Maria Rose Galeotti:
• Born in the USA on 23 February 2011 and holds American nationality
• Raised in Los Angeles, California by mother Bethany Joy Lenz, a famous American actress, moviemaker and singer-songwriter
• Currently attending a local elementary school, interested in acting
• Highly sociable, interested in dancing, travelling, animals and dressing up
• Her current dream is to become either a famous actress or a doctor.

Who is Maria Rose Galeotti?

Maria was born in the USA, on 23 February 2011 – her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she holds American nationality. She’s probably only known for being the daughter of Bethany Joy Lenz, a famous American actress, moviemaker and singer-songwriter.

Early life and education

Maria is being raised as an only child in Los Angeles, California by her mother, while her father Michael Galeotti was a musician who played the keyboard for the indie rock band Enation, who died in 2016. Michael and Bethany had previously divorced in 2012, but they remained friends and were both involved in Maria’s upbringing.

Maria is currently attending a local elementary school, and there are rumors circulating the internet claiming that she’s already become interested in acting, apparently falling in love with it after her mother started taking her onto her movie sets.

Maria is said to be a highly sociable girl, and apparently has numerous friends at school, while she’s also befriended several of her mother’s colleagues.

Her current dream it to become either a famous actress or a doctor.

Hobbies and other interests

Maria is apparently interested in dancing, and has been taking lessons since the age of five; she could have been seen performing at her school’s events.

She is interested in travelling, and has kept her mother company during her travels around the US while she’s shooting for her movies and TV series; Maria has learned about various European cities and countries at school, and would like to visit Rome in Italy. Just recently in 2021, she visited Paris in France with her mother.

She’s a huge lover of animals, with dogs being her favorites, but it seems that Bethany doesn’t allow Maria to have a pet.

She likes to dress up with her mother, and the two girls have attended various Halloween costume parties together.

Maria likes to watch movies in the evening, and some of her favorites are the trilogy “How To Train Your Dragon”, “Despicable Me” and “Minions”.

Age, height and net worth

Maria’s age is 10. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 4ft 8ins (1.42m) and she weighs around 80lbs (35kgs).

As of December 2021, her mother’s net worth has been estimated at over $6 million, while her father’s net worth was estimated at more than $1 million at the time of his death.

Who is Bethany Loy Lenz?

Bethany Joy Lenz was born in Hollywood, Florida USA, on 2 April 1981 – her zodiac sign is Aries, and she holds American nationality. She’s appeared in more than 40 movies and TV series, and is probably known best for her portrayal of Cassie Jollenston in the critically acclaimed mystery crime series “Dexter”.

Created by James Manos Jr, it starred Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and David Zayas, and follows the American serial killer Dexter Morgan, who’s committing crimes at night, and solving them during the day; the series aired from 2006 to 2013, and won 57 awards, including four Primetime Emmys, while it was nominated for 196 other awards.

Bethany was raised in Hollywood as an only child, by her father Robert and her mother Cathie; she has two step-siblings named Sam and Candace. She became interested in acting when she was nine years old, and her parents thus started taking her to auditions; Bethany launched her acting career when she was 11, with her portrayal of Shelly Barnes, in the 1992 musical family movie “Psalty’s Salvation Celebration”.

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She then continued acting throughout her entire education, and some of her following roles were in the 1996 romantic film “I Love You, I Love You Not”, the 1996 fantasy horror movie “Thinner” and the 1998 comedy “1973”.

Bethany studied at a local high school, and upon matriculating in 1999 didn’t enroll at college, but rather remained focused on her acting career.

She gained recognition with her portrayal of Michelle Bauer Santos and Teenage Reva Clone, in 49 episodes of the romantic series “Guiding Light” between 1998 and 2000.

It was created by Irna Phillips, starred Kim Zimmer, Beth Chamberlin and Maureen Garrett, and follows the lives of the members of the Bauer family; the series aired from 1952 to 2009, numbering more than 3,000 episodes, winning 106 of the 556 awards for which it was nominated.

A couple of Bethany’s following notable performances were in the romantic sports series “One Tree Hill”, in which she played Haley James Scott in 187 episodes between 2003 and 2012, two episodes of the action adventure series “Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.” in 2016, and eight episodes of the action drama series “Colony” in 2017.

Most recently, in 2021, Bethany played the main character Emily, in the romantic movie “An Unexpected Christmas”.

She’s also a musician, and plays both the piano and the guitar. She released her debut album “Preincarnate” in October 2002, and then more music while simultaneously working on her acting career; her second album “Come On Home” came out in 2005. Bethany signed a contract with Sony Epic Records in 2006, but quit the label in the same year, and signed with Hillasterion, an independent record label. She and her friend Amber Sweeney formed the duo Everly in 2008, abut they split in 2012.

Bethany released her new single “Please” on 10 August 2013, followed by “Calamity Jane” on 18 July 2014.

Since 2015, she has been performing with Joy Lenz and the Firepit Band, which also comprises Danny Shyman (guitar), Doo Crowder (guitar and vocals), Ben Zelico (drums), Brittany Gilmore (backup singer) and Meaghan Maples (backup singer). Most recently, in December 2020, Bethany released her Christmas album “Snow”.

She’s a philanthropist, and has worked with various charity organizations, mostly focused on the non-profit international human rights organization Love146.

in 2011, Bethany launched the online boutique Lark, with all the proceedings from the sale of its apparel donated to several charity organizations.

Bethany launched her own jewelry line on 23 July 2016, and 10 percent of all its profit goes to the charity organization Tanka Fund.

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