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She’s one of the most famous plus-size Instagram models, and Natasha Crown’s fame stems solely from the size of her butt. Natasha’s idol is Kim Kardashian, but she has a dream to have the biggest butt in the world, and has undergone a few operations to gained weight to achieve her goal.

To learn more about this model, her life, her rise to fame, and what she’s up to now, keep on reading.

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Early life, family, and education

Born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 4 October 1994, Natasha hails from Stockholm, Sweden, although she comes from a family of Serbian descent. Natasha hasn’t revealed the names or professions of her parents, but said in one of her interviews that they didn’t encourage her to pursue her current career – they opposed her having procedures and putting on that much weight, claiming it was harmful. Natasha claimed that her brother had expressed concerns about her manner of life and that her father had remarked that she reminded him of a cow. Natasha stated she loves them no matter what they say or think.

Speaking of her educational background, Natasha attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2012, she didn’t go to college but pursued her online career.

Surgeries and rose to prominence

Natasha had her first surgery aged 20. Her breast size was of a J Cup, and she thought that her bottom should also be larger. She used to work out at the gym, trying to raise the size of her bottom, but after realizing that exercise didn’t help as much as she hoped, Natasha decided to undergo her first bottom surgery. According to her, she was 20 years old, and then she became ‘addicted’ to plastic surgery, so she enlarged her lips, breasts, chin and cheekbones…

So far, she’s had a Brazilian butt lift four times, and says that before one such operation, she gained around 45lbs (20kgs) so that the doctors would have as much fat as possible to transfer from the stomach to the butt. Recently, she shared on her Instagram that she’s planning to go for the fifth Brazilian butt lift.

Natasha makes money by selling photos and videos in which she shows off her body; she has an army of followers online.

On 22 February 2017, Natasha established her self-titled YouTube channel, which is today subscribed to by over 5,000 people. Her videos are age-restricted, and all combined have gained more than a million views, the most viewed being “Natasha Crown – Fine Summer dress 80 inch Booty”, which has gained over 100,000 views.

Presence on social media platforms

Her Instagram account has been followed by over two million people, and she’s posted over 100 posts mostly showing her body in sexy, seductive, and provocative poses.

Natasha is also active on Twitter, establishing her account in May 2018, which is today followed by nearly 20,000 people. Her content on this social media platform is age-restricted.

Her fans can find her on TikTok, and her profile has gained over 100,000 followers, while all of her videos combined have amassed over half a million likes. Natasha uploads videos featuring her in various clothing combinations, some dance and lip-syncs videos, and her everyday life.

For those over 18, Natasha has an OnlyFans account, onto which she’s uploaded over 1,500 posts, and all of them together have gained nearly 150,000 likes. In her bio, Natasha wrote that she is ‘the queen with the most massive ass’.

Love life and relationships

Natasha has been the subject of various rumors about her romantic life, that she’s romantically linked to some Sweden celebrities, although she hasn’t commented on these assumptions. It’s known that when she participated in the TV reality show “Hooked on the Look” back in 2018, she said that she had been single for the last seven years.

As she put it, most of her potential boyfriends were against her surgeries, and she believes that no one has the right to decide on someone else’s body. Natasha added that men are scared both by her appearance and her personality.

On the aforementioned show, Natasha was on a blind date with Adam, a personal trainer, however, in the end things didn’t work out between them – as Natasha said, they’re from different worlds, as she’s a city girl, while Adam comes from a small, rural town.

As of March 2023, it seems that Natasha is single. She hasn’t been married or engaged and doesn’t have children.

Age, height, and measurements

This 27-year-old has the goal to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the Biggest Butt. Since her first surgery, Natasha’s gained over 100lbs (45kgs) and currently weighs around 350lbs (160kgs). She’s 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, and her M-cup breast measurement is 4ft 3ins (1.29m). Natasha’s current butt volume is 6ft 6ins (1.98m) and she wants to grow it to 7ft 5ins (2.25m).

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Interesting facts about Natasha

She’s a big fan of traveling.

When she initially wanted to gain weight, she consumed over 6,000 calories per day. Natasha ate pizza, hamburgers, chocolate and ice cream, and once ate 6kgs of Nutella.

Maybe some of you won’t believe it, but Natasha works out at the gym three to four times per week to stay in shape.

She enjoys shaking her buttocks in her videos.

Natasha’s breasts were the size of a D-cup when she was 18 years old, but she always wanted bigger breasts. She thinks that they could be bigger, and is considering having another breast augmentation surgery.

How rich is Natasha Crown? Net worth

During the last few years, Natasha spent over $150,000 on her surgeries, however, as she said, the way she looks now has brought her a decent amount of money. Most of the income Natasha has earned is thanks to her OnlyFans adult content, and as of early 2023, she has a net worth estimated at over $1 million.

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