• Taylor Alesia Compton is a social media star, YouTuber, singer, and model born in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
• She is most known for her seductive photographs on Instagram and YouTube videos featuring advice about make-up, diets, relationships and more.
• She has a large presence on social media networks, with almost 2 million followers on Instagram, 2.6 million fans on TikTok, and 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube.
• She has dated other social media stars, including Taylor Caniff, Mikey Barone and Tanner Fox.
• As of October 2021, her net worth is estimated at close to $500,000.

Who is Taylor Alesia?

Taylor Alesia Compton was born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 13 October 1996, in Scottsdale, Arizona USA; she holds American nationality and her ethnicity is White. Taylor is a social media star, YouTuber, singer, and model, who is known best for her seductive and provocative photographs on her Instagram account.

Early life and education

Taylor was raised by her parents – her father is known as Mr. Compton, and her mother’s name is Marry Anne Compton, they lived in Scottsdale until Taylor was eight years old; she has an older sister, Alli, who lives in Florida USA.

Taylor had a problem adjusting in school, so she often changed schools, however, she matriculated in 2014, after which she enrolled in college, but dropped out after one semester; her only dream was to become a social media star, and she was determined to achieve her goal.


At first, Taylor established her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and when her popularity grew, launched her YouTube channel; she also uses live stream YouNow, and uploaded lip-synced videos onto Musical.yu. Taylor was focused on making useful videos featuring advice about make-up, diets, relationships, and other items that may be interesting for the viewers of her age.

Her pictures on Instagram brought her collaborations with some popular brands, and nowadays she has her own brand; her merchandise Taylor Alesia are exclusive shirts, ‘phone cases, pop sockets, and more, which can be bought online,

Taylor’s music career was launched when she uploaded her first song on her eponymous YouTube channel, and since then she’s collaborated with some famous YouTubers, such as Dylan Matthew.

Presence on social media networks

On her Instagram account, Taylor has amassed almost two million followers, and has uploaded over 290 posts, mostly featuring her everyday life, her work, and her dressing combinations.

Her first established Twitter account was suspended due to some tweets that violated the terms of this network, however, she established a new one in 2020, and has gained over 3,000 followers.

Taylor’s TikTok account has more than 2.6 million fans, and all her videos combined have attracted almost 30 million likes.

On her YouTube channel, which was launched on 26 May 2015, she has over 2.6 million subscribers, her videos mostly featuring her advice about clothing, make-up, how to boost your self-confidence, pranks, and her everyday routine, and combined have more than 139 million views.

The most popular video on her channel is “Stay The Night”, which is her official music video, viewed over 11 million times.

Love life and relationships

Being an internet personality is a dream come true for Taylor, so she shares her private life with her fans, and talks about her relationships very openly.

She was dating her high school friend Taylor Caniff for a couple of months back in 2015, and after they broke up, she dated Mikey Barone, who is also a social media star and a YouTuber. This love story ended after a few weeks, soon after which Taylor started dating Tanner Fox.

Tanner is a famous stunt scooter rider and YouTuber; Tanner was eighteen years old when they started dating in 2017, and although Taylor was 21, that wasn’t an obstacle for them to have a healthy, happy relationship.

Taylor Alesia

They often posted their pictures onto Instagram, and onto his YouTube channel he uploaded videos featuring the two of them – his fans adored Taylor. When he posted a video in which he talked about breaking-up with Taylor, that was massive news, however, after a few days they said that it was a joke and that they are still together and in love, which they confirmed with a kiss.

The two apparently broke up at the end of 2018, and it was final when Tanner announced that he was now dating an Australian model, Avalon Nadfalusi.

Taylor posted a picture featuring her kissing her new boyfriend, Matt Freeman, whose occupation is unknown, although there were various rumors about Matt, one of them was that he bought her a new car as a present.

As of October 2021, Taylor seems to be single, she’s neither confirmed nor denied if she is still in a relationship with Matt Freeman, however, she hasn’t posted any pictures of them on her social media accounts for a long time.

Hobbies and other interests

One of Taylor’s favorite hobbies is shopping – she likes to buy designer clothes, purses and jewelry. Once she bought as a present for Christmas to her boyfriend at that time, Tanner, the Superdry bag which costs $12,000; as she said, her love for shopping she gets from her dad, who is also a shopaholic, and the two of them often shop together.

Taylor takes care of her body, and to stay in shape she does aerobics, running, and goes three to four times per week to work out at the gym.

In her spare time she likes to listen to rap music – her favorite singer is Kanye West, and her favorite female singer is Cardi-B. She likes to watch movies, and her favorites are “The Great Gatsby”, “Titanic” and “Catch Me If You Can” starring her favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Her favorite movies starring her favorite actress Cameron Diaz are “Bad Teacher”, “In Her Shoes” and “Vanilla Sky”.

When it comes to her favorite food, although she is on a strict diet, she sometimes likes to eat pizza and chicken nuggets, and her favorite snacks are French fries and Skittles.

Her favorite drinks are espresso and yogurt.

Taylor is into traveling, and thanks to her modeling career has visited a couple of US states, her favorite travel destination is Maui, Hawaii, and her dream travel destination is Rome, Italy.

Age, height, and net worth

Taylor is 25 years old, and is a brunette with blue eyes. She weighs around 101lbs (46kgs), and is 5ft (1.52m) tall, her body type is slim with vital statistics of 32-22-32. Taylor has three tattoos on her body, on her knuckle, finger, and wrist, and she also has a piercing on her belly.

As of October 2021, her net worth has been estimated at close to $500,000.

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