry has helped push each team to improve.

Latest updates on JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss continues to be an avid street racer, and shows no signs of slowing down, literally, or taking a back seat. JJ is currently on tour with his group “Memphis Street Racer”, which will last until 2024. The group is touring all over the US, attending many events in places such as Atlanta and Albany.

One of JJ’s most popular events is “JJ’s Arm Drop”. The event takes place on a closed-off section of a road, where drivers compete in a series of head-to-head drag races. The name “Arm Drop” comes from the way that the races are started – instead of the usual light system, the races are started by an arm drop signal. JJ or one of the members of “Memphis Street Racer” will stand in the middle of the road and drop their arm to signal the start of the race.

These races are known for their high stakes and intense competition. Racers come from all over the country to compete, and large sums of money are often on the line. The race features a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from classic muscle cars to modern sports cars, to heavily modified dragsters. “JJ’s Arm Drop” has gained mass popularity among fans of “Memphis Street Racer” and was even featured in “Street Outlaws: Memphis”.

JJ Da Boss maintains a very active social media life, both on Facebook and Instagram, where he often posts updates on future events, and projects he’s working on.

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