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A single mom who became a TikTok star by sharing funny and inspirational videos featuring her twins, Maia Knight literally created a brand out of it. She is today facing severe backlash after she announced her decision to blur the faces of her daughters, although she was showing them to the world for more than two years. Maia decided to change her content, and stop sharing her children’s lives with the public.

However, to learn more about this social media influencer, let’s start from the beginning.

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Early life, family, and education

Born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 24 January 1996, Maia Knight is today aged 27. She’s a native of New York City, USA, holds American nationality and her ethnicity is White. Maia hasn’t spoken about her childhood days and her family, thus nothing is known about her parents except that she lived with her mother when she was pregnant. Maia has two younger brothers, Ethan and Aiden.

When it comes to her educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2014 she enrolled at the college, although she hasn’t shared which facility she attended, but one of her videos she shared that she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Chemistry and Biology). Maia said that she would like to continue her education, and become a science teacher one day.

Viral fame

Maia decided to share her story with the rest of the world, and launched her TikTok account in the summer of 2021; her first posts featured her doing house chores, ss she said, she began posting just for fun. However, in December of that same year, after posting a video of her twin daughters explaining how she tells them apart, she realized that this video has been viewed over 10 million times – Maia gained fame overnight thanks to her girls.

Maia said that Violet is a sweet baby who wants to cuddle her mother all the time, while Scout, who is the younger of the two of them, is a troublemaker.

Maia continued uploading videos featuring her babies, showing her everyday struggle as a single mom, but also some of their routines, and cute and funny moments.

Today, her TikTok account has gained over 8.5 million followers, and all of her videos together have amassed over 1.5 billion likes.

As mentioned, Maia has been under severe scrutiny after she posted a video in which she stated that she wants to protect her girls, and that she will stop sharing details about their lives. Many accused her of exploiting them, and now when she has earned money thanks to videos featuring the twins, she’s decided to stop.

Maia said that she is used to harsh comments and that she will continue to blur or hide her daughters faces no matter what people say.

Maia has an army of followers on Instagram whose number counts over two million, and many of them were disappointed with her decision to stop uploading photos of Violet and Scout onto this social media platform.

She also launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which has been subscribed to by nearly half a million people; all of her videos combined have gained over 10 million views. Maia uploads videos featuring her everyday life with her babies, but also some haul videos, and Q&A videos – in one of those, she said that she wants to have more kids one day.

What is Maia’s story?

After her college graduation, Maia began dating her boyfriend. She was a few weeks pregnant when she told the news to her then-boyfriend who told her that she should get an abortion. Maia refused to do that, and her boyfriend completely abandoned her and their unborn babies.

During a regular check-up, Maia was diagnosed with preeclampsia. She was 34 weeks pregnant when the doctors discovered she has this life-threatening condition that causes high blood pressure and could lead to organ damage. Maia was alone and afraid for her babies and her own life.

Maia started having contractions soon afterwards, and had heart failure so she was taken to hospital. On 22 March 2021, Maia gave birth to her daughters, Violet and Scout, who had to spend three weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to their premature birth. Today, the girls are healthy and doing well.

Many moms around the world find Maia’s story inspirational, and they support her decision to give birth to her girls despite the fact that she knew that she would be a single mom. After Maia shared her story on TikTok, they congratulated her on her strength for pulling through all things she experienced. They said that she should be proud to be such a strong individual.

Court case

In June 2022, rumors circulated that Maia was being sued by the twin’s father, who allegedly sought custody. People speculated that he had babies over the weekend because Maia stopped uploading videos of her and the babies traveling, as they did every weekend before. According to sources, the court documents stated that she was in court on 6 June 2022, but the true reason for this is unknown. Many people commented online that these were just rumors and speculations, and that Maia posted some videos knowing that people would speculate.

Maia hasn’t commented on these assumptions, although she stated in one of her videos that the baby’s father pays for their night diapers, so people assumed that he is a part of their lives. However, no reliable information about this alleged court case is available.

How rich is Maia Knight?

Maia began posting videos of her twin daughters when they were around nine months old. People enjoyed watching them grow and the number of Maia’s followers grew with them. Maia has collaborated with numerous brands, and her videos brought her a hefty sum of money. According to sources, as of March 2023, she has a net worth estimated at over $1 million.

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