• BoxBox (Albert Sun Zheng) is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for streaming his gameplay of the video game “League of Legends”
• He grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and excelled in school and played several musical instruments
• He joined the gaming organization Velocity eSports as a substitute player in 2013
• As of November 2021, his Twitch channel has 1.9 million followers and his YouTube channel has 1.3 million subscribers
• He is 25 years old, 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall and his net worth is estimated at more than $500,000

BoxBox Wiki Bio

Albert Sun Zheng, aka BoxBox, was born in Fairfax, Virginia USA on 17 June 1996 – his zodiac sign is Gemini, he’s of Chinese ethnicity, and holds American nationality. He’s a Twitch streamer and a YouTuber, known for streaming his gameplays of the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game “League of Legends”.

Early life and education

Albert grew up in Fairfax, alongside his older brother and sister. As a child he excelled at school, and played several musical instruments, including the trumpet. In his spare time, he played a lot of video games on his brother’s PC, and got into “League of Legends” as a teenager, during the game’s beta phase, playing under the name 잘 못 (‘mistake’ in Korean).

Albert matriculated from a local high school in 2014, but hasn’t enrolled at a college, taking a few years off to focus on streaming full-time. He has revealed that in the beginning of his career, he used to give all the money he made from streaming to his parents, to help them pay off their depts. In 2017, Albert moved to Los Angeles, California, where he still resides.

Career on Twitch

Albert launched his Twitch channel called BoxBox in December 2012, and started streaming his gameplays of “League of Legends” right away. He initially played with the “League of Legends” champion Poppy, before switching to Riven, whom he still considers to be his favorite.

Albert reached prominence on Twitch by promoting his streams on the online forum Reddit, and soon became known for his exceptional gaming skills. However, he was met with criticism from some Reddit users, who thought that he was hostile towards players who ranked lower than him, which prompted Albert to issue a lengthy Reddit post explaining his point of view, saying that the clips from his streams were taken out of context. He has since recovered his reputation, and is considered to be one of the most beloved “League of Legends” streamers.

On 24 April 2013, Albert joined the gaming organization Velocity eSports as a substitute player, but left only four months later. He never started playing “League of Legends” professionally, but has participated in three competitive Twitch Rivals events.

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As of November 2021, Albert’s Twitch channel numbers more than 1.9 million followers, and is ranked at #208 on Twitch’s list of most popular channels. He’s still quite active on the platform, usually streaming five times per week. Aside from “League of Legends”, Albert also streams other video game titles occasionally, such as “Teamfight Tactics”, “Rust” and “Slay the Spire”.

Albert is represented by the Los Angeles-based United Talent Agency, which works with some high-profile celebrity clients such as Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum and Angelina Jolie. Through his Twitch career, he’s been able to gain sponsorships from several brands, such as GFuel energy drinks.

BoxBox YouTube channel

Albert launched his YouTube channel on 20 July 2011, posting his first video entitled “1” in May 2013. Since then, he’s mainly been uploading short clips from his Twitch streams, along with “League of Legends” tips and tricks and cosplay videos.

His channel has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers, while his videos have been watched over 270 million times, the most popular of which is “SEXIEST ARCADE RIVEN COSPLAY EVER – Boxbox”, viewed more than 4.7 million times since it was uploaded in August 2016. Some of his other popular videos include “45% CDR RIVEN”, “Boxbox Best Moments #9 Be my Valentine!” and “BoxBox Christmas Riven Cosplay”.

Presence on social media

Over the years, Albert has grown a wide following on social media among fellow gaming enthusiasts.

His Twitter account numbers more than 260,000 followers, while he’s tweeted over 4,000 times.

e oHften posts short clips from his twitch streams on his Instagram account ‘@notboxbox’, along with cosplay photos, which helped him reach almost 80,000 followers.

Albert is also active on TikTok, where his account numbers more than 280,000 followers and over eight million likes.

Does BoxBox have a girlfriend?

Albert has been in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Annie aka enlunalol since November 2013. She was often featured in his Twitch streams, and they often posted their couple pictures onto their social media accounts.

Their relationship seemed to be without trouble, but in 2017 their fans were surprised to find out that the two had broken-up.

He separated from Annie following his move to Los Angeles, because they weren’t able to maintain a long distance relationship. However, they made up after three months of separation, and Annie moved in with Albert.

In November 2021, the two celebrated their eight-year anniversary; ‘happy eight years of sharing ice cream and me taking all your food i love you more than i thought i could ever love anyone’, Annie wrote in a heartfelt Twitter post.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Albert considers himself to be a very creative person, and aside from playing several instruments, he is also a talented artist, and has streamed his drawing sessions on Twitch several times, during which he drew some of his subscribers.

One other medium through which he likes to express his creativity is cosplay, dressing up as both male and female video game and comic book characters, such as Arcane Riven, Battle Bunny Riven and Star Guardian Soraka. Recently, he posted a series of photos of himself dressing up as one of the contestants from the popular Korean drama series “Squid Game”.

Albert also loves to play chess; he participated in a few chess competitions during his time in high school, and was a member of the school’s chess club. Although he hasn’t played competitively since, he still likes to play with his friends, and occasionally streams amateur chess tournaments during which he challenges his Twitch followers.

Albert is of Chinese descent, but his “League of Legends” username is in Korean, as Chinese characters were not available at the time. Since his username often showed to other players as two blank boxes, Albert was inspired to use BoxBox as an alias for his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Height, age and net worth

Albert is 25 years old, with short black hair and brown eyes; he’s 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall, and weighs around 172lbs (78kgs).

As of November 2021, his net worth is estimated at more than $500,000.

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