Something about “My 600-lb Life” keeps viewers glued to their screens, and it is more than weight loss. People get emotionally invested in self-improvement journeys, and not all morbidly obese people have combative personalities when discussing their addictions with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now. Bianca Hayes was among the most captivating individuals in the show, mainly because she went through a massive drop in weight before regaining it and contacting the TV show for another attempt at a weight loss. We will briefly review her on-screen journey to emphasize how far she came before fast-forwarding to her life today.

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Bianca had two significant weight loss journeys

Bianca shed a lot of weight due to a gastric sleeve operation in the past but regained it all, reaching over 600lbs when she saw Dr. Now. After losing 96lbs and qualifying for a gastric bypass operation, she only lost 140lbs or 63.5kg due to unforeseen circumstances on the operating table. Nonetheless, Bianca continued to lose weight off-screen, but never reached her end goals, plus she seemingly divorced. We investigated how thin she became, if she found a new job, and what her kids were up to, among other topics.

Bianca was a food addict long before she appeared in the show, and her mom did anything but help, growing up. Bianca said she was an alcohol addict and would feed her to appease and distract her. Although things improved once she remarried, and Bianca liked her stepfather, tragedy struck – her mother, followed by her stepfather and biological father, passed away in a few years, and she was in a dark place for a while. Her self-discipline spiraled out of control, and Bianca put on significant weight due to emotional stress, and the pregnancy with her first child, son Simeon.

Bianca underwent a successful gastric sleeve operation after a dark period, and continued shedding weight. However, she also met her boyfriend Romonte Phillips, who had the same operation. After getting pregnant with their first child, daughter Marcia, her poor dietary habits returned, and she got up to 600lbs or 274kgs.

That reduced her quality of life, as Bianca became incapable of doing her share of household obligations such as cooking and cleaning, and Romonte had to step in. After moving to Houston, Texas, so that she could focus on her weight loss, Dr. Now created a meal plan and recommended suitable forms of physical exercise. As a result, Bianca lost 46lbs or nearly 21kg by the next visit.

Sadly, Bianca had some turbulence in the relationship, began to stress eat again, and gained some weight during the third visit. Luckily, everything worked out in the end; after losing 96lbs or 43kgs between the first and the fourth visit, Dr. Now agreed to a gastric bypass. Although he discovered scar tissue from the first operation prevented him from placing a full bypass, he put in a gastric sleeve. Viewers could see Bianca smiling as the episode ended, having lost the 63kgs mentioned above.

A lot happened in Bianca’s life when the show’s typical “Where Are They Now?” segment aired in late 2021. Although Romonte previously doubted her decisions in the show, and the two seemingly took a break before her second and third visits to the clinic, the relationship undoubtedly ended in 2021; her last photo with Romonte was back in July, and in October, she shared a post about single moms and dads on Facebook, before publishing statuses about being romantically alone, noting that ‘her kids don’t care about aunts, grandparents, and a dad, and only need their mother.’

Bianca also clarified that she has much fun with her close male friends, such as Sebestain Owens, and plans to never rush into relationships again. Although she was not specific with her weight loss goals, or how much she lost, Bianca revealed that ‘her journey is far from over.’

Bianca shared indirect updates shortly after the TV show ended, posting comparison pictures of her face slimming down on Facebook and claiming she ‘felt blessed.’ However, they quickly slowed down, and were replaced by regular selfies. Moreover, she posted full-body comparison images with no extra details, and continued the trend until mid-November 2022. On TikTok, however, Bianca posted videos of home workouts and neatly edited before and after video montages with interesting transitions between images that marked her efforts to slim down.

Additionally, on one such progress picture, Bianca clarified that she’s not trying to reach the finish line as fast as possible, and instead wants to get there with the proper steps, inspiring others along the way. She also focused on making it clear that she would not reconcile with the friends she fell out with in 2021, or family members who didn’t want to meet her children.

On the diet front, Bianca posted some meals she could eat after her gastric sleeve operation, such as mushrooms with onion and kale for breakfast, salmon with asparagus for lunch or dinner, and seafood without corn and potatoes. She also shared a recipe for one of her favorite breakfasts, turkey bacon, cheese, onions and peppers mixed with eggs and made in a pan. In other images, followers could see she loved shrimpsausage, and barbeque cooking.

Bianca’s Facebook posts also show she is profoundly religious and follows the tenets of Christianity, frequently posting Bible passages and general inspirational quotes. Additionally, she cited being grateful for the past before entering 2022 with a clean slate, positivity, and forgiveness in her heart. Moreover, she was passionate about improving the state of her community, urging ‘black men to stop killing black men.’

Furthermore, Bianca regularly updated her followers about her two children, and reminded those whose mothers were still alive to cherish them. Commenting about their upbringing, she prays that her life lessons will prevent her son, who started third grade in 2023, from ‘being in the streets proving he’s somebody to a bunch of nobodies.’ Further, after her unfortunate experiences with love, Bianca raises her son to be a man no woman has to recover from. He proved it by making the principal’s list in November 2022 for an undisclosed achievement.

Although she answered some serious questions, Bianca also disliked people prodding too much, jokingly telling them she would send such people W-2 forms for ‘being in her business,’ which USA employers send their employees for tax filings.

Furthermore, despite speaking poorly about the platform, Bianca created an OnlyFans account in mid-January 2022. She stated it was okay if her friends wanted to unfollow her on social media. She also insinuated that she had no other options after quitting her two jobs in a call center and bagging groceries.

Moreover, Bianca has a passion for styling her African hair and received praise from her fans. She has showcased a wide array of patterns, lengths and colors of her African braids hairstyle, and has braided her daughter’s hair several times, suggesting she could do it as a side business.

On 10 February 2022, Bianca revealed that COVID-19 affected her household, and posted a picture of herself with an unhappy face, asking for prayers. However, only a month later, she visited her grandfather, Clarence Dangerfield, indicating that the danger had passed.

That gave her time to post about her passions, such as equality among races, genders, and sexual orientations, which she teaches her children, and painting with her children. Moreover, Bianca encouraged her female followers to choose worthy men, realize their self-worth, and focus on a healthy family dynamic over romantic relationships.

Based on everything we’ve discovered, Bianca has improved her life drastically. She got out of a somewhat toxic, non-supportive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, yet continues to be a full-time mother to their child. Plus, she cares for a child from a previous relationship.

Furthermore, Bianca is cheerful, God-fearing, and self-reflecting, and she now ponders food and exercise choices, instead of emotionally eating junk food and downing carbonated drinks. While she struggles to keep a job, she still works to provide for her two kids while enjoying hobbies and staying close to her friends and family, most notably her grandfather.

TV show viewers may be disappointedthat  Bianca didn’t get skinny, but she’s made tremendous improvements. Her goal after getting the surgical operation was to be able to do housework and keep up with her children, and she’s succeeded. Bianca is also healthier, lighter, and more energetic, and may still go to water aerobics classes she attended in the show without bragging publicly. She keeps herself accountable by posting full-body pictures for comparison, and images of delicious food to motivate herself to cook healthy meals. Although there’s more to go, in her mind, Bianca is slowly reaching the finish line.

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