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American social media star, YouTuber, entrepreneur and personal trainer Alex Eubank, was born in Baltimore, Maryland USA on 23 May 2000, so Gemini’s his zodiac sign. He’s perhaps known best for his self-titled YouTube channel, which he launched on 25 December 2015; it’s today subscribed to by close to 850,000 people and numbers over 130 million views of all his videos combined. In his bio section, Alex describes himself as a ‘natural lifter who creates fitness & lifestyle content’, but he today also uploads comedy content, such as the videos which feature him pranking his friends and taking on internet challenges.

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Education and early life

Alex was raised in Baltimore by his parents about whom he avoids speaking in his videos, because he respects their privacy; it’s still known that his mother’s a housewife, and his father a businessman. Alex hasn’t spoken of having siblings, and his fans thus believe him to be an only child.

He was 15 when he chose to become physically active, and although Alex hasn’t commented on this, it’s believed that being bullied led him to start working out at the gym. He was mostly into playing football while attending a local high school, and it was believed that Alex would enroll at college on a football scholarship, and would perhaps try and launch a career in National Football League (NFL), however, upon matriculating in 2018, he chose to instead focus on his ‘career’ on the internet.

Alex’s career

Alex is today working as a personal trainer at a gym in Los Angeles, California, as he moved to the city upon completing his high school education; he’s today endorsing a number of clothing brands, and has also launched his own brand – RawGear – which sells sports clothes.

Most popular YouTube videos

Alex’s fans mostly seem to like him for his YouTube videos which feature him working out at the gym, as well as for teaching them proper workout routines and diet plans. He occasionally interviews some of his closest friends, who are also YouTubers, and we’re going to cover Alex’s three most popular YouTube videos, which’ve led many people to subscribe to his channel.

His #1 video “Body Positivity On Omegle | Asking Girls If They Like Fit Guys Or Dad Bods | Flexing On Omegle” has been watched over 1.7 million people since 25 August 2021, and features Alex asking girls on Omegle if they prefer men with muscular or dad bodies.

His second most popular video “WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I STARTED LIFTING!! | Training For Aesthetics” has been viewed over 1.6 million times since 12 October 2022, and features him sharing things related to working out with his fans, which he wishes he knew when he was starting to exercise.

His #3 most viewed video – “GOING BACK TO MY HIGH SCHOOL WITH MY R8 | Ft. Bryce Hall” – has been viewed close to 950,000 times since 4 November 2022, and features him returning to his high school together with his former classmate Bryce Hall.

Presence on social media networks

Alex is active and popular on a number of social media networks, and although he launched his OnlyFans account in December 2021, he’s since posted only twice; Alex was to use OnlyFans to offer workout tips and do Bible studies.

More than two million people are following Alex on Instagram today, and he’s posted close to 750 pictures and videos onto the network, most of which feature him showing off his muscular body, while others show him working out and promoting various energy drinks and clothing brands.

Alex has tweeted more than 200 times since the launch of his Twitter account in July 2022; he’s today followed by over 7,000 people, and mostly uploads the same content as found on his Instagram account.

He has seven friends on his Facebook profile, and doesn’t allow his fans to befriend him on this social media network, as he uses Facebook only to stay in touch with those close to him.

Alex is a TikTok star, as close to 2.5 million people are following him on the social media network today, while he’s amassed nearly 80 million likes of all his videos combined; most of these feature him working out and lip syncing.

Love life and girlfriend

Although not that open about sharing details of his love life with his fans, Alex often features his girlfriend in his YouTube videos and Instagram pictures.

He’s today in a relationship with American YouTuber and social media star Abigail White, who’s followed by close to 200,000 people on Instagram, while her YouTube channel’s subscribed to by over 2,000 people; Abigail’s also physically highly active, and often works out at the gym together with Alex.

The two haven’t spoken about when they began dating, but it’s believed by most of Alex’s fans that they’ve been together for three years now.

Alex is yet to mention other girls whom he’s dated, he’s in a relationship with Abigail White as of March 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Alex is a deeply religious Christian, and goes to church at least once every week; his girlfriend Abigail’s also religious and devoted to God, and they study the Bible together nearly every day.

Alex spends most of his spare time at the gym, while he occasionally works out twice or thrice a day.

He’s a fan of tattoos and has several inked onto various parts of his body.

Some of Alex’s fans have claimed that he resembles popular American actor Channing Tatum.

He’s a lover of animals, with wolves and dogs being his favorites.

Alex’s favorite actors are Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt, and some of his favorite movies include “The Sleepers”, “Bullet Train” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Alex’s age is 22. He has brown eyes and hair, but usually dyes his hair blonde; his height’s 5ft 9ins (1.75m) and he weighs around 190lbs (85kgs).

Alex’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million, as of March 2023.

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