• Geekdom101 (Danny) was born in Cuba on April 14, 198•
• He is a YouTuber and Internet personality, known best for his eponymous YouTube channel which has over 700,000 subscribers and 330 million views.
• He mostly posts videos of his reactions to Dragon Ball games and discussions, movie analysis, Star Wars universe discussions, and various trailer reactions.
• He is active on his social media networks and is a big fan of Dragon Ball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and wrestling.
• His net worth is estimated at $700,000 and he earns a monthly income from his YouTube channel of anything between $500-$3,000.

Who is Geekdom101?

Geekdom101 was born under the zodiac sign of Aries, on 14 April 1984, in Havana, Cuba, Caribbean Islands; his nationality is Cuban, and his ethnicity is mixed Afro-Cuban. Geekdom101 is a YouTuber and Internet personality perhaps, known best for his eponymous YouTube channel; his channel was launched on 2 March 2015, since when he has gained more than 700,000 subscribers, and his videos combined have over 330 million views. Geekdom101’s videos mostly feature his reactions to Dragon Ball games, discussions, reviews, all related to edition Dragon Ball. He also posts videos of movie analysis, Star Wars universe discussions, and various trailer reactions.

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Early life and education

Geekdom101 prefers to keep his private life a secret – the only known thing about him is that his real name is Danny and that he spent his childhood in the US; there is no information about his parents or any siblings.

It is assumed that he attended a local high school, however, there is no information on what happened with his educational background, except that he apparently matriculated in 2002.


Since he was a teenager, Geekdom101 was a big fan of Dragon Ball, so he wanted to share with others his knowledge about the Dragon Ball universe. His first video was uploaded on the same day when he launched his channel, and has gained over 50,000 views since then. Geekdoom101 almost every day uploads videos, and we will mention his three most viewed videos.

His number one most viewed video “Ultimate Gohan Explained” was uploaded on 30 April 2017, and has gained almost two million views and over 30,000 likes; Geekodom101 talked about the true nature of Gohan, and how Piccolo helped him.

Geekdom101’s second most viewed video was uploaded on 14 July 2017 – “Jiren & Goku vs Grand Priest & the Angels THEORY”, has been viewed 1.8 million times, and has almost 7,000 comments, most of his subscribers supporting him in his theory.

The third most viewed video onto his channel – “The TRUTH about Dragon Ball GT” – was posted on 17 November 2017, and since then has been viewed over 1.7 million times; in the video, Geekdom101 talked about the history of the Dragon Ball GT.

Presence on social media networks

Geekdom101 is active on his social media networks – on his Facebook page he has almost 40,000 followers, and on which he posts updates about his YouTube channel almost every day. On his Twitter account he has more than 83,000 followers, and has tweeted almost 6,000 times, mostly about Dragon Ball.

His Instagram account has near to 35,000 followers, and has posted over 600 times, mostly featuring his work and his everyday life. On his Twitch account, you can find him under the name of BigDGeekdoom101, and for now he has close to 7,000 followers on this interactive live streaming service.

Love life and relationships

Geekdom101 has kept his love life a secret, however, there were various rumors concerning both his love life and his sexual orientation.

He hasn’t spoken about any woman or a man whom he has been with, and he avoids talking about his sexual orientation, although on some forums his fans asked him about his love life. His answers were unclear – once he said that he’s still living with his parents, but then that he’s living with his girlfriend, and later that his parents are dead and he’s a married man, so… the truth about his love life stays unrevealed.

Hobbies and other interests

Besides the Dragon Ball franchise, Geekdom101 is a big fan of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Star Wars” and wrestling – his favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Universal champion.

Geekdom101 started exercising in order to lose weight, and works out almost every day at the gym; in the morning he goes for a run. His fans support him in his effort to adopt a healthy life.

He is eating healthier, and eventually posted pictures of his healthy meals onto his Instagram account, although as he said, the only thing that he can’t remove from his menu is his favorite food – steak, however, he tries to eat vegetables as a side dish.

Geekdom101 is into traveling, and has visited a couple of US states, mostly to participate in Dragon Ball tournaments, conventions, and special events; his dream travel destination is Japan.


Geekdom101 is one of the most popular Dragon Ball YouTubers, however, he isn’t the most favorite of other YouTubers; some of them openly talk about hating him, to which Geekdom101 responded that they may be jealous of his success, and the collaborations that he has with some brands – he’s sponsored by Viz and Crunchyroll, jointly the world’s largest companies in the field of manga.

One of the YouTubers named Dragonballgod19 called him toxic, saying that he’s a bad man because he insults others, that he is being narcissistic because he thinks that he has more information about Dragon Ball than the average fan – other YouTubers agreed with him.

There are several forums on which people discuss Geekdom101’s bad behavior, his problems, and his credibility in talking about Dragon Ball most of them are full of hate for this nonetheless popular YouTuber.

Age, height, net worth

Geekdom101 is 37 years old, he has brown hair, and his eyes are brown; he revealed his face on 29 December 2018 at Kameha Con 2018 Red Carpet Event, and all of his fans cheered and asked if it was really him.

They said that he’s ‘a very humble and chill dude’, however, the haters called him ugly, and said that he shouldn’t ever reveal his face, some saying that he has awful neckbeard and that his face is looking weird with the glasses he wears.

Geekdom101 weighs around 230lbs (105kgs), although he is still losing his weight, and is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall.

As of October 2021, his net worth has been estimated at $700,000l he has a monthly income from his YouTube channel of anything between $500-$3,000.

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