• Atticus Shaffer is an actor known for his role in the sitcom “The Middle” and voice roles in “Frankenweenie” and “The Lion Guard”
• He has a rare genetic disorder, osteogenesis imperfect, and is of Italian, German, Swiss, French-Canadian and English ancestry
• His career began at the age of 8, and has since starred and guest-starred in over 20 TV shows and movies
• He is a devout Christian and has been very active on numerous social media platforms
• As of 2021, his estimated net worth is around $4 million

Who is Atticus Shaffer? Family

Atticus Shaffer is an actor who gained popularity portraying Brick Heck in the sitcom “The Middle”. He is also known for his voice roles in the popular animated series “Frankenweenie” and “The Lion Guard”. He was born under the Zodiac sign Leon on 19 June 1998, in Santa Clarita, California, USA, to his mother Debbie Finch and father Ron Shaffer. As of 2021, he is 23 years old and holds American nationality. Atticus is of Italian, German, Swiss, French-Canadian and English ancestry.

Bio, Wiki, and Education

Atticus was named after Atticus Finch, the fictional character from the world-renowned novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

At a young age, he was diagnosed with stage four osteogenesis imperfect, a rare genetic disorder that causes collagen defect, resulting in fragile, easily breakable bones and short stature.

Regarding his education, he matriculated from a local high school, but didn’t go further.


Atticus stepped into the world of entertainment at the age of eight when he landed his first audition. In his interview with Bonnie Hunt, he explained that his parents had realized he had been very good at reading in character, and delivering speeches in front of a large crowd without hesitation or fear. His parents and Atticus met with a talent manager, who thought that Atticus would be great for voice-over and theatrics. After the audition, his career snowballed.

He made his TV debut in 2007, with an episodic appearance in the American sitcom “The Class”, followed by guest roles in the series “Days of our Lives” and “Human Giant”.

He made his movie debut in 2008, with a small part in the movie “Leaving Barstow”. During the same year, he landed several other roles in films such as “Hancock” and “An American Carol”. After minor appearances in the sitcoms “Carpoolers”, “My Name is Earl”, and “Out of Jimmy’s Head”, he landed his most notable role as Brick Heck in “The Middle”.

The series, which follows the middle-class family of five who reside in the small town of Orson, premiered in 2010 and ran for nine seasons until 2018. Over the years, the show received over 20 nominations and scored a dozen wins in various categories. Additionally, Atticus’ portrayal of Brick as an intelligent and introverted reader with peculiar behavioral traits landed him the joint nomination for Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV series.

His Other Roles

In 2009, he portrayed Matty Newton in the commercially successful horror movie “Unborn”, co-starring Odette Annable, Gary Oldman and Meagan Good. During the same year, he landed his first voice role as Tommy in the drama romance “Subject: I Love You”, then after his guest-starring in the reality series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, he gave his voice to the recurring character, Albert Glass, in the animated series “Fish Hooks”.

In 2011 he lent his voice to the Vesuvius Twins in the CGI-animated series “The Penguins of Madagascar”. He also made several one-episode appearances in the show, such as “I’m in the Band”, “Shake it Up”, and “Thunder Cats”. The following year he voiced Edgar E Gore in the popular Disney movie “Frankenweenie”, and also landed another voice role as Peedee Fryman, the recurring character, in the TV animated series “Steven Universe”.

As he grew older, he leaned more toward voice acting rather than performing. In 2013, he gave his voice to Monk-E in the animated movie “Super Buddies”, followed by his voice role as Ono in the TV movie “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar”, a role he reprised in 2016 in the Disney animated series “The Lion Guard”, which eventually ran for three seasons until 2019.

During the same year, he voiced two other characters – Mooner in the movie “Monkey Up”, and Fox in the animated series “Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh”. In 2017, he lent his voice to Grumpy Toad in the show “Pete the Cat”, and Dennis in the “Star vs. the Forces of Evil”. In 2018, he switched from his voice roles and starred as Archie in the comedy movie “I’ll be Next Door for Christmas”.

His Latest Roles

In 2018, he landed the voice role as Melvin, one of the main characters in the animated series “Harvey Street Kids”, which ran for four seasons until 2020.

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In 2019, he voiced Ono in the “The Lion Guard: Battle for the Pride Lands”, and the following year he portrayed Russia Model UN Representative in the comedy series “Never Have I Ever”. In 2021 he voiced several characters in the Netflix animated movie “Arlo the Alligator Boy”, which premiered in April.

Personal life

He is a devout Christian and very passionate about his religion, and has even created a couple of videos about God. He conducts a daily bible study with his mother, learning about the Old and the New Testaments.

When it comes to his romantic partners not much is known, and he hasn’t been publicly linked to anyone. After being asked about his love life in 2018, he posted a video entitled “Dating”, in which he explained that he perceived a relationship through the lens of his Christian faith.

Unlike the practices today among young people, he believes in saving himself for his wife, and in that way, he is honoring God and loving his future wife.

In the video, he said: ‘My opinion as a Christian, dating is something where you are working to find your spouse. Me personally, I believe that there is one woman out there whom God has said that this is going to be Atticus’ wife. He has designated me as her husband. ‘

What is he doing now?

In the last couple of years, Atticus has been very active on numerous social media, and according to his Twitch channel description, he wants to find success on YouTube and Twitch as a content creator. He first launched his YouTube channel entitled AtticusShafferVlog in 2013, and he mostly created video blogs and challenges such as “Atticus Tries Sardines” and “Ice Bucket Challenge. However, after a while he stopped posting, but returned to the platfom in 2018.

This time around, he opted for gaming content, mostly playing “Call of Duty”, “The Last of Us”, and “Unturned”. Currently, his channel has over 7,000 subscribers and has attracted nearly 400,000 views. He also occasionally posts a video blog, food recipes with his mom Debbie, and videos about his organic garden.

Atticus has also launched a Twitter account, on which he has over 3,000 followers, on which he’s very active and streams a couple of days a week. Atticus plays a wide range of games on Twitch, such as “Deadside”, “The Long Dark”, and “Paint on the Town Red”. He also has an Instagram account with over 17,000 followers, and usually posts information about his weekly activities, interesting facts, and announcement for his Twitch streams.

Physical stats, Hobbies, and Interests

Atticus is 4ft 8ins (142cm) and weighs around 80lbs (36kgs). His hair is brown, and so are his eyes.

While most people would be bothered with short stature, Atticus has a completely different approach; in one of his videos he disclosed that he identified as a Hobbit, due to his height, and often referred to himself as a Tactical Hobbit. With that being said, he’s an avid “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” fan.

He has a chick named Gandalf and a dog.

His favorite actors are Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie and Eddie Murphy, while he cites “Pulp Fiction”, “Mr. And Mrs Smith”, and “Meet Dave” as favourites. Atticus is a fan of almost anything nerdy; he likes playing Yo-Gi-Oh cards and Lego as well, reading books such as “Stars Wars” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

Since launching his career, he’s appeared and guest-starred on over 20 talk shows, including “Conan”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and “Entertainment Tonight”.

What is his net worth?

As of 2021, his estimated net worth is around $4 million, which he’s earned through his career as an actor and voice-actor.

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