• Chloe Khan (born Chloe Victoria Heald) is a British reality TV star and entrepreneur born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, on June 1, 1990.
• She rose to fame after her 2010 X Factor audition and was given a make-under on the BBC 3 show "Snog, Marry, Avoid".
• Chloe was accused of being an escort, however she denied the allegations, saying she was paid to party.
• She went on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and had a brief relationship with Stephen Bear of "Geordie Shore".
• Chloe has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of November 2021, earned from modelling, reality TV, and her social media platforms.

Who is Chloe Khan?

Chloe Victoria Heald – better known as Chloe Khan – was born on 1st June 1990, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, and is a British reality TV star, who rose to public prominence after her X Factor audition in 2010. The stylish entrepreneur stands at 5ft 6in (1.73m) tall, and weighs about 122lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 39-25-37.

Chloe’s Adolescence & Rise to Fame

Chloe’s past financial struggles are well-documented; growing up with her single mother, they lived in a council house with no carpets, and were so poor they had to eat beans on toast instead of Christmas dinner. At just 18 years old, the reality TV star became pregnant by her then-boyfriend Ian Hough. Their daughter, Destiny, was an unplanned pregnancy, and the pair split soon afterwards.

Now a young woman, Chloe appeared on “Snog, Marry, Avoid”, a light-hearted BBC 3 show which was popular in the late 2000s, and ran for six seasons, under the alias ‘Chloe Mafia’. The bubbly brunette was given a drastic make-under on the show, ditching her favored fake tan and vertiginous high heels for a more discreet image.

However, the make-under didn’t last long: months later, Chloe would appear on “The X Factor” and stun the audience with her blinding fake tan and ‘chav’ attire. Surprisingly, Chloe impressed the judges enough to pass to the boot camp stage of the show; however, she was kicked off after breaking the rules, confessing to having partied the whole night.

Of the show, Chloe said in August 2021: “It was horrific, like a suppressed memory. For me it wasn’t an enjoyable experience at all. I was in such a media whirlwind and suddenly everyone knew who I was and I thought ‘that’s it, my life is ruined’.”

Post X-Factor

Chloe’s experience in the critical public eye hasn’t been an easy one: way back in 2010, the X Factor reject was invited onto the talk show “This Morning” and grilled about her possible past as an escort. Cruel tabloid stories branded the teenager a “cocaine call girl” and a particularly damning Mirror article contained a video which showed Chloe snorting lines of cocaine before meeting a client.

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When interviewed by Philipp Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Chloe denied being an escort and explained that she was paid to party, saying: “…you go out with a group of people, sometimes you are on your own but mostly you are with a group of other girls. You do dancing, you do different things. You do not sleep with anyone for money.” Holly alleged that Chloe had slept with one client, but Chloe denied having been paid to meet him at the party, and claimed that they had met by chance while she was working.

From then, she stayed out of the spotlight for several years, returning in 2016 with a whole new look, which included various plastic surgery procedures. Entering the house of “Celebrity Big Brother” with a bang, Chloe was an audience favorite thanks to her entertaining antics and exuberant personality.

In the CBB house, Chloe enjoyed a brief relationship with Stephen Bear of “Geordie Shore” fame – the pair were seen indulging in sensuous massages and flirting heavily. Fellow housemates Saira Khan, Katie Waissel and Sam Fox, were left speechless by the couple’s behavior, and even questioned how Chloe’s family would feel after seeing the images.

However, Chloe’s never been one to let criticism get her down. From modelling for her own calendar to showing off her acting skills, the star made sure to keep the audience talking while in CBB. Upon leaving the house in September 2016, she set tongues wagging by ceasing all contact with Stephen, and promptly hooking up with Jason Burrill, winner of that year’s edition. An anonymous source who saw them together on a date said: “Chloe and Jason were inseparable. They spent the whole afternoon together and they were definitely flirting. They then snuggled up together under an umbrella in the rain.”

Chloe’s Dating Life

Throughout the years, Chloe has been plagued by escorting rumors that refuse to go away. The brunette has also been linked with several interesting men, such as soccer player Ashley Cain, and John Gray, CEO of gentleman’s club Spearmint Rhino and one of the richest men in the adult entertainment industry.

We don’t know exactly how Chloe and John met, but John offered Chloe the chance to become the face of his international strip club chain, and she readily accepted. The couple did a joint interview in May 2015, gushing about their love for each other and discussing their childhoods. John praised Chloe by saying she would “definitely leave her mark in this world”.

However, the duo split just four months after the interview, citing the distance as the cause of their break-up – at the time, Chloe resided in the UK and John in the US. Following a stint of short-lived flings and possible PR relationships, Chloe was seen stepping out with British TV personality Rodrigo Alves, known as “the human Ken doll” for his expensive and outlandish plastic surgery.

The strange pair became tabloid fodder in late 2017, with one eye-catching headline reporting: “Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves and Chloe Khan gyrate NAKED against each other in bizarre X-rated clip”. Apparently, the couple have been happily together for four years as of late 2021, and we wish them a long and fruitful relationship.

Chloe’s Net Worth

Reliable sources confirm that Chloe Khan’s net worth is close to $1 million as of November 2021 – not an impressive figure when contrasted with the seemingly lavish lifestyle Chloe portrays on social media, and likes to brag about.

Chloe has managed to amass this sum after working hard for a decade, be it as a model, reality TV contestant, or the face of a brand. Despite not having any new projects in the pipeline, Chloe regularly promotes items on her social media platforms which have hundreds of thousands of followers. Since early 2020, the model has also been a regular on OnlyFans.

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