• Jordan McGraw is a musician and singer, son of Phil McGraw, the psychologist and popular TV personality.
• Jordan has been in multiple bands, most recently the pop band “Hundred Handed”.
• Jordan is married to TV personality and Instagram influencer Morgan Stewart, and they have two children.
• Jordan has released several singles and music videos, and has a YouTube channel with over 10,000 followers.
• His estimated net worth is around $20 million.

Who is Jordan McGraw?

Jordan McGraw is a musician and singer, perhaps best recognized as the son of Phil McGraw, the psychologist and popular TV personality who hosts his self-titled TV show “Dr. Phil”. Jordan was born under the Zodiac sign Libra on 21 September 1986, in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA. As of 2021, he is 35 years old, holds American nationality, and is currently living in Beverly Hills.

Early life and Family

While his father is a staple on daytime television, Jordan’s mother, Robin McGraw, doesn’t fall short when it comes to success in her chosen fields. She is a best-selling writer, author, and philanthropist, who gained instant success with her first book entitled “My Heart Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose”. She also tried her luck as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, launching several projects and brands, including her “Robin McGraw Revelation Lifestyle Brand” and “Luxury Skincare Collection”.

Regarding his siblings, Jordan has a brother named Jay who followed in their mother’s footsteps, and launched a career as an author and entrepreneur, co-founding the production company with their father, Phil, entitled “Stage 29 Productions”.

Reportedly, growing up Jordan always displayed an interest in music, and later took guitar classes. Jordan has credited Phil for instilling in him this unique taste in music, as the latter would often play classic rock such as Led Zeppelin while driving him and his brother to school. When he was 15 years old, Jordan formed his first band entitled “The Upside”, and was the frontman and guitarist. However, the band’s glory was short-lived.

When it comes to his education, it’s believed that he holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


Adamant in pursuing a career as a musician, in 2010 Jordan’s talent was recognized by the Organica Music Group who signed him as a primary songwriter, providing opportunities to hone his craft and collaborate with numerous popular artists such as Crystal Harris and Margo Rey. During the same year, he became a member of the band “City (Comma) State”, which consisted of Joana Pacitti, Justin Siegel, Ryan McCormack, and Drew Langan. While there were huge announcements regarding their debut album, it never saw the light of the day. They released an EP entitled “The First Last EP” and several singles, including “City of Dreams” and “Sleazy Sex Robots”, however, after just one year, the band officially announced that they’d broken up.

The following year, Jordan and several members from his previous band joined the alternative rock band “Stars in Stereo”, founded by the singer, guitarist and songwriter Rebecca Emily Hollcraft known as “BECCA”.

In an interview, Jordan described how the band came to be, saying: ‘We decided that everyone was a good fit to start on another project, and we began to search for a voice, a frontwoman. We found Bec, and she was absolutely perfect. Two days after we met, we went into the studio and started writing music together, and doing the whole thing.’

In 2013, they released their first eponymous album, “Stars in the Stereo”, preceded by the official lead single “Every Last Thing”. While promoting their album and other songs such as “The Broken” and “Violence”, they also performed as opening acts at various events for artists and bands such as “P.O.D”, “Maniac”, and “Empires”. In 2014, they put out their second album, “Leave Your Mark”, and an eponymous single. Despite achieving success and headlining for numerous popular bands such as Marilyn Manson, “Korn”, and “Rise Against”, in 2015 the band fell apart for unknown reasons.

 “Hundred Handed” Band

However, in 2016, former members Jordan and Drew Langan joined forces with bass player Mat Black and formed the new pop band “Hundred Handed”. In the video “Hundred Handed- Behind the Band”, Jordan said: ‘I wanted to start a band, and this guy (Drew) was the first dude I called. We locked ourselves in the studio and listened to every song we would ever want to sound like, and then we came out with “Hundred Handed’. Additionally, while his previous bands were characterized by alternative rock and punk, this band’s musical direction was a clear transition to a mainstream pop sound.

In an interview, Jordan explained the inspiration behind the band’s name, disclosing that it was a reference to the creature from Greek and Roman Mythology called the Hundred Handed One.

It seemed that the band was doing well, and they released several singles including, “Love me Like the Weekend” and “Too Good”. However, following the previous pattern, this band also fell apart.

Solo Career and YouTube

In 2019, Jordan finally tried his luck on his own, releasing the single and an official music video for “Flexible” on his self-titled YouTube channel. The song attracted decent attention and popularity, which led to an unusual collaboration and remix of the song with the popular rapper T-Pain. During the same year, he recorded the song “Met at a Party” with the actress and “The Modern Family” star, Sarah Hyland.

Now officially dipping his toes in pop music, he followed it up with three other singles – “Bread and Butter”, “Lose Your Cool”, and “We Should Still be Friends”. He also released the music video for “We Should Still Be Friends”, which counts nearly five million views.

