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American YouTuber and social media star MsTriggaHappy was born in the USA on 2 March 1995, making Pisces her zodiac sign. She’s popular on various social media networks and launched her self-titled YouTube channel on 15 February 2018, while it’s today subscribed to by close to 20,000 people. MsTriggaHappy’s posted 15 videos and all of these together have been watched close to 450,000 times, most featuring her showing off her large breasts and buttocks.

She hasn’t disclosed her real name or place of birth, but most of her fans believe that she’s from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Education and early life

MsTriggaHappy was raised in the US by her parents who prefer to stay away from media, and she thus hasn’t revealed any details concerning them; it’s believed that MsTriggaHappy’s father’s working at an animal shelter, and that her mother’s a hairdresser. She hasn’t talked about having brothers or sisters, and is thus believed to be an only child.

MsTriggaHappy studied at a local high school and mostly enjoyed spending time with her male friends during those four years, as she was a huge fan of video games and enjoyed playing soccer.

She matriculated in 2013 and moved to Los Angeles, California where she found a job to financially support herself, while simultaneously building a fanbase on the internet.

Most popular YouTube videos

MsTriggaHappy mostly seems to be popular on YouTube for the videos in which she’s showing off her large breasts and buttocks, although her fans also like her for being open about sharing the details of her everyday life. Besides her 15 normal-length videos, MsTriggaHappy’s uploaded numerous shorts which can also be found on her TikTok account, and most of these feature her showing off her attractive body, working out at the gym and taking on some of the most popular internet challenges. We’re going to write about MsTriggaHappy’s three most watched YouTube videos, which her fans seem to like the most.

Her #1 video “Boudoir Photoshoot” was uploaded on 31 March 2021 and has since been watched over 55,000 times; it’s a compilation of MsTriggaHappy’s short videos which had been taken during her photoshoots.

Her second most popular video “ASMR Fall asleep with me – Wet mouth sounds, no talking, water gulping, oil ear massage” was uploaded on 18 May 2020, and has since been viewed over 50,000 times; it’s 10 minutes long and features MsTriggaHappy making calming sounds during a livestream.

Her #3 most viewed video – “Destin Florida Snorkeling” – has been watched close to 50,000 times since 16 September 2020, and features her snorkeling in Florida; YouTube’s flagged this video as mature content, and one thus has to be logged in and 18+ to view it.

Presence on social media networks

MsTriggaHappy’s active on a number of social media networks, and is an OnlyFans star; she’s posted over 1,600 pictures and close to 700 videos, while all these together have amassed over 260,000 likes. Her account’s subscribed to by close to 2,000 people, which means that she makes more than $30,000 a month on OnlyFans.

She’s uploaded over 1,300 pictures and videos onto Instagram, and close to 250,000 people are following her today; MsTriggaHappy’s showing off her large breasts and buttocks in nearly all of these, while others feature her playing video games and doing cosplay.

Her Twitter account was launched in May 2022, but she’s since tweeted only 11 times; close to 2,500 people are following MsTriggaHappy on the social media network, and some of her tweets are pictures and videos which feature her naked.

MsTriggaHappy’s also a Facebook star, as close to half a million people are following her today, while all her posts have been liked over 130,000 times; she tends to update the account several times a day, and most of these posts are the same pictures that can be found on her Instagram account.

MsTriggaHappy’s only recently become active on TikTok, which is why only close to 5,000 people are following her on the network, while all her videos together have amassed more than 3,500 likes; these usually feature her dancing, twerking and lip syncing.

Love life and boyfriend

MsTriggaHappy’s highly secretive when it comes to speaking about her love life, and it’s widely believed that she’s keeping the details of it hidden because of the effect which it might have on her ‘career’ on the internet.

Most of her fans believe that she’s bisexual, as she’s hinted in many of her internet posts that she also likes women, but MsTriggaHappy’s yet to openly talk about this.

There are some who believe that she’s married, while several websites have reported that MsTriggaHappy’s a mother of two, a boy and a girl, but no evidence has been provided to support any of these claims.

MsTriggaHappy seems to be single as of March 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and interesting facts

MsTriggaHappy’s a huge fan of tattoos and has many inked onto various parts of her body.

Some of her fans believe that she’s enhanced both her breasts and buttocks, but this is yet to be addressed by MsTriggaHappy.

She’s into cosplaying and has attended a number of costume events, while many pictures featuring her wearing these costumes can be found uploaded onto her Instagram account.

MsTriggaHappy works out at the gym on a daily basis, and has given her fans advice on both working out and dieting.

She’s a dog-lover, and has featured her pet Doberman in some of her Instagram content.

MsTriggaHappy’s favorite season is summer, as she enjoys being in the ocean and sun tanning at the beach.

Her favorite actresses are Chloë Grace Moretz and Angelina Jolie, and her favorite films include “Kick-Ass”, “The 5th Wave” and “The Equalizer”.

Height, eyes and wealth

MsTriggaHappy’s age is 28. Her hair and eyes are brown, although she usually dyes her hair red; she’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs about 145lbs (66kgs).

MsTriggaHappy’s net worth’s been conservatively estimated at over $500,000, as of March 2023.

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