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American social media star, YouTuber and philanthropist Jolie Poirier (nee LeBlanc) was born in Lafayette, Louisiana USA, on 4 March 1989, so Pisces is her zodiac sign. She’s probably known best for her Instagram account Ms. Jolie Poirier, which she launched around 15 years ago, and which is today followed by close to 150,000 people; it numbers nearly 1,200 pictures and videos uploaded onto it, most of which feature her spending time with her husband Dustin Poirier, an American professional mixed martial artist who ranked #2 in the UFC lightweight rankings on 9 May 2022.

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Education and early life

Jolie was raised in Lafayette alongside her sister Jandy and brother Javen, by their mother Teri LeBlanc who’s a housewife, and father Carl LeBlanc who’s a businessman and guitarist; Jolie often features her family in her Instagram pictures, and her parents are also very close to her husband.

She had a rather normal childhood and attended a local high school in Lafayette, at which she was interested in a number of activities; she was on her school’s gymnastics team, played soccer and ran track. Jolie matriculated in 2007 and although she’s yet to speak about her further education, some of her fans have claimed that she attended college, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2011.

Jolie’s career

Jolie’s mostly been focused on being a housewife and raising her and Dustin’s child since they exchanged vows, but she’s today also vice president and director of the non-profit organization The Good Fight Foundation.

Jolie’s YouTube channel

Jolie launched her self-titled YouTube channel on 9 August 2012, but it’s only subscribed to by 15 people today, mostly because Jolie’s uploaded only three videos onto it, but which have amassed nearly 10,000 views. The videos were uploaded not long after she launched the channel, and she then abandoned it; we’re going to provide additional details about these three videos, which provide an insight into what Jolie’s life looked as 10 years ago.

The most popular video amongst these “RAW Provocations Interview – Jolie Poirier” was uploaded on 14 November 2012 and has since been watched close to 10,000 times; it features Jolie giving an interview to Provocations about professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW.

Her #2 video “Kickstarter Video – Belles Étoiles by Poirier – Accessible Luxury” has been watched over 300 times since 13 October 2012, and aims to promote Jolie’s Kickstarter campaign, which she launched to finance her accessible luxury vintage-inspired clothes; the campaign was unsuccessful, and Jolie thus failed to launch the clothing brand.

Her #3 video “Parsley Wedding Short” was uploaded on 9 August 2012, and has since been watched close to 150 times; it’s a video taken by Julie, which shows her friends Crissa Nelson and Timothy Parsley marrying in a private ceremony on 14 July 2012.

Presence on social media networks

Although active on several social media networks, Jolie seems to be mostly focused on maintaining her above mentioned Instagram account, as she tends to upload new pictures and videos on a daily basis. She’s revealed quite a lot about herself in her content, including that she loves to spend her spare time with her family at the beach, and that she’s a huge lover of animals, with her favorites being dogs, pigs and giraffes.

Jolie’s highly active on Twitter, as she’s tweeted close to 7,000 times since the launch of her account in February 2011; she’s today followed by close to 15,000 people, and most of her tweets are in one way or the other related to WWE.

Jolie’s also active on Facebook, and has over 1,000 friends on this social media network; she doesn’t allow the people whom she doesn’t know to befriend her, but they can instead follow her. Her Facebook profile numbers close to 4,000 followers, and Jolie’s most recent update was on 9 November 2022.

Even though Jolie isn’t active on TikTok, she’s still quite popular on the network as numerous videos about her have been posted onto the social media network by other users, and all of these together have been watched close to 10 million times.

Love life and husband

Jolie rarely shares the details of her love life with her fans, but it’s known that she and Dustin exchanged vows in a private ceremony on 4 September 2009, attended by only those closest to them.

The two had been in a relationship for a couple of years, but neither has disclosed the exact date of when they met, or how. Jolie gave birth to their daughter Parker Noelle Poirier on 20 August 2016, and she can be seen featured in many pictures uploaded onto both Jolie’s and Dustin’s Instagram accounts.

Jolie’s yet to speak of other men whom she’s perhaps dated, she’s married to Dustin Poirier as of March 2023, and they have a daughter together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jolie’s favorite season is summer, as she likes the feeling of sun on her skin and enjoys yachting.

She’s physically highly active and occasionally works out together with her husband; she has three training sessions a week, and also does yoga at home.

She likes to drink alcohol, and her favorite is the cocktail Mojito.

Jolie’s into travelling, and has been all around the USA to watch her husband fight; they’ve also vacationed together in a number of European countries – Jolie’s favorite city is Madrid, Spain.

She’s revealed that she loves her husband’s tattoos; he was only 14 when he got his first, while today most of his upper body’s covered in them.

Jolie likes to watch Hollywood movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Keanu Reeves, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, and some of her favorite movies include “Stillwater”, “The Great Wall” and “Interstellar”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Jolie’s age is 34. Her hair and eyes are brown, she’s 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

Jolie’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2 million, as of March 2023.

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