In 2021 he was very active and productive, releasing two music videos for his new singles, “Her” and “She”. His latest single is entitled “Mcconaughey”. As of late-2021, his YouTube channel has over 10,000 followers with over seven million views.

In 2019 he launched his YouTube series entitled “Jordan McGraw and Stuff”, which is a form of video blog. The series follows Jordan while he’s conducting both regular and irregular tasks, which include writing lyrics and making music, and also ice sculpting, goat yoga, and throwing axes; it consists of nine episodes.

Personal Life

Regarding his dating history, back in the day, rumors circulated that he had an affair with Crystal Harris, who at the time was engaged to Hugh Heffner. However, in 2012, she married Heffner, putting an end to the rumors.

In 2017 he disclosed his romantic relationship with Marrisa Jack, the musician with whom he’d been friends since 2012, but the following year they broke up for unknown reasons. Later, he was linked to the actress Ragan Wallake, as he posted numerous photos with her to his Instagram account.

In 2020, he began dating the Instagram influencer, TV personality, and host Morgan Stewart, and after four months of dating, they tied the knot in December 2020; at the time of the wedding, Morgan was seven months pregnant. In February 2021, they welcomed their first child named Row Renggli McGraw, and in September 2021, Jordan proudly announced his wife’s second pregnancy.

What is his net worth?

According to reports, his estimated net worth is around $20 million, acquired through his music career. On the other hand, his wife’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, which she’s earned through her career as a host, entrepreneur, and social media personality.

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Reportedly, they are currently residing in a $10 million villa located in Beverly Hills, which was gifted to Jordan and Morgan by his parents after they announced their engagement. It’s a colossal 6,500 sq. ft. residence with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, wine room and outdoor kitchen.

Physical stats

Jordan is 6ft 2ins tall (188cm) and weighs around 190lbs (86kgs) with vital statistics 44-34-38. His hair is dark brown, further adorned with blue eyes. He has a very fit and muscular physique which he maintains by working out regularly.

Social Media

His Instagram account has 140,000 followers, while his Twitter account has nearly 15,000 followers. Jordan is also active on TikTok; his account has over 30,000 followers with 500,000 likes.

Briefly about Morgan Stewart

She was born into a well-to-do family, as her father, Herb Stewart, is a wealthy and well-recognized architect and entrepreneur, who launched the company “H Construct”.

Thanks to her father’s successful career, she has been bestowed with a lavish lifestyle and opportunities to star in shows such as “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”. Morgan Stewart has been appearing on TV since 2014, in various TV talk shows and reality shows such as “Hello Ross”, “Steve Harvey”, and “Kocktails with Chloe”.

From 2016 to 2019, she served as a host for the TV series “E! Live From the Red Carpet”, while simultaneously appearing in numerous others, such as “Nightly Pop”, “Live from E!”, and “What the Fashion”. From 2017 to 2021, she guest-starred and co-hosted the TV series “Daily Pop”.

She also launched her brand of sportswear entitled “Morgan Stewart Sport”, which features numerous items ranging from leggings and shirts to accessories.

Regarding her personal life, before Jordan, she had walked down the aisle once before. Morgan married the TV host Brendan Fitzpatrick in 2016, after several years of dating, but they divorced in 2019 for unknown reasons.

Briefly about Phil McGraw

Oklahoma native Phil gained substantial popularity in the ‘90s, after he appeared in an episode of the popular “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, which allowed him to launch his own TV show, “Dr. Phil”. Phil has a doctorate in clinical psychology, which provides him the necessary tools to help the people who ultimately star in his advice show.

It revolves around troubled teens, pathological liars, and delusional individuals, whose families signed them up for the show, in hopes of getting Phil’s insight and help in overcoming those issues.

One of the most-watched episodes involves the girl named Danielle Bregoli, professionally known as Bhad Bhabie or “Cash Me Outside” girl, which brought enormous media attention and popularity to the show.

Phil has launched several other short-lived spin-offs, including “Renovate My Family”, “Decision House”, and “The Doctors”.

Besides the entertainment business, he’s also dipped his toes in entrepreneurship, launching weight-loss products, supplements and energy bars. Given he co-founded “Stage 29 Productions” with his son, the company also has several podcasts, including “Phil in the Blanks”, “Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil”, and “I’ve Got a Secret with Robin McGraw”. Despite his enormous popularity and media attention, he has often found himself in hot water over his show’s content. He was severely criticized for invading Britney Spears’s privacy for views when he visited her while she was recovering in hospital from a mental breakdown. Additionally, he has been (allegedly) slandered and sued by numerous guest-stars of his show, who claimed that he and his staff had invaded their privacy, with accusations that the show was fake and scripted.

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